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Krakow Piasek and Nowy Swiat Travel Guide 5 Amazing Tips

Philharmonic Hall Krakow Piasek

Philharmonic Hall Krakow Piasek

Philharmonic Hall Krakow Piasek

The Society of Friends of Music, active in Krakow between 1817 and 1884, was the first philharmonic organization in occupied Poland.

The Szymanowski State Philharmonia established itself in Krakow Piasek in 1945. Walery Bierdiajew, Andrzej Panufnik and Krzysztof Penderecki were among the principal conductors.

The famous chamber orchestra, Capella Cracoviensis compliment the orchestra and choir. The hall is in the former Catholic Cultural Institution. Pokutynski and Filipkiewicz built it between 1928 and 1930 in the Neo-Classical style which was popular with Polish architects around 1930.

Address Zwierzyniecka 1, Krakow

Telephone +48 12 422 94 77

Capuchin Church Krakow

Capuchin Church Krakow

Capuchin Church Krakow

The Capuchin friars arrived in Krakow in 1695. They began constructing the church and friary in Krakow Piasek a year later. Carlo Ceroni supervised the work at first and Martino Pellegrini succeeded him later.

The simple interior reflects the strict rule of the Order which espouses extreme poverty.

But the altars feature good paintings. They include The Annunciation by Pietro Dandini, St. Erasmus and St. Cajetan, two 18th century effigies by Lukasz Orlowski and St. Francis of Assisi by Szymon Czechowicz.

A wooden cross in front of the church indicates the tomb of the Confederates of Bar who fell in a rebellion against the Russians in 1768.

Between 1712 and 1719 Kacper Bazanka designed and built an external Loreto Chapel. A cloister links it to the church. It houses a Neo-Classical altar with a miraculous statue of the Madonna of Loreto and a beautiful tabernacle. Every year there's an animated Christmas crib here, featuring historic Polish characters.

Address Loretańska 11, Krakow

Telephone +48 12 422 48 03

Emeryk Hutten Czapski Museum Krakow

Emeryk Hutten Czapski Museum Krakow

Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum

This small palace in the Renaissance Revival Style is from 1884. It's by the architect Antoni Siedek who built it for Hubert Krasinski.

A few years later Emeryk Hutten-Czapski, who moved from the Vilnius area, purchased the property, bringing with him a lovely collection of coins, prints, and manuscripts.

Address Józefa Piłsudskiego 13, Krakow

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Telephone +48 12 433 58 40

Carmelite Church Krakow

Carmelite Church Krakow

Carmelite Church Krakow

According to a legend, Duke Wladyslaw Herman cured his skin disease by rubbing sand on the infected areas. He took the sand from a site indicted by the Virgin Mary.

Because of this, the site got the name Piasek (Sand), and a votive church founded by the duke emerged in 1087. Thus was born the legend of the Madonna of the Sand.

The church was actually founded by Queen Jadwiga in 1395. It was almost destroyed during the Swedish invasion in the 17th century and its remnants became part of the new Baroque church.

Interior of the Carmelite Church

The magnificent high altar, from 1698 and 1699, and decorated with acanthus leaves, is worth noting. The splendid stalls and the balcony with the organ, both by Jan Hankis, are also of interest. An icon of the Madonna of the Sand, painted on the wall, is much venerated.

Address ul. Karmelicka 19, Krakow

Telephone +48 12 632 67 52

Jagiellonian Library Krakow

Jagiellonian Library Krakow

Jagiellonian Library Krakow

For many centuries the venue of the library of the Jagiellonian University was in the Collegium Maius. The new building, constructed between 1931 and 1931, is designed by Waclaw Krzyzanowski. It has impressive modern forms. The interior is spacious and functional.

It's not only the success of the design but also the high quality of craftsmanship and the use of luxurious materials that make this building an outstanding example of Krakow's architecture in the interwar years.

A new wing of the library, designed by Romuald Loegler, appeared in 2001 when the university celebrated the 6th centenary of its re-establishment. The new wing matches the forms of the old building.

Address ul. Oleandry 13, Krakow

Telephone +48 12 633 09 03

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