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The 5 Most Haunted Places In America

Paranormal Research

Let’s face it, people are fascinated with the paranormal. Some of the most popular programs on television have to do with the paranormal, the most famous being “Ghost Hunters.” We can’t forget “Ghost Adventures,” “Paranormal State,” “Ghost Hunters International,” and “Ghost Lab.”

I’ll admit it, I watch those shows now and then. I’m an amateur filmmaker and I love watching these shows sort of like a study guide so I can pick and choose which elements of drama play out best on the screen. I also like watching them because I like to learn about which places are considered “haunted” and which are just tagged as having paranormal activity occurring on the premises.

Hull House

Hull House

Hull House

Located at 800 S. Halsted, in Chicago, The Hull House is believed to be one of Chicago’s most haunted places. Hull House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was once a beacon for the new immigrants. Having survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It failed to survive the changing face of the Near West Side, a neighborhood that was once the most fashionable in Chicago was surrounded by factories and tenement houses a decade after the fire.

Charles J. Hull’s wife died in her bedroom and when Jane Adams took over the Mansion to run as a settlement house, overnight guests would report being haunted by her ghost.

Local legend gives Hull-House it’s notoriety. The legend is that an Atheist man who was married to a devoutly Catholic woman protested to his wife when she tried to hang a picture of The Virgin Mary.

He proclaimed that he would rather have The Devil in his home than that picture. Sometime later, the woman gave birth to a disfigured baby said to have scaled like skin and a tail.

The man took the child to the Hull House where Jane Adams took care of the baby. Rumor is that the child grew unruly and she locked the child in the attic where he later died.

Adams refuted that rumor in her autobiography but local legend won over. Witnesses claim to see the ghostly figure of a Devil Child in the attic windows. Hull House is open to the public if you dare to check out the rumors for yourself.

Hull House

Stranahan House

Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, the Stranahan House is considered South Florida’s most haunted house. After relocating to Ft. Lauderdale from Ohio, in 1890, to establish the area’s first post office and a popular trading post and a bank, Frank Stranahan became a very wealthy man and one of the largest land owners in Florida. He later married Ivy Cromartie and built her what is now known as the Stranahan House.

Several tragedies soon hit Frank, one being a terrible hurricane, and the other the Great Depression. His bank folded along with all his money and the money of many of his family members and friends. Being in financial ruin, Frank Stanahan committed suicide in 1929.

Local legend says that Frank is still a resident of that home as well as many as 6 family members who have died in there. His wife Ivy died there in 1971. The Stranahan house has been a favorite of paranormal investigators. It is now a haunted museum and guided tours are available.

The Stranahan House

The Stranahan House

Stranahan House 335 Southeast 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

LaLaurie House

LaLaurie House

LaLaurie House

Located at 1140 Royal Street, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the Lalaurie House is reported to be the most haunted in that city.  That’s saying a lot considering the tales of pirates, and the brutal excess of slavery that surround New Orleans history. 

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The Ghostly stories date back to 1832.  Dr. Lalaurie and his wife were at the upper levels of society for a time.  They through lavish parties and the wife was a picture of perfection.  But behind the doors, Madame Lalaurie was vicious psychopath that tortured and mutilated her slaves.  Unspeakable horrors were discovered after a fire, reportedly set by a slave that was chained to a fireplace, broke out.  When the neighbors found out about the horrors taking place inside that home, a mob appeared ready to seek vengeance.  It’s reported that a dark carriage rolled up just then and swept the Lalaurie’s away to safety, never to be heard from again. 

Reports and sightings of paranormal activity began almost as soon as the fire was extinguished. 

LaLaurie House

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Located at 4400 Paralee Lane, Louisville, Kentucky, The Waverly Hills Sanitarium was a beacon of hope for those unfortunate people that were stricken with tuberculosis, which was widespread in the area in the early 1900’s.  The only treatment for the disease was rest and sunlight but that didn’t stop some of the doctors and nurses there from performing experimental treatments that were nothing less than torturous.  Unfortunately over 10,000 patients died just in the first 3 years and it’s estimated that as many as 60,000 died before that doors closed in 1961.   

