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Mangaluru to Bengaluru by Airawata Club Class



I had traveled by KSRTC’s Airawata Club Class in the morning, leaving Bengaluru at 6 am and reached Mangaluru by 2 pm the same day. It was a good seven-hour journey through the ghat section via Channarayapatna, Hassan, and Sakleshpur. I had booked the return journey to Bengaluru on the same day from Mangaluru.

My intention was to complete the solo trip onboard KSRTC’s Airawata Club Class multi-axled air-conditioned bus and return to Bengaluru the same day. As usual, I had booked my e-ticket in advance through KSRTC’s web portal and opted for a front-row seat, which was vacant at the time of booking.


Departing From Mangaluru

Soon upon my arrival at Mangaluru, I headed outside the KSRTC bus stand to have lunch. It was a very hot day and my search was a good vegetarian restaurant did not yield any result as my scheduled departure time was at 3 pm from Mangaluru; so, I had to rush back to the KSRTC bus stand. I spotted my bus parked at the Bengaluru departure area and parked in an adjacent bus bay. I enquired with the crew regarding the status of departure and I was informed it would leave sharply at 3 pm from Mangaluru. I soon occupied my usual seat number 1.

The bus soon filled up with some of the passengers and nearly fifty percent of the seats were vacant. The bus made few stops within Mangaluru city pick-up the passengers bound to Bengaluru at enroute stops. The bus then made its final pick-up at Uppinangadi and headed to Bengaluru.

The bus soon entered Shiradi Ghat section road at around 4 pm. The bus had to deviate sharp curves and bends along the ghat road section. It was a scenic view of the western ghats and as usual, the traffic was heavy owing to the weekend holiday. The path to Bengaluru was witnessed with many oil, petroleum, and LPG trucks from Mangaluru. The bus waded slowly through all the curves and road bends as it was only a two-lane highway. The bus then made its first rest-stop for about ten minutes much before Sakleshpura town.

All the passengers got down over here for a brief rest. I opted for a fresh cup of filter coffee and strolled outside for a while to get some fresh air. After the rest-stop, we then entered the Sakleshpura KSRTC bus stand. There were two passengers with bookings up to Bengaluru who boarded the bus at Sakleshpura KSRTC bus stand. The bus otherwise made a customary halt for about ten minutes over here.

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Dinner halt at Hassan

The road from Sakleshpura to Hassan City was undergoing major repairs. As it was given to understand that the highway connecting Mangaluru and Bengaluru was being upgraded from a two-lane highway to a four-lane highway. Hence some sections of the road were closed for traffic and at times the bus had to slow down in some places. This led to increasing in travel time towards Hassan city. As it was getting dark outside after the sunset, the crew relied on the headlights of the bus to navigate on the road.

We arrived at Hassan city KSRTC bus stand at around 8.10 pm. A couple of passengers alighted at Hassan city and one passenger heading to Bengaluru boarded the bus. The bus departed from Hassan KSRTC bus stand after a ten-minute halt at around 8.20 pm.

The crew then informed all the passengers about the upcoming second rest-stop for dinner halt. The bus arrived at the popular Mayura restaurant at around 9 pm which is located after Hassan city. All the passengers had to disembark yet again for the final break. I got down from the bus immediately and relished hot Rava idly and a cup of coffee.

The restaurant was abuzz with a lot of customers, all of them bound to Bengaluru on a busy weekend. After relishing the snacks, I ventured out for a brief stroll and then settled down in my seat for a quick nap. The bus then continued its journey on a smooth route to Bengaluru which was abuzz with weekend traffic headed to the city. I tried to take a quick nap but had to wake up soon and could not sleep throughout the journey.


Arrival at Bengaluru

We then joined the National Highway 4 and then proceeded to Nelamangala Toll. The tollway was jam-packed with a weekend crowd heading to Bengaluru after enjoying the weekend holidays. Our crew found it challenging to navigate through the toll owing to the traffic.

We crossed the Nelamangala toll after waiting for around fifteen minutes. Our journey to Bengaluru lasted for about forty-five minutes as we entered the entry point to the city located at Gorguntepalya bus stop.

The bus made its usual halt at designated drop-off points at Gorguntepalya, Yeswanthpur Railway Station, Orion Mall, Rajajinagar, Navarang, Okalipuram to finally reach Kempegowda Bus Station. We reached the destination at around 11.15 pm. It was most enthralling and a refreshing weekend solo trip and I enjoyed it immensely.

Bengaluru to Mangaluru by Airawata Club Class

  • Journey to Mangaluru by Airawata Club Class
    I enjoyed traveling to Mangaluru by KSRTC's Airawata Club Class Multi-Axle air-conditioned bus. This was a day-time journey from Bengaluru's Kempegowda Bus Station leaving at 06.05 am.

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