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Great Web Links for RV Owners Who Are Going on the Road.

Don has been an avid traveler and motorhome owner for most of his life. He shares his experiences along with valuable tips for RV owners.

Some Campgrounds really are a piece of Paradise

When you are looking for a campground to spend some of your time as you travel around the country, there are some fantastic campgrounds like this one just waiting for you.

When you are looking for a campground to spend some of your time as you travel around the country, there are some fantastic campgrounds like this one just waiting for you.

RV owners actually live in a unique world and they often need unique and helpful information as they travel around the country. This document provides links to numerous popular sites on the web where they can find the help they need. You will find a wide variety of links with information on;

  • Campgrounds,
  • Camping clubs,
  • State campgrounds,
  • Federal campgrounds,
  • Campground Mememberships
  • Camping resorts
  • and much more.

This article is designed to be a quick reference for the owner of RV's, MotorHomes, Coaches, Campers, fifth-wheelers and even Tenters; all of whom can find some of these sites valuable in their travels

They are grouped into categories and you can simply click on the Link to go directly to that specific site.

I use these sites and links myself, and I have had no problem with any of them.

But, If for any reason, you find that one of them gives you a problem, of any kind, please let me know via the Comment box and I will, of course, delete it from this document.

Thanks, and I hope you will find this Hub useful as you travel around this great country of ours.

The Healing Effects of Camping

Spending a week in my RV in a great campground can heal a lot of the worries of the daily grind.

— Don Bobbitt

Affiliated Campground Search Companies

This page includes links to sites that can be very helpful in your search for good campgrounds.

They can include combinations of Federal, State and/or Private Campgrounds.


First let me say that this is one of my favorite campground search sites. It's well organized and easy to use.

And, you should know that almost every state in the country uses Reserve America to manage their State Park campsites, so it's a good and low-cost membership to have.

As I mentioned, the site provides; general information and directions to, many Federal, State and Private Campgrounds across the US. It has been very useful to me, if for no other reason than because it is a good cross-reference for additional data when researching and comparing campgrounds.

Another great thing that they do well is provide a map of the sites for each campground, and it's facilities,with the rented/unrented sites shown for the period you might want to rent.

But, because these are relatively low-cost places to camp, you should be aware that, if you do want to make a reservation, you will need to make it well ahead of time, often as early as several months or or more.


This site includes quite a few private campgrounds sprinkled around the US.

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You can search by State and proximity to a specific City/Town. It also provides access to each campground's web site, if there is one, along with contact information, along with maps and directions.

Camping.Com is yet another web site to use when searching for a nice campground.

The site also provides a variety of useful data on camping, camping equipment, recommended campgrounds and services by selected vendors.

It's a "growing site" so it is a little short of some data. Hopefully ,it will grow into something more useful over time.

FreeCampgrounds for RVs:

This site is interesting in that it provides information for RV campers where they can camp for free, or a minimal fee, usually less than $10 a night. There are more of these sites in the central and western parts of the US with very few in the Eastern part.

It is designed for the RVer who just needs to stop for a night and rest before they move on. An Interesting concept, but I have not actually tried it yet.

Military Campgrounds

This site is run by a private citizen who has collected a number of campsites that give discounts to Veterans and also some information of US bases with campsites for veterans.

AlWAYS ASK! A lot of campgrounds will give at least some kind of discount to Veterans, you just have to ask. It might be only 10%, but often they will throw in a free day.

Membership Clubs for RVers

Along with everything else, there are a number of campground membership clubs designed specifically for certain RV campers.

They offer a wide range of services, and many are affiliated with each other. So here are some of my favorite ones.


This club is an old established RVers club started and run by RVers. They provide services and campground discounts for its members.

They have local chapters, and try to provide a full spectrum of support services for their members.


Family Motor Coach Association is a nice national organization specifically for motorhome owners only.

They have chapters of motorhome owners in every state, and some members are just people that enjoy getting together, camping, and going to Rallies, while some are special clubs oriented to certain types of travel and camping locations around the US.

