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Minnesota is not for Weenies

Today it is Three Below Zero



The hourly temperature claims the actual temperature is minus 3 degrees F. It goes on to claim that it feels like minus 17 F.


I feel that my body cannot discern the difference.

Minnesota is the only place where you can have a temperature of 23 F degrees and it feels like a heatwave.

After a week of -15F, 35 F degrees feels like t-shirt and shorts weather.

Minnesota can go from 80 F to -40 F in a matter of hours.

There is snow on the ground. It crunches as you walk on it.

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Wearing Apparel

Tennis shoes are okay for most distances, but if forced to walk an extended distance may result in cold feet.

A windbreaker is okay if you have a sweatshirt underneath.

HeatSaver gloves are a godsend.

Regular jeans are ok.

But, be aware that your body will adjust.

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