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Menorquin Horses, Minorca

Eileen loves to travel as much as possible both at home in the U.K. and abroad with local places of interest high on her to visit list.

Free Display Ciutadella

When you visit the Balearic Island of Minorca situated in the Meditteranean Sea you usually get the chance to visit a horse display but at a price.

During our May visit this year to this small but delightful Spanish Island we encountered a horse display and came across it by chance.

Each Friday the old capital of Minorca Ciutadella holds a large open air market.

We have visited Ciutadella and the market many times and so some vacations we give it a miss.

However the first Friday of our two-week vacation in May was warm but overcast.

Rain was forecast but Ciutadella has much on offer come rain or shine

We travelled by local bus to this city and spent a few hours mooching around, enjoying some lunch, browsing the market and looking in the tourist shops before deciding to head back to the main bus terminal.

But we could hear loud music playing out in a plaza and drifted along to see what was on offer

There was actually a few things including specialist bikers and children's rides but there was also a small troupe of riders and horses giving a free display for the enthralled crowd.

We stopped by and were not disappointed.

Ciutadella, Minorca, May 2018

Menorquin Horses

As you travel around the island of Minorca you may encounter a Menorquin Horse and its rider or even a group of these horses and riders usually out exercising and training.

We were surprised one afternoon on a previous visit to come across a Menorquin horse and rider gently walking through our hotel grounds. It was through an undeveloped part of the grounds which add to this hotel’s charm.

As always the rider was quite happy to stop and pose for a photo.

These horses that take part in fiestas and displays are trained to a high standard and they have to be familiar with people, noise and traffic.

This is probably why you come across the horses and riders in various locations on the island.

At Fiesta

During fiesta time these horses and riders are in the thick of noisy events. The heat can be intense in Minorca during the summer months and most of the islands' fiesta days are during these months.

In some images of fiesta the horses eyes may frankly look as if the animal is terrified and it could well be.

As an animal lover and animal rights supporter this does not sit well with me.

But it is not my country and as far as I can see the horses are treat well.

Somni Horse Event

We have never attended a Somni horse event but we have been told it is a great evenings‘ entertainment.

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It is a long evening and probably not suitable for those with mobility issues and its is in my opinion fairly pricey.

If you take a look at Tripadvisor the event has mixed reviews.

The majority of people seem to give rave reviews but there is at least one that cites perceived animal cruelty.

Somni Horse Event

Why Are Menorquin Horses So Special?

These magnificent black coloured horses look strong and impressive. They have a distinctive appearance.

The official name of the breed is “Pura Raza Menorquina” (Pure Breed Menorquina), abbreviated P.R.M.

In Spain, however, one speaks of a “Menorca” (horse), although “Menorquín” is also used on the mainland of Spain or Menorquina.

This last name, Menorquín or Menorquina, is also the most widely used abroad (France, Germany, Italy, etc.).

People Do Not Spook The Horses

My thoughts

There is something sad about the shape of the horses necks as if they appear unnaturally bowed but yet these horses are still a great sight and they are part of the island’s culture.

Maybe one of these days we will visit the Somni horse display but until such a time each off piste encounter is a joy.

Your thoughts?

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© 2018 Ethel Smith


Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on August 28, 2018:

Yes Liz we had not heard of them before visiting Menorca either

Liz Westwood from UK on August 28, 2018:

Lovely photos. I had not heard of these horses before.

Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on August 28, 2018:

Thanks Peggy it was a lovely unexpected encounter. Maybe one of these days we will go to the Somni event

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 28, 2018:

Nice that you happened upon this horse event. That second video is wonderful. Some of those horses in that video look like Lipizzan stallions. We once got to see a show that they put on here in Houston. It was fabulous!

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