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A Review of DRiiBE's Multi Shirt with Patches and Expandable Backpack (Clothes for Traveling)

Andrea is a dating consultant who gives people advice on relationships and couple stuff. She's also a fan of traveling the world.

Travel gear that's comfortable and meant to last will help take out some of your worries when jumping into cars, hopping on trains, and catching buses.

Travel gear that's comfortable and meant to last will help take out some of your worries when jumping into cars, hopping on trains, and catching buses.

Sustainable Travel Wear for Long Distance Couples

If I were to suggest these clothes to anyone, it would be to those who are in a long distance relationship. The clothes and gear take out some of the issues you encounter when traveling constantly.

Half the trouble of being in an LDR is packing for weekend trips and visits. It can get cumbersome to travel to a completely different climate or terrain, but having the right clothes can make life easier.

I've tried out a few products from different companies, and I do like what DRiiBE has to offer. I'll give you a rundown of their products, what goes into making them, and why I think they work.

Traveling Smart

It's a good idea to pack clothes that you can re-wear or can be used for multiple purposes. You also need a backpack or luggage that can accommodate your clothes, laptop, snacks, and other essentials. For those in an LDR, even if you have a toothbrush at your partner's house, it's a good idea to carry one just in case you get stranded.

I think DRiiBE is a smart option if you're in the mood to buy travel clothes (or upgrade what you have). The company specializes in sustainable travel wear for adults. The company sells convertible bags and clothing. The items are versatile, gender-neutral, and stylish.

DRiiBE has products for:

  • Strolling downtown to shop and dine.
  • Daypacks for a busy workday or afternoon.
  • Travel backpacks for long trips and hikes.

High Quality Clothing and Bags

My family and I sampled clothes from DRiiBE, and we recommend them.

  • The shirt is high in price, but it's multifaceted and meant to last for a long time. The high price tag is for the quality.
  • The backpack is one of the nicer backpacks I've ever come across. It's perfect for travel: it's lightweight, slim, spacious, and has multiple pockets. I'm a sucker for pockets, so this bag is a dream come true.

The products are designed to be adaptable. You can adjust them throughout the day as you carry more stuff or as the afternoon sun makes you sweat.

I find the products are meant to streamline how much you carry, and they're durable. You don't have to worry about sudden rips, tears, and holes. Instead, you can focus on traveling and enjoying your day.

Would I Recommend DRiiBE as a Gift?

I think it would be romantic to receive travel gear from my partner. Gifts like these are especially appropriate for long distance couples or those who love to go out into the wilderness.

If I was in an LDR, I would feel appreciated if I received one of the bags, especially if I was getting an upgrade. If you're planning to get something like this for Valentine's Day, I recommend complementing it with flowers, chocolates, and cutesy cards.

Let's say you're a parent and your kid is about to go to college—a DRiiBE backpack would be an appropriate gift. It's ergonomic, so you don't have to worry that your kid is destroying their back by carrying around books and supplies.


The MULTI Shirt looks like something from the future. The shirt size in the pictures is medium. The sizes currently are S, M, L, and XL.

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Cost: $84

There are shirt options for men and women; it's a unisex shirt. The fit runs long. The material is soft and well-structured. It's not too thin or too thick; the material is just right. It won't fray or unravel with ease. It's 100% cotton and machine washable. You're supposed to wash the shirt and patches separately, not as one unit.

My favorite part of the shirt is that you can change out the patches to get a new look. The patch area also provides ventilation. This is perfect if you're traveling long distances and in varied climates. You can change the patches to fit different occasions.

The double chest layer absorbs sweat; it prevents sweat from showing up on the surface. You can also shorten the shirt by not using a patch and zipping the two zippers together. It might look a little funky to some people.

Why I Like This Shirt for Long Distance Couples

You don't have to carry as many outfits with you when you travel. You can simply change out the patch. The shirt also works well as a pajama top. It's spacious enough that if you eat a big meal or drink a lot of water you don't have to worry about looking bloated.

The shirt is unisex, so you and your partner could exchange it. It's a no fuss, no worries garment. It's comfortable, so you can stay relaxed when you're traveling to see your partner or when the two of you decide to venture out and explore some trails.

