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Madeira Island My Way

Discover the Best Places to Visit, Best Beaches, Best Gardens, Restaurants and Shopping, and then relax with a glass of Madeira.

My Little Piece of Heaven on Earth


Madeira Island... no place like home

Madeira Island is a paradise, a natural wonder, and my home.

Welcome to Madeira, a subtropical island off the coast of Africa where exotic flora and traditional ways coexist with a cosmopolitan vibe.

Madeira Island is a tiny dot on a map somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

Few people have heard of it, but once you get there, you will fall in love.

If you enjoy Levada walks, nature and the sea, Madeira Island is the place to be.

Madeira Island Map

Madeira New Year's Eve 2019

Madeira New Year's Eve 2019

Madeira is a peaceful place and the safest in the world

With a very low crime rate, Madeira Island is an extremely safe place to visit.

Madeira is located 500 km off the African coast and 1000 km from mainland Europe. The islands of Porto Santo and the Desertas (Deserta Grande, Bugio, Illéu Cho, and Prego do Mar) are all part of the Madeiran Archipelago and were formed by a volanic ‘hot spot' approximately 18 million years ago, and following a series of eruptions, the islands gradually emerged from the sea.

The island of Madeira, as we know it, only occupies the top quarter of the volcanic mass which extends to a depth of 4,000 metres below sea level. In addition, the Selvagens Islands (Savage Islands) which includes Selvagem Grande, Selvagem Pequena and Ilhéu de Fora are also part of the Madeiran Archipelago.

Funchal, Madeira

Funchal Capital

Madeira's capital, Funchal, is located in the sunny south of this beautiful island.

The best way to explore the capital is on foot, but visitors can also take advantage of reliable bus services and plentiful taxis. At the Old Blandy Wine Lodge, you can learn about the history and process of making Madeira wine.
Visit the nearby Baltazar Dias concert hall to see a local play or performance.

Avenida do Mar, Funchal

The Madeira Flower Festival will be held from October 1 to 24, 2021

Funchal comes alive during the Flower Festival, a magical time of year with a parade of flower-covered floats filling the air with perfume and the streets with color.
On Saturday, October 2nd, there will be a Children's Parade to the "Wall of Hope," a walk to the town square (Praça do Municpio) where thousands of children will build a flower wall. The Allegoric Parade takes place along Avenida do Mar on Sunday, October 3rd.
Floral Carpets and the traditional Flower Exhibition can be seen along Avenida Arriaga, and the flower exhibit/contest grown by local farmers can be found in Praça do Povo, all of which are followed by great entertainment, food, and drink.

Madeira Flower Festivities 2020

Madeira Flower Exhibit 2020

Christmas and New Year's Eve on Madeira Island

If you're thinking about visiting Madeira Island for Christmas or New Year, keep in mind that this is the peak season in Madeira, so planning ahead is essential.

Madeira celebrates the Christmas season to the fullest, beginning on December 1st with the illumination of the Christmas lights all around Funchal, followed by the traditional religious event Childbirth Mass (Missa do Parto) celebrated throughout the island (from 6:00 a.m. on the 16th and ending at sunrise on the 24th). The famous Funchal Market Night (Mercado dos Lavradores) on the 23rd attracts thousands of locals and tourists, including Avenida Arriaga with its traditional Christmas market stalls (Mercado de Natal) food and drink, tropical fruits, flowers, and the nativity scene.

The arrival of the New Year is one of Madeira's most spectacular celebrations, earning the title of "Greatest Fireworks Show in the World" by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 and 2007. This distinction was held by Madeira until 2012.

Madeira's New Year's Eve celebrations begin on December 30, and the streets of Funchal are alive with the sounds of philharmonic bands and Christmas choirs.
On New Year's Eve, the remaining cruise ships dock in Funchal Bay, and many locals and tourists choose for luxury hotels, cruise ships, or restaurants to celebrate.
The countdown begins one minute before midnight, followed by a stunning fireworks display.
After the show, people flock to Funchal to the Poncha stalls along Avenida Arriaga, bars, and nightclubs, where they party and dance until dawn.

Happy New Year 2020 Madeira

Madeira all year round Events and Festivities

Sunny Madeira comes alive with colour and festivities throughout the year, including Carnival celebrations, the famous Flower Festival, the time-honoured Wine Festival and magnificent end-of-year fireworks.

January/Janeiro - Happy New Year/Feliz Ano Novo
1st - Madeira Plunge (Lido/Ponta Gorda)
5th - Singing of the Kings/Cantar os Reis
15th - “Santo Amaro” Festival – Santa Cruz
Funchal Marathon/Maratona
Panelo Festival - Seixal

14th - Happy Valentines day/Feliz dia dos Namorados
Festa dos Compadres
Madeira Carnival/Carnaval

Porto Santo Nature Trail
Cherimoya Fruit Festival/Festa da Anona - Faial, Santana

Regional Sugar Cane Fair/Mostra da Cana de Açúcar - Ponta do Sol
Fica na Cidade - Funchal (City Music Festival)
Rum Festival/Festa do Rum
Madeira Ultra Trail (MIUT 2020)
Lemon Festival/Festa do Limão - Ilha, Santana