A year later the doors reopened as a geriatric hospital.  It was rumored that as a geriatric hospital, doctors performed unusual experiments on the patients and there was widespread mistreatment by the staff.  In 1982, the state of Kentucky closed it down permanently because of patient abuse. 

Waverly Hills is one of the most investigated haunted places in the world. It has been featured on several of the most popular “ghost hunting” programs.  There are literally thousands of documented paranormal activities at the Sanatorium, such as evp’s, video, photo’s, and first hand witness accounts.  But if you’re not convinced by other people’s evidence, Waverly Hills is under new ownership and offers an overnight self guided tour option for those that are hard to convince. 

Waverly Hills Sanitorium



Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Located in Midlothian, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, this cemetery has been home to ghostly apparitions since 1834. It’s rumored to be the most haunted cemetery in the world. Most believe that the people buried there were “bachelor” immigrants that died while building the Illinois-Michigan Canal. Oddly, there is also a lagoon behind the cemetery which was a favorite dumping ground for those unfortunate to cross the Chicago mob during the Prohibition days of Chicago. Many paranormal investigators believe that the dumping of Mob enemies in this otherwise tranquil cemetery is the reason behind all the reported hauntings.

With hundreds of reports of paranormal phenomena, including apparitions, phantom blue lights and orbs, and unexplained sightings and sounds, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is certainly a sight worth investigating, so put it on your list.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Find More Haunted Places in America

Honorable Mentions

A simple Google search for any of the headlines in this article will bring up volumes of information on these haunted sites.  You might also want to check out some of the sites below.



The Bell Witch Cave

Located in Adams, Tennessee, where the Bell Farm once stood. It's now privately owned but offers tours during the summer. The Bell Witch legend was the basis of the 2006 horror film An American Haunting

Myrtels Plantation

Myrtels Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation

Located in St. Francisville, Louisiana
7747 U.S. Highway 61

Now operating as a Bed and Breakfast

The Stanley Hote

The Stanley Hote

The Stanley Hotel

Located in Estes Park, Colorado - this hotel was the basis for Stephen King's The Shining and the Overlook Hotel. 

How likely are you to visit one of these haunted places?


Christopher J Wood from Florida, USA on October 10, 2015:

Very interesting read, I love a good ghost story. My significant other maintains that the last house we lived in was haunted, she claimed that she could feel their presence late at night. She said they seemed friendly, which is comforting. I never personally noticed anything, but the house was a century old, so who knows. Maybe I'm just not in tune to spirits.

Peter Alexander from Pittsburgh on October 04, 2015:

Nice article. The paranormal fascinates almost everybody on some level. Sometimes I envision ghosts sitting around in reclining chairs, drinking a ghostly beer or cocktail and arguing whose turn it is to "perform" for the ghost hunters. I am always amused how some ghost hunters go looking for evidence then scream like little girls when they hear something. Keep up the good writing.

mactavers on October 04, 2015:

The Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone boasts 26 murders and some of the bullets and bullet holes are still in the walls. Many people claim they have seen "fancy ladies" and heard laughter and music.

suraj punjabi from jakarta on October 04, 2015:

This is some spooky stuff. One really won't admit in believing in ghosts and yet get scared when reading such articles, funny ey? great article by the way, keep it up.

Michael Yoshinaka from Honolulu, Hawaii on October 04, 2015:

Love to read about ghosts and hauntings...but some of your videos don't work here. Too bad for me... : (

Dianemae on October 03, 2015:

Great article. I'm sure every state has their own hauntings. I live near Salem, Massachusetts where there are many witches and others haunting the area.

lababydollcastaneda on August 03, 2015:

I'd love to see el paso tx as well as new jersey put on here. I know both have a lot of history and haunted places.

carolscash on August 20, 2014:

I would love to check all of these places out. I know of several places that are said to be haunted as well.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on October 24, 2012:

Not sure I know what you are saying but ok...

