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Penang, Malaysia: A Summer Escapade to Remember

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. She has travelled to at least eight Asian countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Macao, etc.


Where is Penang, Malaysia?

On Peninsular Malaysia's northwest coast, by the Malacca Strait, is the Malaysian state of Penang (Malay: Pulau Pinang). It is divided into two parts: Seberang Perai on the Malay Peninsula and Penang Island, which is home to George Town, the nation's capital. The Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, which is also the longest oversea bridge in Southeast Asia as of May 2019, connects them. It is one of Malaysia's two longest road bridges. Penang, the second-smallest state in terms of land area in Malaysia, is bordered to the north and east by Kedah and to the south by Perak.


Usual Vacation Trip

I pulled my green luggage behind me as I made my way to Mactan International Airport in the Philippines to check in for my subsequent flight on my trip. In May of 2018, I traveled to Penang, Malaysia, along with seven coworkers and friends from my workplace. We stayed at the Lost Paradise Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia, for a total of five days during our vacation. This hotel is located by the beach which allows me to breathe fresh air every minute.

Penang Culture

Penang State Museum has cultural relics. The present edifice, once the Penang Free School, is half a building; the other half was bombed during World War II. Captain Francis Light's bronze statue stood outside the museum. The colonial authorities originally presented it at Fort Cornwallis. It features ancient photos, maps, and historical records showing Penang's growth from Francis Light's time.
Penang State Art Gallery and Pinang Gallery display local art. USM ABN-Amro Arts and Cultural Centre was founded in 2002 to increase art awareness in Penang. Due to low attendance, the USM ABN-Amro Arts and Cultural Centre closed in December 2006. The Universiti Sains Malaysia Museum and Gallery has a wayang kulit exhibit. Malaysian artists' works are on display. Alliance française de Penang and Hotel Bellevue promote art.

Penang's arts scene is lively. The government supports the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra and the Penang Philharmonic Chamber Choir (formerly Voices of Penang Philharmonic) [1] Another amateur orchestra is Penang Symphony. Fingerprints Chamber Choir members are mostly singing teachers and advanced pupils. It's won multiple competitions and routinely plays at festivals and concerts. Penang State Chinese Orchestra, ProArt Chinese Orchestra, and other school-based musical groups.

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Penang Food

Eat with intention. With a diverse cuisine influenced by the island's different cultures, including the Hokkien, Hakka, and Teochew-speaking Chinese groups, Indian Tamils, Malays, British and Mexican. Penang is renowned as a regional food paradise. Malaysians from other parts of the country travel great distances to visit one of Penang's famous hawker carts or holes-in-the-wall for a delicious steamed bun or a fragrant spicy noodle soup (laksa). Penangites have made a sport out of their preoccupation with finding the best flavors. Visit as many hawker stalls as you can in a day to join the game. You can also enroll in a culinary class, go on a food tour, or follow a local food blogger's itinerary (try Ken Hunts Food). Remember to post pictures of your meals to a neighborhood Facebook food group. Over 86,000 people are a part of the organization Jalan-jalan Cari Makan Di Pulau Penang.

A hearty morning meal  in Batu Ferrigi Paradise Hotel

A hearty morning meal in Batu Ferrigi Paradise Hotel

Travel with Convenience

Tourists won't run into any problems if they go to Penang in Malaysia. When it comes to tourism, Penang is one of the most well-organized cities I've ever visited. In contrast to most other countries, you won't have any trouble finding your way around the city and visiting all of its attractions. Their Department of Tourism has put in a lot of effort to make the City of Penang more welcoming to tourists. Hotels to are equipped and prepared to assist you for your travel needs within the city. Should you need a ride within, they can help. If you want to book or buy tickets, they too can help.

Tour Worry Free

When you get to the location, the only thing left to do is buy a ticket for the tour at your hotel or in one of the other locations around the region. After that, you will make your way on foot to the terminals where the tour buses will pick you up approximately every 15 minutes. If you want to ride and then get dropped off at your hotel or home, the same buses will drop you off there. Therefore, you won't need to be concerned about where to go because these buses will just drive you to the many locations that you want to check out. It doesn't need much effort at all.

You won't need to worry so much about getting lost. While you are riding in one of these buses, a tourist guide will provide commentary in English about the various points of interest along the route. Thus, travelling in Penang gives you worry-free trip to enjoy.


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