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Making the Most of Your Nassau Vacation

Choosing The Right Accommodation

Resort vs Airbnb

Just like any other travel destination, Nassau offers a variety of great accommodations, ranging from 5 star hotels to comfy Airbnbs. If you're not strapped for cash and looking to enjoy your stay in luxury, then a hotel is the best choice.

When choosing a hotel, price and comfort are most likely your big ticket items. 5 star hotels such as Atlantis and Bahamar will cost you a hefty sum because the experiences they offer are nothing but luxury. These hotels are the top choices for celebrities and may not be the best pick for the average Joe trying to treat their family to a nice summer vacation. Breezers, Courtyard by Hilton, or the British Colonial Hilton hotel may be the best choices for middle class families, while couples and friend groups may prefer Warwick. An all inclusive resort that only allows guests ages 16 and over.

Cost effective, private and perfect for single travelers or groups. Airbnbs are the best accommodation for the 21st century tourist. Bahamian hosts are extremely helpful and hospitable to visitors. Many hosts offer rides from and to the airport for a minimal fee and go above and beyond to ensure their guests are comfortable.

Nissan Leaf offered by  Drive Green Car Rental.

Nissan Leaf offered by Drive Green Car Rental.


Renting a car, Taking the jitney or Hiring a taxi

Nassau offers three modes of transportation. You can choose to rent a vehicle, hire a taxi or catch a ride on the local jitney (bus). I recommend choosing your transportation based on the location of you accommodation and the amount of freedom you want to move around the island.

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Renting a car, hiring a taxi or requesting a ride from your host are the best options to arriving to your accommodation from the airport. Busses do not run to and from the airport. You will also need to choose one of those transportation options if you are staying on Paradise Island. Paradise Island is a separate island from New Providence and is connected by a bridge. If you rent a car, you will have to pay a bridge toll of two dollars to get over so just be prepared.

If your staying in the downtown area then catching the local jitney around will be quick and affordable. Police officers are easy to spot and will answer your questions if you're in need of help. Hiring a taxi can be costly if your planing to head out on multiple adventures over a few days so renting a car is best if you are looking to stay on the western or eastern sides of the island. I recommend trying Drive Green Car Rental. A local car rental company that specializes in electric vehicles. Choosing an electric vehicle can save you tons because charging stations are free.

Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island

Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island


Despite the pandemic, there are alot of great activities still available for you to enjoy. Here's some favorite of my favorite spots that are more than just a nice trip to the beach.

  1. Dolphin Encounters/Blue Lagoon Island
    Blue Lagoon offers a variety of animal encounters including nurse sharks, sea lions, stingrays and of course, dolphins! You can also opt to skip the animal encounters and enjoy the day on the private beach. If you are staying in Nassau, you will have to cross the bridge over to Paradise Island and catch a boat to Blue Lagoon. However don't let that deter you, the fee for the encounter or beach day package includes the boat ride. It is a quick 25-30 minute trip and the views are totally instagram worthy.
  2. Explore With The Bahamas National Trust
    The Bahamas National trust has been operating since 1959 to protect the beautiful ecosystems of The Bahamas. They offer a variety of tours that are perfect for anyone who wants to soak in Nassau's natural beauty. The best part is that these experience cost little to nothing. Visitors can choose to kayak through Bonefish Pond, birdwatch at The Retreat Garden or tour caves at Primeval forest.
  3. Fusion Superplex
    Fusion Superplex is the local spot. Not only is it home to 9 movie theaters, including VIP, IMAX and 4DX experiences, it also offers a children's soft-play area, an arcade, virtual reality experiences and a variety of restaurants. This place is the definition of fun. Dining at Edge, Fusion's outdoor restaurant, is a favorite of mine because it offers a breathtaking view of the island from the top of the complex.

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