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Tanay Rizal Adventure at Mt. Daraitan

There is a lot of fantastic view in Tanay Rizal that before you can see it, you usually have to climb a mountain, and one of the mountains I climbed was Mt. Daraitan. We arrived at the Tanay Rizal area at 3 o'clock in the morning; It took 3hrs travel from Cubao, Quezon City. After we got there, we rested a little, and the orientation started.

Mt. Daraitan has 739 meters high, 2425 feet. The road is rocky, steep, and narrow; therefore, there are things to bring before climbing, such as gloves, a headlight, wipes, food, water, a hat, a camera, a walking stick, and wear good shoes/sandals that are waterproof and also wear sun cream.

It is also good that before climbing the mountain, the body is prepared with enough rest and stretches so as not to get tired quickly while climbing.

Rock Formation

The first mountain we climbed was a rock formation. The path was rocky, narrow, and slippery. While we were climbing, I could hear the crickets and the birds. The environment was so peaceful that my body felt like doing therapy with nature; even the bones in my body felt energized as I climbed.

I enjoyed trekking early in the morning; it was around five o'clock when we saw the sea of ​​clouds and the sunrise. It's so beautiful to watch and relieves fatigue. After 3-4hrs of trekking, we reached the limestone rock formation part of the Sierra Madre range can be seen here as a relaxing view to look at and calming to the mind.


Heart Peak

The heart peak is one of the prominent features; at the bottom of it, you can see the Tinipak River and the Sierra Madre. The heart peak is made of combined wood in the shape of a heart. Sitting here after a long climb up the mountain feels very relaxing. It's too close to nature for me. When I was in this place, it was very peaceful, and I can think it was one of the things that helped me make the right decision.

This place is perfect for people who are just love to hike Moreover, for people who are nature lovers and people who live in the NCR in this easily accessible place, you can rest from the noise of the city, traffic, and pollution.

For the tips: it is good to go here on weekdays because there are not many people and you can enjoy the place more.

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God's creation of natural resources is lovely


Tinipak River

After we summited Mt. Daraitan, we went to the tinipak river. We rode a tricycle to get here, and the environmental fee is 90 pesos worth it because there is no time limit to staying here.

The water on the river is crystal clear, and Large white and grey stones surround the river. In region IV, this river was awarded as the cleanest inland body of water.

It is lovely rock formation and river to look at, and it makes me feel relaxed that all I can hear is water flow; this is the perfect place to unwind, bond with family, friends and take pictures together Indeed, this in one unforgettable adventure.

Tinipak River Rock Formation

Tinipak River Rock Formation

The world such a Beautiful Place

God's creation of natural resources is lovely. In this trekking teaching that every step we choose always has an equivalent; you may speed up where you are going, and you will fall, you will slip, you will be tired, but you can be rest. Always be prepared for things that you cannot control like sudden rain and thunder and the Journey is full of challenges while hiking, be a problem solver. As long you'll be moving forward, you'll reach the summit.

Same as our lives, before we can reach our dreams, we have many sacrifices, struggles, and decisions that we must go through. Sometimes it is tiring, hopeless, and debilitating, but this is just a test because we know that in the end, all this has a promising future ahead; we can say that everything we did and sacrificed was worth it. The world is such a beautiful place keep moving on.

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