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Madeira Island, Portugal Welcomes Digital Nomads to the Village of Ponta Do Sol

Gabriel lives with her family on the Island of Madeira, where a warm climate provides the perfect environment to enjoy the outdoor life.

Madeira Island Welcomes Digital Nomads to The New Nomad Village of Ponta do Sol, February 2021

Madeira Digital Nomads is a new master plan developed by the Regional Government of Madeira. Startup Madeira aims to welcome Digital Nomads from all over the globe to work from the Island. The idea behind this unique project is to create the perfect environment for those that travel the world, to work remotely from the sun kissed village of Ponta do Sol.

Ponta do Sol, meaning point of the sun is a charming sun-drenched village nestled in a small valley surrounded by volcanic rock. Located right on the seafront, this pretty village has much to offer. Surrounded by natural beauty, with easy access to the sea and numerous quaint bars to enjoy a cool drink, it represents the ideal holiday spot. And now thanks to Startup Madeira and the creation of The Nomad Village, Ponta do Sol is the perfect place to work from. A warm, sunny and safe environment with free internet and wi-fi is a honey pot for Digital Nomads to feast upon. From February to July, the village is expected to deliver a constructive impact on the local economy and benefit village enterprises, with the influx of global workers coming to Madeira.

The village has provided a voluptuous working area both inside and outside in the heart of the village, complete with open skies and sea views. Centro Cultural John dos Passos is a place of passion, well known for theatre, music and dance. Enveloped in culture, cafés and bars; it is the hub of the village.

The ultimate office, offers work space inside with free use of tables, chairs, energy plugs and desk tops. The outside space also offers tables and chairs; an inviting tranquil area to mingle with fellow nomads or simply relish the joy of being outdoors in the fresh air. Digital Nomads can work confidently with a free strong wi-fi: 500mb (Download) and 300mb (Upload) between the hours of 8.30am-18.00pm. Numbers are limited to conform with safety legislation and guidelines are in place to ensure everyone’s safety, including daily temperature checks, social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks.

When Digital Nomads put down their keyboards for a day off, there is much to entertain them. There are numerous exciting activities to enjoy including deep sea diving, paragliding, rock climbing, caving, sailing, hiking and for those that really want a thrill - why not base jump of a cliff. Less adventurous pursuits are also readily available, the most popular include: typical wine tasting, exploring the cosmopolitan city of Funchal, a walk along one of the many levadas, visiting the farmers markets, swimming in the open sea or in the famous rock pools of Porto Moniz and boat trips to see dolphins and wales or visit one of the sister Islands. Exploring the Island is a must for anyone who visits Madeira. Local dishes and traditional drinks are also fun to try. The Madeiran culture is contagious and the people are engaging, inviting and friendly. The sunny village of Ponta do Sol provides the perfect place for nomads to work and the lush diverse surroundings of Madeira provide the perfect place for nomads to play…

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If you’re a keyboard colleague why not grab your laptop, throw your shorts, swimsuit and sunglasses into a suitcase and get a flight to Madeira. Oh! and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Digital Nomad Village Up-date 2022

Ponta do Sol not only welcomed Digital Nomads to Madeira in 2021 but contuines to welcome keyboard workers to the Island in 2022. It seems an open air office with a sky blue ceiling is just too good an offer to turn down. Local holiday rental businesses have also rallied together to offer longer stays at better prices. Indeed many of our new keyboard friends are happy to share accommodation and split their costs. While car hire is expensive the option to hire a scooter is now available in the village as well as electric bikes. Snack bars and small restaurants offer attractive lunch offers: Plate-of-the-Day which is simply the daily special averages 8.00€ including drinks, while a large bowl of healthy soup will set you back an average 3.00€ of course like many Digital Nomads you can pop up the street to the local Amanecer Supermercado and buy your lunch for a couple of euros.

The Digital Nomad Village of Ponta do Sol has certainly been a success, judging by the numerous bare feet travellers swanning about the cobbled village streets heading for their morning coffee. One might indeed wonder where this will all end but it's possible their carbon footprint at least for now is perhaps a friendlier one albeit a naked one...

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