They do provide services such as; insurance coverages, numerous rallies, travel tips, campground discounts, and other RV related services for their members.


This site is for GoodSam members, and tries to provide everything that an RVer might want, or even dream of, in one place.

It does a pretty good job, in spite of itself, and has a very large national membership, including myself, of course.

GoodSam's services include; RV Insurance, Road Hazard Insurance, other insurances, members Blogs, members picture viewing, a members store chain called Camping World, RV tips and service information, general RV recall information, traveling tools, access to forums, personal member clubs, Campground discounts (normally 10%), and free email, just to name a few.

They also provide support in selling your RV, information on some campgrounds, and so on. But the Forums, in my opinion is the truly valuable part of


THis RV camping club is for African Americans who love camping and traveling together, and is called the National African American RV Association.

They provide services, rallies, and camping information for African Americans.

Thousand Trails:

Thousand Trails is a well established RV Resort membership company, now owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties. There is a complex relationship between the different companies, and the rates for membership can be confusing to say the least.

I have been a member for over a dozen years and I love their campgrounds, and I use it as many times as possible, each year.

But, be warned, if you are looking to purchase a membership, do your homework, to get the most for your money from this company, as with most of the other companies.

They have many different memberships, both old and new, that you can purchase. Some memberships they sell, and some you can buy from an existing member, or a re-sell company. If you purchase an existing membership and pay to have their membership transferred to you, you need to get the member's contract number, and check with TT to see what the new contract rules and restrictions will be, along with the actual transfer costs.

Encore RV Resorts - RVandGo,

Encore (also referred to as RVandGo is a large company that owns several hundred campgrounds situated in 27 states. They are typically very nice campgrounds with nice amenities, and they do try to keep their facilities in good condition for their member campers.

A member can get discounted pricing on their reservations of as much as 20%. Discounts are not as plentiful during their "peak" season though.

Encore and Thousand Trails are owned by Equity Properties and you will see many campgrounds with a sign that includes both names.

Most Encore campgrounds can be rented at a discounted price by Thousand Trails members The problem is that often, ENCORE may have reserved only a few sites for TT members to use with their discounted pricing. This is often a problem for TT members during peak seasons.

Other Membership Clubs:

There are numerous other membership clubs for RVers, some clubs include dozens of Campgrounds across the country, while others might be for only one specific campground.

Some of these memberships are transferable, or re-sellable, while others are not. So, before you buy into anything, be comfortable that their campgrounds, their pricing, and their rules fit your camping lifestyle. Some of these memberships can have significant price tags.

Passport America

This membership club lists almost two thousand campgrounds which are located all around the US. This club offers you 50% off of the campgrounds regular price.

But, here are a few details you need to understand;

  • Typically, these campgrounds use Passport America discounts because they get more customers during their "off Season" periods of the year.
  • Normally a campground's discount is effective for only one or two days.
  • Some campgrounds offer this discount only if you stay longer than the 2 or 3 days they offer their discount on.
  • Many time the discounts are only available on; weekdays, or in non-peak season days.
  • Some campgrounds only offer this discount on certain sites.

The main reason a Passport America membership is so popular is that it is great to use on a longer trip and you only want to stay at a campground for one or two days to rest up before you continue your trip.

Happy Camper Club -

This is another membership club similar to Passport America, offering a discount of up to 50% on certain campgrounds (over 1200 to date).

KOA Kampgrounds -

KOA owns or sub-contracts almost 500 campgrounds around the US. Their campground standards for cleanliness, functionality and amenities makes them a popular place to stop when you are looking for a place to camp whether on a vacation or just traveling through the area.

A KOA membership gives the user a 10% discount, which isn't very much, but they are often located exactly where you need to stay. I recommend that you join KOA, if you have a planned trip where you will use them more than once. Once a member, you are in their computer system, so I rarely renew my membership until I need to make another trip where they are convenient.