The shirt is designed to keep you cool. The ventilation system is designed to help you cope with temperature changes as things get hotter from the morning to the afternoon. The shirt's designed to let heat escape and usher fresh air in.

Another perk: if you love taking pictures while you're traveling, the different patches can help make it seem like you have more clothes than you actually brought.

CITYC Laptop Backpack Golden Beige

When traveling, you need a bag that's multi-functional. This backpack has multiple features. I think it's perfect for wandering around campus, a long day of work, a weekend of leisure, or traveling to see your boyfriend.

Cost: $135

The backpack is slim and light. It's beautifully produced and sophisticated. It fits comfortably on my shoulders. It has an expandable bottom for more space (25% more space). It's big enough to carry a laptop (15.6").

There is also space to hang a jacket or yoga mat. You don't have to worry about stopping and unzipping the whole bag to put away your extra layers.

It has eight pockets. Eight! You can hide your credit cards, passport, and wallet with ease. There is plenty of space for make-up, hygiene products, and a couple of outfits. There are also designated spots for a water bottle and sunglasses.

The shoulder straps are padded and meant to support good posture—so no aches and pains. It also has a strap to attach easily to rolling luggage. It's water repellent and machine washable.

This bag is perfect if you frequently have to hop planes and trains to get to a loved one. It's also a perfect Valentine's Day gift if you're in an LDR and want to show your partner you appreciate their efforts to get to you. If I didn't have it already, I would be nudging my partner to buy me one.

A Trip to Australia

Why do these products exist? According to the creators, the clothes came into fruition after a trip didn't go smoothly...

After traveling from Switzerland to Sydney, Australia, the people behind DRiiBE wanted better travel gear for long flights, sleeping on planes, and running from one stop to the next. I can understand why a company would want to alleviate travel stress. I have spent long weekends overseas catching flights and having to change layers as I went from airport to airport.

I know that there are numerous inconveniences you run into while traveling. You've got to pull out items quickly and deal with changing temperatures. I think DRiiBE's bags are designed to simplify those issues.

To me, DRiiBE's products are like what smartphones did to other appliances. Now you don't have to run around with a calculator, compass, calendar, watch, odometer, and map: you have it all in one item.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

DRiiBE claims to be selective in the materials it uses for its products. Clothes and accessories that use more sustainable materials go through stringent certification processes. This guarantees fabrics are organic or recycled.


The company relies on GRS, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certifications. So what are those standards?

  • GRS: The Global Recycle Standard. It is an international certification for recycled fabrics. Third-party controllers check the percentage of recycled materials, traceability, use of chemicals, and compliance with natural environments. Everything about the fabric's production process is systematically evaluated.
  • GOTS: A third-party certification that guarantees fabric contains at least 70% natural fibers from organic farming.
  • OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: The product has been tested for human health purposes. It guarantees the substances used in the fabrics aren't harmful to you. The certification is very stringent; it limits values at higher rates than many national and international laws.


DRiiBE uses high-quality cotton for its clothes and bags. Organic cotton is gentle, breathable, non-static, and stronger than traditional cotton. It's grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

Lyocell is made from wood pulp. Most of the chemicals used in the process are recycled. Lyocell is biodegradable. It absorbs 50% more water than cotton.

Recycled nylon still has the properties of first-use nylon: water resistance, no shrinkage, dries quickly, and holds its shape for a long time. Recycled nylon comes from waste materials, like fishing nets. It can be recycled multiple times.

Recycled polyester saves 90% of water, 85% of energy, and cuts carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions by 50-65%.

Vegan leather with a bonus: no solvents, no DMF, reduced energy consumption, and no exhaust fumes in the manufacturing process. It's resistant to scratches, dents, and solvents.

Purchases Support Victims of Domestic Violence

The company wants the world to be a safer place to travel, so when you buy from DRiiBE, your purchases support victims of domestic violence. The company claims a portion of the proceeds go to shelters and organizations to counter abuse.

Money goes toward:

  • Emergency kits: food, blankets, soap, socks, towels, hygiene products, etc.
  • Boarding for victims.
  • Education and training for victims.

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