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Mumbai: Financial Capital of India

The Geographical Location of Mumbai: The biggest feature of Mumbai city is that it is situated on the banks of the sea. Due to this, it can easily make trade links with the whole world. In today's time, business happens. People have used to come to Mumbai for business since very old times. The cotton textile industry is very prosperous here. Mumbai is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. This is also one of the reasons why it is very dear to foreign investors.

There are offices of many financial institutions in Mumbai. For example, there is the Reserve Bank of India and the State Bank of India. The Bombay Stock Exchange is also the headquarters of Tata, Reliance, etc. Let us tell you that the Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest and largest exchange center in India. The Bombay Stock Exchange has played a key role in the commercial development of India.



The Importance of Railways in Mumbai

The expansion of railways in Mumbai happened very fast. The first train in India ran between the then present Central Railway's CST and Thane in 1853. Only 14 years after this, India's first suburban train ran between Colaba and Virar on today's Western Railway in 1867. Running a suburban train simply means that a lot of passengers will be travelling on it. All locals going to Kasara from CST are fast locals. It stops at only a few stations from Kalyan to Kalyan but stops at all stations from Kalyan to Kasara.

Mumbai Local has blocks on many lines on Sundays. Local trains are also called the lifelines of Mumbai. Keeping in mind the convenience of the general public and the people of India coming to Mumbai, the government of India should also give place to Hindi in the name-plates of roads and routes. Mumbai is not only the capital of Maharashtra but also the financial capital of India. People from all over India come here.


How did the city of Mumbai get its name?

The city of Mumbai is named after "Mumba Devi Ji", the goddess of fishermen. It is also known as the "City of Dreams." The "Mumba Devi Ji" temple is located in Bhuleshwar, Mumbai. The name Mumbai itself is derived from the name of 'Mumba Aai', i.e., 'Mumba Mata' in Marathi. There is a lot of recognition for them here. This temple is about 400 years old.

Due to the presence of business opportunities in Mumbai, it attracts people from other cities in India to migrate. However, I personally feel that now in big cities like Mumbai, the crowd is increasing a bit more. The economy of India receives maximum revenue from Mumbai. Lakhs of employment opportunities are available in this city. The city of Mumbai has been the first choice for many Indian youth.

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Tree City of the World

Mumbai has got the title of "Tree City of the World". Not only Mumbai, but Hyderabad has also been recognized as the '2021 Tree City of the World'. Along with these two cities in India, 136 other cities in the world have also been recognized. That's because all these cities have earned recognition for their commitment to growing and maintaining trees and greenery. Hyderabad was the only city in India to receive this honour. But now Mumbai has also joined this list. This is a wonderful achievement.

Mumbai has been called the financial capital of the country. I have no doubts about this fact. On the basis of economic capital, it can be said without any doubt that Mumbai is the richest city in the country. This city never sleeps. You will definitely see people and vehicles round the clock. Now malls that are open round the clock have also become available here. In the meantime, if you ask anyone for an address, Mumbaikar will be the first to help.

The city of Mumbai is spread over a large area. To go from one place to another, a railway station has been built in every area. This station carries the lifeline of Mumbai, i.e., local trains. Three-fourths of the people of Mumbai prefer to travel by local train.

Sea, Near Mumbai

Sea, Near Mumbai

What is it like to live in Mumbai?

In a big city like Mumbai, both husband and wife have to work hard to live a life of convenience. On a weekly holiday, go to any place you like to visit, like a beach or mall. You will find crowds everywhere. If you go to Mumbai, then go out in the evening to enjoy it. Mumbai's heat is unbearable. I first came to Mumbai in 2009. I used to find Mumbai very big after coming from Bhopal. The rush of local trains, people running, everything seemed different.

However, nowadays, when I go to Mumbai for work, I feel a sense of belonging. Whatever the festival, be it Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Gudhi Padwa, have a festival of Ganpati Ji and Navratri. This city celebrates every festival with great pomp and everyone takes part in it.

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Today, India has other seaports similar to Mumbai. But at the time of independence, Mumbai was the only major port. Therefore, the headquarters of the big companies in India and the headquarters of the Reserve Bank were also built here. It is very common to see skyscrapers here. Many large buildings here now have an average of 35 floors. Apart from Hindi and English, it is common to find newspapers in official Indian languages in Mumbai. Overall, Mumbai is not only the financial capital of India; it is also the city of dreams.

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