WhatTheHub from Florida on October 24, 2012:

Right, no one has EVER stacked books like this.

donate-timeshares on October 24, 2011:

Very interesting reading. Ive always been interested but I get scared too easily so I have never pursued it. But I do like a good reading. good job.

Brianna W from East Coast on August 02, 2011:

Great information and amazing pictures! I too am interested in the paranormal and watch all those crazy shows. I am planning on writing an article myself on some of the most haunted places around the country. Great work!

bla on February 20, 2011:

scarry i liv in a haunted house cooool

pmccray on January 07, 2011:

Nothing like a haunting to make the heart beat fast and the blood run cold to know you're truly alive. Love these selections check out my Halloween hub on LaLaurie House. The owners were truly blood thirsty while they lived and too cruel to know their dead.

Excellent hub, voted up, marked awesome and shared.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 05, 2011:

LOL Hannah haunted places give some people a thrill in the same way that skydiving does. You never know what the outcome will be until its over.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on January 05, 2011:

Good thing you told me and I am certain I will not go near it. I am a coward number one. Great hub and very interesting.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 04, 2011:

The Winchester Mansion certainly has a strange history and legend but many would agree, it's not haunted.

CDL Career Coach from Eugene, Oregon on January 04, 2011:

I went to the Winchester house when I was a kid. I remember lots of wierd rooms and stairways and stuff, but no ghost stories. Great hub.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 03, 2011:

@ghomefitness I went to high school in the north suburbs and our biggest haunt legend is an entire town called Bull Valley up in McHenry County. Someday, I'll have to write a hub on that too.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 03, 2011:

Gus, you may have something there. Maybe you should check out my new hub on Ghost hunting equipment to give you an idea of what you may need to capture evidence of your haunting. The EVP recorder may be helpful :)

Gustave Kilthau from USA on January 03, 2011:

LWR - These "haunted" articles of yours are fun to read. Someday I might have to write one about my own haunted house. It's a dog house. When I pass by it, I seem to hear my own voice coming from its opening. Probably because I stay in a figurative doghouse all the time, would you think?

Gus :-)))

ghomefitness from Chicago,IL on January 03, 2011:

I did as a teen check out Bachelor's Grove and Resurrection Cemetery. My high school Joliet Catholic before it moved was said to be haunted. Running the halls late at night we always thought we heard stuff.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 03, 2011:

Ahh then you might want to check out Bachelor's Grove Cemetery too. It's not too far away either.

ghomefitness from Chicago,IL on January 03, 2011:

I have never heard of Hull house. Living in the Chicago suburbs my whole life I missed it. I will have to check it out one day.

Richard Bivins (author) from Charleston, SC on January 03, 2011:

The Winchester Mansion in San Jose, CA. It was built by the daughter and heir of the Winchester Rifle fortune. After her daughter and later husband died and after a period of mental depression she consulted with a "psychic medium" and was told to move West and keep building and that if she ever quit building she would die because there was a curse on her family for developing a weapon that was the cause of thousands of deaths. So she moved to San Jose and took over a house that was under construction and continued building on it for over 40 years everyday. The house is a maze of rooms and stairways that lead to no where, doors that open to brick walls, secret passages, and every sort of oddity in architecture. She became sick and bed rested which coincidentally meant she had to take a break from building and she died at the young age of 82. The legend surrounding the mansion is as wild as the mansion itself. I didn't list it here because there was never a reported death happening at that location unlike all the places listed above. I think for ghosts to be present there has to be a reason that they are trapped in such a location and the Winchester Mansion just does not fit the bill for me. But who knows, maybe it was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

Don Simkovich from Pasadena, CA on January 02, 2011:

Hmm, I also thought there was some haunted house in northern California called Winchester or something like that. Great, I'm getting ready for bed and I had to read this Hub! Brother! I really don't like horror films, ghost stories or anything like that! But nice Hub and quite fascinating!

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