Maktub Soundsgood – Paul do Mar
Enduro World Series Madeira
Onion Festival/Festa da Cebola – Caniço
International Museum Day/Dia Internacional dos Museus
Ultra Skyrunning Madeira
Madeira Classic Car Revival – Praça do Povo

Medieval Market/Mercado Quinhentista – Machico
Regional Arts Week/Semana Regional das Artes – Funchal
Atlantic Festival- Fireworks Contest/Festival do Atlântico
Cherry Festival/Festa da Cereja
12-29 - Festival of the Popular Saints/Festas dos Santos Populares

1st - Madeira Day/Dia da Madeira
4th - Madeira Big Game Fishing/Campeonato de Pesca Grossa da Madeira
24 hours Dancing Folklore Festival/24 Horas a Bailar – Santana
Funchal Jazz Festival – Parque de Santa Catarina
Limpet Festival/Festa da Lapa – Paul do Mar
Banana Exhibit/Mostra Regional da Banana – Madalena do Mar
Porto da Cruz Trail Natura – Porto da Cruz
Machico Gastronomic Fair/Feira Gastronómica de Machico

Madeira Wine Rally/Rali Vinho da Madeira
Art Camacha
14-15 - Monte Festival/Arraial do Monte
Semana Gastronómica do Caniço
21 - Funchal City Day/Dia da Cidade do Funchal
São Vicente Festival/Festas do Concelho de São Vicente
Feast of Jesus and the Holy Sacrament/Festa do Bom Jesus – Ponta Delgada

Wine Harvest Festiva/Festa das Vindimas – Porto Santo
Magnólia Sunset and Summer Sounds – Quinta Magnólia
12-13 - Festival of Our Lady of Mercy/Festa de Nossa Senhora da Piedade – Caniçal
Volta à Madeira Classic Rally
Passion Fruit Show – Ribeira Brava
Apple Festival/Festa do Pêro – Ponta do Pargo
23-27 - Columbus Festival – Porto Santo
22-26 - Trans Madeira (Enduro)
27 - World Tourism Day/Dia Mundial do Turismo – Funchal
Madeira Uphill 2000
Mountain Bike Madeira Meeting

1st to 24th - Madeira Flower Festivities (Children's 'Wall of Hope' 2nd Oct and Flower Parade 3rd Oct)/Madeira Festa da Flor (Muro da Esperança dia 2 e Cortejo Principal dia 3)
1st to 24th - Madeira Wine Festival/Festa do Vinho da Madeira
Apple Festival/Festa da Maçã - Camacha
Ultra Madeira
5-10 - Nature Festival
8-9 - Lord of Miracles Festival/Festa do Senhor dos Milagres - Machico
Madeira Bike Tour
Sea and Fisherman's Fair/Feira do Mar e do Pescador
Madeira Film Festival
Funchal Eco Trail
Expo Madeira
31 Oct - 1 Nov - Chestnut Festival/Festa da Castanha – Curral das Freiras
31st - Happy Halloween

Madeira Piano Fest
Sandokan Enduro – Calheta
11 - Saint Martin Festivities/Festa de São Martinho
Book Fair/Feira do Livro – Funchal
Funchal International Film Festival/Festival Internacional de Cinema do Funchal
Porto Santo Half and Mini Marathon
Music in The Chapels Concert/Música nas capelas – Ponta de Sol

1 December to 9th January - Christmas Celebrations & New Year’s Festivities/Festa de Natal e Ano Novo
1st Dec to 9th Jan - Christmas lights/Luzes de Natal na Madeira
Madeira Dig Festival
MaXi Race Madeira – São Vicente
Madeira Piano Fest
ADN RACE – Ponta do Sol
16-24 - Christmas Childbirth Mass/Celebrações de Natal "Missa do Parto"
23rd - Christmas Market Night/Noite do Mercado – Funchal
28th - São Silvestre Race "Around the City of Funchal"/Corrida de São Silvestre "Volta à Cidade do Funchal"
31st Dec to 1st Jan - Madeira New Year’s Eve/Festival Pirotécnico de Ano Novo

Lido Promenade to Praia Formosa

A leisurely stroll along the oceanfront promenade will provide you with plenty to enjoy, such as the popular saltwater pools at Lido, Ponta Gorda, and Doca do Cavacas, numerous pavement cafés and restaurants, breathtaking views, and the occasional paragliding enthusiast flying along the coast. The promenade ends at Praia Formosa (one of the most well-known beaches in Madeira), after walking through a tunnel carved in the rocks with natural windows to the sea; a fantastic sight!

Ponta da Cruz, Funchal Madeira

Lido Promenade, Funchal, Madeira

PR22 Chão dos Louros Hiking Trail, São Vicente, Madeira

Madeira Levada Waking

Visitors will be fascinated by the stunning landscapes of Madeira's green heart, which are known for some of the best walking paths in the world.

Levada do Caniçal, Madeira

Madeira Paragliding at Praia Formosa 21st May Madeira 2020

Avenida Arriaga Funchal, Madeira - March 10th 2020

Mercado dos Lavradores - City Market Funchal, Madeira 17th Dec 2018

Photo of the day


Madeira Poncha 21st March 2020

Barreirinha, Funchal, Madeira

Ribeira Brava, Madeira

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