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Mount Work Regional Park Trail Hiking

I am an avid hiker with a focus on easy to moderate trails in natural settings. I occasionally do harder trails.

One of the viewpoints in Work Mountain Regional Park.

One of the viewpoints in Work Mountain Regional Park.

Trailhead Area of Mount Work Regional Park

In mid-August of 2020, I stayed in the Langford area of Vancouver Island. This is a suburb of Victoria, British Columbia at the southern end of the island. Trail and hiking enthusiasts will note Goldstream Provincial Park as a recommendable park in this area. Furthermore, access to Sooke and the multitude of trails you find in the Sooke Potholes Regional Park is good from Langford.

Those are parks that I visited during my stay in Langford, however, I also got out to the Mount Work Regional Park area. This wasn't directly in Langford, however, it was still pretty easy to get to from the suburb.

Perhaps driving instructions aren't needed in modern travel tips like they were in the past because of GPS. But for the sake of clarity, I accessed Mount Work Regional Park off of Munn Road in the 5000-address series. I am thinking there are multiple ways to access this park. The following video is one that I made on August 12th, 2020 at the trailhead area off of Munn Road. The trail that I spent the most time on was The Summit Trail but I think I diverged from it inadvertently at some points.

Trailhead for Mount Work Regional Park Near Munn Road

The Summit Trail Starts Flat, Then Ascends

It wouldn't be a trail to a mountain summit if it was flat, however, I spent a little while walking on a wide trail through a forested setting before I started to hike upwards. This stretch was the only stretch where there was housing.

After this starting stretch, I found that the trail went upwards and that it was a little bit on the difficult side. It wasn't a wide trail at all points and there were some issues when it came to staying oriented. However, I would judge the hiking I did to be moderate in terms of difficulty.

The forest in this area was a little different than what I found on other points on Vancouver Island. It had a browner earth tone to it as opposed to the green tones you typically find on the island. I also thought that the forest was a little on the dark side. At least, it was well shaded, a feature I look for as too much sunlight can have negative effects in this area of climate change and hotter temperatures.

After about an hour of walking and hiking out of the parking lot, I came to what was the first noteworthy viewpoint of my day. In the following video, I show the viewpoint and explain some of the features of this trail.

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I actually thought that I was at the peak of the mountain in this video, however, I was not. It was just the peak for that section of the mountain. I could see downtown Victoria but it didn't show up well in my filming as my camera is meant to be lightweight for hiking at the expense of some enhancements.

Viewpoint Toward Downtown Victoria

Another Viewpoint from the Summit Area

In the next video, I show a viewpoint from another area of the summit. Also, I note the important yellow rock fixtures that will help you stay on the proper trail while in Mount Work Regional Park. This is an area where there are a lot of diversions and it's not easy to stay on the proper trail at all times so these yellow fixtures are a big part of making you feel as though you are somewhere that's been chartered.

My final thoughts on this trail mainly had to do with that it was a hard-to-follow trail. The signage wasn't consistent and I actually got a little bit lost. Yet, I never felt like I was so lost that I couldn't find my way back if I needed to. Additionally, the areas where I adventured to that were not part of the official Summit Trail were still destinations in themselves. This is definitely a trail network for people that are motivated by viewpoints. Lastly, I don't recall paying for parking at this park while some parks in the area did require paid parking.

You can get a view of Finlayson Arm from this park, however, I never made it that far. There were quite a few people in this park and that did add a measure of safety. However, you definitely want the GPS and hiker-friendly apps in this park because it wasn't the best one to stay oriented in. I'd recommend extra water, food, and an early set-out time just in case you end up staying a little longer than anticipated.

Mount Work Regional Park Viewpoint Area

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Liz Westwood from UK on September 02, 2021:

This is a very useful description of the trail. The videos give readers a real taste of the scenery. Your assessment of the difficulty is useful, as is the access guide.

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