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Majorly Overlooked Pros and Mythical Cons of Travelling

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Niks is a travel lover. After exploring some amazing places, he writes about the benefits and myths about traveling to serve travelers.

As the French novelist, Gustave Flaubert Said -

One must travel to feel how tiny your limited world and its miseries are in context with the entire universe. Traveling is a break for all kinds of people.

Traveling through various tourist attractions both locally and globally, I experienced certain benefits of traveling that most of us are well acquainted with. But still, they are often overlooked by many of us. We read about these benefits on the internet and in books, we get inspired, we think about a vacation, and we end up thinking about our workloads. This is not about the wanderers who have chosen traveling as their career. They are living their passion.

This is about all those corporate employees who seek a second opinion about taking leave and packing their bags. There are many personal, spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of traveling.

Let's look in detail at the four major advantages of traveling.

Pro 1: Biggest Travel Lesson - Nothing Is Permanent

Folks, we all know that nothing is permanent in the world. The best way to understand this is by traveling. yes exactly! Let me address it in detail.

Once I was working as an employee at a decent job. I was unable to focus on the present moment. I used to overthink the work deadlines. I used to dwell too much on the mistakes of the past and uncertainties of the future.
After about a month of restless work, I decided to plan a road trip. I didn't enjoy a single moment of the trip. But I learned a great life lesson after I came back to my home.

As I was drained in the thoughts of the trip, I realized that throughout the whole journey I was lost in the tension of my workload. I could recall my friend waking me up from the trap of thoughts to see the sight of a wonderful and unique bird that none of us had ever watched earlier. I missed it and my friends shared the bird's photo with me. I missed many things that passed by. I missed the flowers, the rainbow, the bird, and the swans in a beautiful lake.

I was merged into thoughts when I returned. I must deal with the targets, only in the office. But I carried the work pressure with me wherever I went. My Boss never told me to think about it on the trip. The bird wasn't waiting forever over there for me. If you keep on lingering like this then you are going to miss many amazing things on your way just like I did. My workload was not permanent.
On this road trip, Surroundings around me were changing from deserts to grasslands to forests. I felt bad because I don't know when I m going to this place again. Whenever I go, I m going to enjoy the moments. In this ever-changing world, nothing is permanent. so I decided to rejoice in the present and try not to miss out on anything ever again.


Windmills near Sinnar - Summer Road trip This scene changed to grasslands within an hour, showing me that nothing is permanent.

Windmills near Sinnar - Summer Road trip This scene changed to grasslands within an hour, showing me that nothing is permanent.

Pro 2: Walk Away From Screens & Travel To Off-Screens

The technology has drastically advanced over the past decade, from 2008 to 2018. Smartphones capture high-quality photos and videos. Technology has moved from 4k to 8k. In spite of these advancements, there is a huge difference between watching a football match at the stadium and watching it on your HD screen. You can watch your favorite tourist spot on the smartphone sitting on the couch but you naturally feel jealous when your neighbor visits that spot and shares his travel memories. You are thinking about the place while you watch the videos, which is good but if you go and travel, you will feel the place. That's the difference between thinking and feeling.

Though the augmented reality and virtual reality have made some difference, when it comes to traveling, no doubt there is and will be a vast difference when you physically go and visit your dream spot. It's natural! It doesn't matter if the technology brings the world to your doorstep, the real experience will be always on the upper hand because of the feelings and memories the tourists collect while traveling. so that's the benefit - you get to feel, what you have imagined.

Pro 3: Traveling Points Out The Difference Between Connectivity And Connection

People across the globe can communicate with each other through various social media platforms. Online business and online money-making ideas are redefining the market. Which is good. But amidst the urge to grow online followers, humans are craving real-life connections. Whether it's a family situation or a friend's circle at the campus of a college, all we get to see is the bowed heads and lowered eyes. (all eyes at the screens).

I wrote a quote a few months ago -

Friends must frequently plan a road trip, trek, or camping to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with their peers. A weekend family get-together at a cool destination is a great getaway to feel the connection and warmth among the family members. Travelling makes people feel connected with their dear ones and also with nature.

Pro 4: Get Better At Work With A Vacation Break

When you are struggling to find out an innovative idea for your business, instead of digging deeper into it, you must declutter yourself from the work and plan a trip. Results have shown that when you come back you not only feel energized but also come up with a creative solution. Travelling enhances creativity. Allow yourself to wander on the weekends to save yourself from burnout due to work pressure. Don't be so harsh on yourself. Take a break and travel, which will in some or the other way, help you with your work.

There are a few so-called disadvantages of traveling, which are just myths.
They have misled many people. Let's look at the Three major myths about traveling:

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Myth 1: You Have To Be Highly Extrovert

This is a myth, which some introverts consider as a disadvantage. Traveling in groups and socializing with people has many benefits. But it is not mandatory. You don't have to dance with the mobs at the Times New Square, New York, (though it is amazing) to prove that you had a fun-filled travel memory. At times you can avoid roaming around crowded destinations if that's not what you want.

