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Ladies hostels in Kakkanad, Near Infopark : a review

Ladies Hostels in Kakkanad

Recently my sister got a transfer to Infopark, Kakkanad and we were in search of Ladies hostels out there. We are actually Trivandrum based and Since we are not familiar with the Kakkanad and related areas in Kochi/ Ernakulam, it was really a tedious task to find a good place for my sister to stay. Hence I thought, I can share my experience in search of the hostel, so that it may be useful for others.

Though we had many suggestions and help from other friends over there at Ernakulam, we need to check the transportation and other facilities like food etc, hence we our self, collected a list of ladies hostels over there from the internet and set out to check the facilities and transportation from there to Infopark.

Ladies Hostel

Ladies Hostel

Ladies Hostel

Again we got some more from Google search & from our friends

  1. Amma Hostel [] 1.5 Km from infopark
  2. Sweet Homes /Guardian Angels around 3 km from infopark
  3. Sreekaasi ladies Hostel [] around 6.3 km from infopark

The list of ladies hostels selected as per Google map was as below

  1. JMR Ladies Hostel Kakkanad, Kakkanadu, KL 2.4 km from Infopark [Tel: +91-484-404
    2727, +919497018955]
  2. Assumption Ladies Hostel Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad, KL 682039 1.3 km from infopark
  3. Maria Sadan Ladies Hostel Thuthiyoor, Chittethukara, KL 682037 2.2 km from infopark
  4. Rajagiri Ladies Hostel Kakkanad, Ernakulam, KL 682030 2.2 km from infopark
  5. AISWARYA WORKING WOMENS HOSTEL, NEAR VYASA VIDYALAYA school,palachuvadu,kakkanad.p.o,kochi-30, Ernakulam, KL 682030 3.8 km from infopark
  6. Aashiyana Working Womens Hostel Near Civilstation, Kakkanad, Ernakulam, KL 682030 2.7 km from infopark
  7. Alphonsa Ladies Hostel No 376, Minarva Building, Near Infopark, Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad, Ernakulam, KL 682030 1.4 km from infopark [+91 8547948562, +91 9895242568] , there was a saying from Auto drivers that this hostel is not good for ladies.
  8. Ladies Paying Guest Vyttila Maplachery Rd, Vyttila, Kochi, KL 682019 7.1 km from infopark
  9. Ladies Hostel S Janatha Rd, Palarivattom, Ernakulam, KL 7.1 km from infopark

Google Search of Ladies Hostel

ladies hostel (Google Map) in kakkanad Kochi

ladies hostel (Google Map) in kakkanad Kochi

Aashiyana Working Womens Hostel Near Civilstation

From the research , Aashiyana Working Womens Hostel Near Civilstation was the best known hostel, but there were no vacancy. We need to book rooms prior.

Sreekaasi Ladies Hostel, Kakkanad near infopark

Based on the research and all, we started visiting some of the hostels. The first one was Sreekaasi as it had too much of advertisements in the internet. The bed over there was thin like a bed sheet and very small for a person to lie down and another option was a big bed, and two has to share it. And there was a bad smell near the hostel, which forced us to get out. Then we went to Assumption Ladies Hostel, it was very much of a long distance and transportation seemed to be a mess, the route was not good for ladies to walk during the night.

Friend’s Women’s hostel

Later we headed to friends hostel and it was at the back side of Infopark, and transportation was really a question as it was lonely residential area. The owner promised to get a share auto in the morning. The set up of the hostel was awesome. There was intercom facility, right from the gate. The owner was staying ground floor, with family and hostel was by the side of the house. There is a swipe in swipe outdoor, which promised that intruders are not able to enter other than anybody opens the door from inside.

It was a 4 storied building I think; there were AC/ Non AC rooms, Intercom in every room. Inverters were there for continuous power supply. A common dining area, attached and non attached rooms were there. The rent was a bit higher when compared to others. There were Jim equipments in corridors of each floor. Two ladies are there to make food; that too with NON-VEG thrice in a week. Since transportation was an issue, we had to move out for another option.

Ladies Hostels in Kakkanad

Amma Hostel, at Lavanya Residence Nagar

Later we headed to Amma Hostel, at Lavanya Nagar. The hostel can be reached via a sharp slope from the Road, and there was still construction works going on. Facilities were medium and acceptable, but then the slope and transportation was a question, though the owner assured for immediate bus stop and auto.

Sweet Homes In & Guardian Angels

Then finally we headed to Sweet Homes In and from there to their other branch –Guardian Angels; this was Near Mather Castle, Kakkanad, opposite to Indus Motors Kakkanad. We headed towards the rooms, the rooms was very neat, with verified tiled floor. It was constructed recently and was maintained well. We got a three sharing room, in Rs 4500/- including food & electricity charges. Advance was Rs 2000/- , in which 1000 is refundable. You need to submit your ID card and photo,before staying there.

The rooms are having good locking system and there is centralized switch for each room to off the lights from outside. You will be provided with Bed and a locker. You need to buy a lock, and also a pillow if needed. Also if bucket is needed, you can purchase it from the warden, as they have the sales for essential items for ladies out there in the hostel itself. In corridor of each floor, there is Iron box and Ironing table provided and anybody can use it without any extra charge.

There is common area to wash clothes and dry in the terrace, with lines of Taps and all time water facility. Food was good and typical Kerala food.There will be NON-VEG, thrice a week. My sister was staying at Chennai, for last 2 years and Chennai food was really an issue for her and now she does consider the food as a boon.