Camping for Dummies book

Parts and Accessories for RVers

The sites listed here are popular for ordering Parts and Accessories for your RV.

Camping World:

This is one of the largest stores for Camping Accessories in the country. It is a two-price store, with one "regular" price, and one discounted price for members. They have stores around the country, that can provide service on RV's, as well as retail sales.

They are also affiliated with GoodSam Club. They sell insurance, used RVs, and other Camping related items.


RV Wholesalers is a nice source of parts and accessories for RVers.


Amazon lists a lot of RV parts that they stock as well as hundreds of RV parts sold on Amazon by smaller RV parts stores. Always check Amazon if there is no big chain store near you,

Small RV Parts Stores -

Also, if you have access to the web, you can always search for local RV parts stores. There are hundreds of them sprinkled around the country and they just might have that part you need.

LED Floodlight Headlamp

Reference Documents and Sites for RVers to SELL and BUY RVs

Here are some sites for Books and Magazines and other documents useful to an RVer.

RV Bookstore :

This is a very good site that lists a lot of different and often interesting reference books and documents, pretty much all of which are related to world of RVs and Camping.


RVLivin is a very nice site that provides useful information to International RVers, including Forums, RV Tips, and other information.


This site is free, and does require that you have an email address and join their "club".

I think one of the most useful services they provide is a Forum system where members can ask questions on almost anything to do with RV's and campers from the most mundane to some very technical and complicated.

Their search engine works adequately when you need quick access to data on RVs, and the forums are a source of sometimes vital information.

They are affiliated with GoodSam Club and can be accessed from their site.


RVT is a good site designed specifically for buying a used RV, and for selling your RV if you need to, for a reasonable fee.


NATIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (NATMLS) is a large and professional site for listing your RV or for starting your search for an RV. The large volume of listings will give you some good comparison pricing.


This site is a good one for buying a Camper or RV, and for selling your RV, again for a fee.


RVUSA is another site where you can search for an RV or sell an RV. It usually has enough RV's listed that you can find at least one in all of the states. Their site is user friendly and provides links to certain other popular RV owner resources.

State Travel Bureaus, Numbers and other Stuff

Often, when you are planning a trip with your RV, you want more information on campsites, campgrounds, state parks, road regulations, etc.

Here are some links to official state travel bureaus, that I passed through in the past.

Another little trick to use is to try to type the following format for any state. I have found that so many states have adopted this as a standard format for access to their information.

Try using 'www.visit[stateinitials]'.com and insert the two letters for the state you are interested in where I show [stateinitials].

Be aware though that often this might be the main site for access to that particular states government information, and you may end up bouncing around on their site a while before you get to the information that you want.

I used all of these, at one time or another, as far as I can remember. I would look these up at times, when I was searching for more information on a state, and kept them written down in an old notepad. Putting them here in a table makes them more convenient for the future.

PS. OLD DATA: Some of these references are kind of old, and may have possibly been changed over times by the state.

If you find this to be true, or have additional information from other states, please send me a comment with the change or additional information. Thanks.

State Travel Bureaus

StateLinkOther Info























New Mexico


North Carolina




South Carolina










Washington State


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on May 14, 2018:

Good Luck in your travels.


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Hi Don,

Thanks for creating this resource. Just starting retirement and RVing. This will most certainly be our go to list.

Thanks again,

Bonnie in Canada

Padoola on July 27, 2017:

Hi! Great list you have - thanks so much for creating it. Just noticed one thing: check the spelling of Colorado in the state bureau table.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on November 02, 2012:

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Stephanie Henkel from USA on November 02, 2012:

You've put together a wonderful list of resources for RVers! Great research and well worth a bookmark. Voted up and tweeted!

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on September 08, 2011:

Sirrot, I am glad that you like it, If any of the Links don't work, then drop me an email, andI will find the new link and update my listing. This happens over time, it seems,as companies and governments grow and change departments. Thanks again for the read.

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