You don't have to be an extrovert or introvert. You just have to be curious. Curiosity will open you up. Many travelers like to explore the places alone. So, if you are an introvert you can always wander on your own. All it takes is curiosity, interest, and the ability to connect with nature that may be a silent beach or a chilling hill station. You can always enjoy your own company. You can walk on the beach and feel the sand or read your favorite book, relaxing on a deck chair, or just listen to the sound of the waves.

An afternoon in the woods. This serene place always makes me feel calm whenever I go there by myself.

An afternoon in the woods. This serene place always makes me feel calm whenever I go there by myself.

Myth 2: You Must Have A Lot of Money In The Bank

This is the most common myth about traveling. Yes, traveling to the world-famous tourist destinations does need to have a good amount of money in your pockets and your bank. But Travelling doesn't mean packing your bags, putting on your spacesuit, entering in the rocket, and landing on the Moon! You can always visit that spot on the outskirts of your city which is less expensive. What if you visited it a lot of times?

Then you can always research and ask the travel enthusiasts about the nearby places that you still haven't been to. Visiting the same place in different seasons can also be a great change. Another way is by volunteering in the NGO programs, which will take you for their activities to somewhere you have never been, which won't be much expensive. There will be something unique about that place. If you are willing to travel then there is always a way. Travel loans are one such solution.

Saving your money for traveling is the best investment that you can do. I'm the kind of person who will spend money to see the sunflower fields; which is the part of the earth dressed in gold -The combination of sunflowers and the sunlight falling on them, rather than spending money on real gold. Plus, there are many offers and information available on the internet, which can help you with the cost-cutting. Various "travel and work remotely" schemes are emerging too. So get rid of this myth and keep wandering.

Myth 3: Touring Always Needs A Lot Of Pre-Planning

Yes, it does needs planning. Especially, for long distances or if you are flying abroad. But, if you have no weekend plans for a two days trip, then it's not a disadvantage. how? let me tell you.

Have you ever planned to go somewhere and due to some reason, you ended up being elsewhere, which proved to be better than what you have planned?
My friend planned a trip. After reaching the destination and sightseeing, he met some locals. They suggested to him a beautiful place worth watching, about 50 km away. After a bit of thinking, he decided to change the plan and visited this place. He stayed there and resumed his return journey, the next morning.

After coming back, he told me that if he would have skipped this place, he would have regretted it forever. Unplanned trips not only make us enjoy the desired place of our destination but also the journey leading to it. This kind of trip gives us space to connect with the locals and acquire knowledge about their cultures and traditions.


If you are the one working in a silent ambiance in front of a computer screen throughout the week, you can escape to a lively and happening destination full of celebration and recharge your mind.

If you are the person working in a chaotic atmosphere surrounded by huge machines, you can escape to a calm and soothing place, like a chilling hill station or a silent beach.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Niks (author) from India on October 30, 2019:

Thanks a lot for your words of appreciation. I will keep posting new travel experiences as your feedback helps me write and connect with the readers and writers like you.

Abitha from Chennai, Tamilnadu on October 29, 2019:


This article makes a strong case in favour of travelling. It is indeed one of life's treasured pleasures. Making time for travel can be a very enriching experience.

Niks (author) from India on October 23, 2019:

Thanks a lot, I will come with new articles. keep coming again. Readers like you encourage me to write more.

Chaitanya on October 23, 2019:

Very nice writing Mr. Nikhil

Keep it up

Awaiting for new posts

Niks (author) from India on October 20, 2019:

Yeah, its about travelling mindset, especially for the busy scheduled people. thank you for commenting. I will read your articles, too.

Aurobindhan S from Chennai on October 20, 2019:

Fascinated. Rather than travelling you written wonderfully that how to prepare our mindset for travelling and co related with our current hectic life style.

Rajinder Soni from New Delhi, India on October 15, 2019:

As a frequent traveler, I can correlate with each and every word that you have just mentioned in your hub.

Although I am not working with any big machines but due to my chaotic life where I am spending most of my time in a metropolitan city, I am inclined to go to high altitude trekking destinations in the Himalayas where I can take adventurous challenges and get a refreshment for my body, mind and soul.

Looking ahead to more stellar travel articles from you. Keep writing frequently.

Niks (author) from India on October 12, 2019:

Thank you, Mam. I m Glad. Since we are travel enthusiasts, I can learn many things from you. I will

write articles about my travel trips to various places.

Niks (author) from India on October 12, 2019:

Thanks a lot, Sir. Those feedbacks will inspire me to write more about traveling.

I will write about my travel trips in the upcoming hubs. thank you for your best wishes.

Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on October 12, 2019:

Very good hub Mr Niks, You have cleared the blocks and opened up for travel. Now write many more articles to show us some places around the world. Best wishes for a good going.

Prantika Samanta from Kolkata, India on October 12, 2019:

An interesting read. I'm a travel enthusiast and I can relate to the points you have discussed. Enjoyed reading the article.

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