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Must See Places in Davao City

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Top 5 safest City

Hailed as Top five safest city in the world in 2015, with a crime rate of 18. 18 and Safety Index of 81.82. No wonder people from across the globe flocked to Davao to personally experience and witness whether what other people said were true.

Last month I visited Davao with my mom and Ate(elder sister), for a short gallivanting. With the help of our gracious host my father’s cousin and her best friend, we were able to lightheartedly roam around Davao and visited places I did not see when I first went there way back 2016.

Last 2016, I visited Davao for the first time. The reason, why this iconic man from the Southeastern part of the Philippines grew popular by the minute. So, I had to see first hand why. That was when I learned that it was hailed as one of the safest cities in the world.


Rising popularity of Davao

Fast forward, I learned from my aunt that people flocked to Davao, bought lands, and settled in Davao. So the property cost in Davao surges due to migration.

Now, why did PRRD became popular? It all started when a Chinese businessman was abducted and implored Duterte who was then a mayor to rescue him. So they set up, that the ransom payment be made in Davao, wherein the rescue operation would occur. So it was a successful rescue operation that made PRRD popular among Chinese businessmen.

I learned this during my second visit to Davao. So of course, what’s the relevance of my short narration to the status of Davao, of course the trust of the people under his(Duterte) leadership increased.

Old map of Davao


Jack's Ridge, the last stand

So now, let’s talk about the main purpose of this article, the must see places. First of course is the Jack’s Ridge, it is a mountain resort wherein you could have the bird’s eye view of the entire city. But of course, you have to pay for the ambience (just kidding).

Jack’s Ridge was known to be the last stand of the Japanese invaders during World War II, I asked my aunt if there’s a treasure trove there, but she said it’s in another place. But of course we don’t have a map for that.

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Bird's eyeview


The Island Garden of Samal

Next is of course, Samal Island, it would be a remiss not visit this place, about 6 to 7 thousand visitors drove to this place every year. Why, first it is the most budget place to go. You will have to pay 5 pesos for the barge and pay an environmental fee of 40 pesos, and you can wander around the Island via “bao” a local minicab in the area, or you can ride a bus from the city through the heart of the Island.

You can buy souvenir items while you are in there. And you can just roam around the Island in just half a day. Of course, you can relax in their Island Gardens with their pristine white beaches. You can catch glimpses of big fishes hiding under the sand.

Relaxing place


World Class Library

An addition to their must see places is their library, which I considered state of the art, it looks like a private library owned by rich people. Yet, it is a public library which has a three- storey, the first floor house the information center, then the second floor covers the children’s corner, which is designed as child friendly, with spaces suitable for young children.

The third floor houses their collection of best selling books, collection of indigenous people, and other important books for learning development. You would wonder where did the young people go, of course you would find them in the Davao City Library. No wonder, the Board topnotchers on the recent licensure exam for teachers were from Davao.

The young people were instilled the love of learning. It was of course Sara Duterte’s project.

State of the art

Davao City library that looks like a Cafe

Davao City library that looks like a Cafe

Where it all began

And of course, visiting the Museyo de Davao is a must. It is a place where you can find the origin of Davao depicted on a painting, and the diorama of the 11 tribes or group of people living in Davao.

Well, it was a fun-filled days for me, it was a short visit but eventful.

Museyo de Dabaw


The tribes of Davao City


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