One difficulty she is facing is that, you can have lights on, only till 10:30pm; if you need to study, you can come and be in the common room. And also in the evening, there are no sufficient street lights available, though their hostel is by the side on Main Road, so it is better to have a torch with you.

Sweet Homes In & Guardian Angels - RECENT REVIEW (on 20-Oct-2014)

Both sweet homes and Guardian angels are managed by a business man and his wife. The inmates are good. But mostly the complaints are not attended, immediately.

Around one year passed, My sister is still there at this hostel. At the hostel, when times she comes late, due to work, she will be left with no food. This was miserable. Also the quantity of food that was given was also like that in Ration Shop.

Later she had difficulty in parking her motorbike at Guardian angels and they forced her to change to their other hostel Sweet Homes. There was a steep road at the Sweet Homes and she had to give more fees, than she gave at Guardian angels, and the room was really suffocating..

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The food at Guardian angels was better, but at Sweet Homes, it is not that good. The Guardian angels was new with very good ambiance, but Sweet Homes, is an old one , specially for working women's. Guardian angels was intended for students and that's why there was restrictions.

Due to all these issues, now she is looking for a change, mostly with her friends to a flat. Now there are many flats over there are Ernakulam, rented to working ladies. But you should have a gang, with whom you can share the flat and cook your food yourself. That all depends on the friendship that you have.

Typical bedrooms in hostels

Bed rooms

Bed rooms

Transportation to and from Infopark

Guardian angels is near Civil station Road, if we cross the seaport airport road and head towards right, you can see the Kakkanad Bus stop and the next stop is Thrikkakara bus stop. There is bus to and from Infopark, via these bus stops. Or else other option is, you may get autos, in which you can ask the other passengers at bus stop to share and travel to Infopark, and then you will hardly have to pay around 10 Indian rupees, if there are 4 passengers.

My Sister is working in TCS, Thejomaya, which is the first building next to Infopark, front gate and hence, she can get bus or auto from the front gate itself, as there is auto stand and bus stop, available near the front gate of Infopark.

Thus she is having a secured stay and transportation issues are also solved. Hope this article may help others too. Please share and put comments, if you felt this hub, really useful.

Infopark, kakkanad



Joseph on October 15, 2019:

Looking for 50 plus accommodation for girls, can you suggest a hostel in kakkanad.

JINCY on June 23, 2018:

Excellent article n its really helpful.

Can you suggest and/or add some ladies stay options considering the transportation as well for people workin in infopark phase 2?

NILESH THAKER on March 18, 2017:

It's really helpful but can you update current scenario please ?

Like any new Hostel or accommodation for students ?

DEEPA JOHN (author) from Trivandrum, Kerala,India on October 31, 2016:

Thanks Anjus for the info

HO on September 14, 2016:


We are planning on building a new hostel in the Kakkanad area near CEPZ /seaport -airport road. As a hosteler/guest what would be the top 5 things you would be looking for ? (other than good hygiene, safety, good food, extended check-out/in times).

Would love to hear back from ladies who have stayed in hostels or are currently staying in hostels.


anjuz on August 02, 2016:

I have been staying near Infopark area for past 6 years and stayed in different hostels.I thought of sharing my experience here wherever I stayed..

Ashiyana is a big hostel with too many people.If you are okay with that and looking for good food you can go ahead.(good and tasty food is guarnteed there.)

If you want a peaceful atmosphere you can go for JMR.But it is located at the backside of info park,So if u have own vehicle JMR would be the best option since it is too close to infopark,But bit costly.

A big NO to Amma hostel because of the attitude of the owner.Stayed there for only few days and was so afraid to stay there.The owner is a middle aged person and always enjoys shouting at inmates and warden,I was so scared of that person and shifted after 2 weeks of stay.You wont feel secured there because of that person behaviour.Though he appointed a warden he always enter inside the hostel without even ringing the bell.

Not very sure about sreekasi as i have not stayed there.But i feel it is cheaper and they provide transportaion to info park

K.S.SURESHA on October 29, 2015:

I am also looking for a hostel for my daughter at Kakkanad - your article is very helpful to me

poetryman6969 on April 06, 2015:

I did not know these kinds of things existed. Sounds like a good, safe idea.

Neenu Mathew on December 14, 2014:

Sweet Homes food is good it is one of the best secured place.

gayathri on December 05, 2014:

gud work sis...

dialus on April 18, 2014:

It is good one

DEEPA JOHN from Trivandrum on March 22, 2014:

Hey Deepthi... tcs don't provide any hostel facility... if u come in a batch , try for rented house... anyway.. transportation is a problem... or else choose hostels after a research.. do ask the neighbours and auto people to get a good review...

DeepthiMohan123 on March 21, 2014:

This is surely helpful..I am placed in TCS Kochi but my parents are very doubtful about the safety and hostel facilities available there. My posting would commence in the month of December. Could you suggest whether i should opt for such ladies hostels or take up a room on rent?? Doesn't TCS provide hostels for girls??

DEEPA JOHN (author) from Trivandrum, Kerala,India on October 23, 2013:

Thanks Aviannovice for the warm comment..

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on October 23, 2013:

You certainly did your homework. Great information, which I could well use, if I end up birding in that area. Thanks in advance.

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