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Mount Boucherie Trail in West Kelowna

I am an avid hiker with a focus on easy to moderate trails in natural settings. I occasionally do harder trails.

A still from a video taken from a viewpoint on Mount Boucherie. Artistic style added using Befunky software. Done in "pastel" style.

A still from a video taken from a viewpoint on Mount Boucherie. Artistic style added using Befunky software. Done in "pastel" style.

A Difficult Trail in West Kelowna

Mount Boucherie is a small mountain in the municipality of West Kelowna. It is located on the south side of the main east-to-west highway through town. The mountain is a central part of Mount Boucherie Regional Park, a park that has a decent trail network offering views of West Kelowna, Kelowna, and Lake Okanagan.

There is more than one entry point into this trail network. The one I took was on East Boundary Road (49.85063686587395, -119.58949502842314). There was some parking at this point, you don't have to walk far to get to the trailhead, and it was a convenient entry point in relation to major throughways. Please see the map below for guidance on how to get to this entry point into this park.

A Trail With a Rattlesnake Warning

While I did not stick to a proper trail during my hike, the route I took would most closely resemble the trail called "Mount Boucherie from East Boundary Road" if you consulted That source describes the trail as "a 5.6 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate."

Step for step, I would say that this is a difficult trail as opposed to a moderate one. It wasn't long so from that point of view, you could call it moderate. However, this was a narrow trail that rarely had a step that wasn't inclined on the way up. Moderate trails, in my view, usually have flat sections, even if there is general gain in elevation. Certainly, the narrowness of the trail limits your error when it comes to managing your footwork.

Lastly, this trail had a rattlesnake warning when I visited it in the late summer of 2020. While it is common to see warnings for bears, cougars, and wolves in western Canada, it's a rare trail where you see a rattlesnake warning. The only other rattlesnake warning that I can think of was in Grasslands National Park.

Where there are rattlesnakes, you heed the rattling sound they make and avoid the area where the sound is coming from. Also, you would never reach your hand into a dark area, like space underneath tree roots or a hole in the ground. In the video below, I film the trailhead area on a trip where I forgot my action cam. Sorry for the poorer-than-normal quality.

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Mount Boucherie Trails Trailhead

The Viewpoints on the Mount Boucherie Trail

The first viewpoint I enjoyed provided cityscape. There was a part of the trail where you could stop and take in the scenery of West Kelowna as a city.

When you got to the top of the trail, you enjoyed more expansive views of Lake Okanagan combined with city views. In the video that concludes this article, I show the first viewpoint. There is also a glance at the narrowness of the trail in the video. For pictures or videos from the summit area, I recommend visiting

On the day that I hiked, there was a large storm in the area. You could see lightning all around and that called into question whether it was a good idea to be hiking up a mountain. I was carrying metal so my intuition said it was probably a bad idea to be heading upwards during an electrical storm in a microregion where there wasn't a lot of other metal to attract lightning away from me. To deal with this, I separated myself from all my metal objects for a little while as the storm passed.

I can't say that I had the best hiking adventure on this day. Also, my phone battery died and that limited my video and picture options. However, in more agreeable weather, I could see how this trail network could be the highlight of West Kelowna. I have hiked out in Kalamoir Regional Park as well and judged Mount Boucherie to be superior.

Mount Boucherie Trail's Viewpoint of West Kelowna

Mount Boucherie Trail on

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