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50 Must See Green Locations in Kerala, India

Eco Tourism - Natural Wonders of Kerala

Kerala with its pristine natural beauty and enchanting sea shores is one of the gift of God. The most wonderful fact about Kerala is that nature is at its best in all seasons. The wonders of vast rice fields and tea plantations, enthralling waterfalls, charming rivers, beauteous evergreen forests, vibrant hill stations, soul stirring backwaters and a variety of inland water bodies are the major attractions for visitors in Kerala.

This article lists the top 50 green spots of Kerala. It is not only for a quick reference for all who are eager to enjoy the natural beauties in its original settings without the encroachment of man, but to share some information about "the heaven on earth" which also known as "the God's own Country".

Kerala, India


Agastyarkoodam view from Athirumala base camp

Agastyarkoodam view from Athirumala base camp

Green Spots of Thiruvananthapuram


A place of great natural beauty. Karamana river flows through the area. A dam and water sports facilities are available here. It is 16 km from Thiruvanthanapuram.


It is an ever green forest area with wild beauty. It is located 50km.from Thiruvanthanapuram. There is a Wild Life Sanctuary and a reservoir in this place.


It is one of the highest peak of Sahya Mountains which is suitable for mountaineering. The place is related with Sage Agasthya as the legends says that the great sage stayed there a long time.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Green Spots of Kollam


Chenthuruni is a wild life sanctuary where a variety of flora and fauna are seen. It is about 70 km from Kollam.


Is plase with a number of waterfalls. The alluring ware falls are the most impressive attractions.


Jadayupara is a rocky area which draws a large number of visitors. The nearest town is Chadayamangalam.


Green Spots of Pathanamthitta


Perumthenaruvi is well known for soul - stirring waterfalls which is around 100ft.high.

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Green Spots of Kottayam


Vagamon is most suitable place for mountaineering. The Kurisumala and a hermitage are two famous places of attraction here. It is at a height of 1100metrs.above the sea level. Vagamon is 60km away from Kottayam city.

Maramala waterfalls

Maramala waterfalls is very fascinating which is accessible through the mountains. It is located 7 km away from Thekkady.


The hilly area which is 2500ft.above the sea level. It is suitable for mountaineering.

Idukki : Green Spots of Idukki


Peerumedu is famous for coffee and tea plantations which offer a breath taking sight to watch in the mist of the morning. It is situated 75km away from Kottayam


Anamudi is the highest mountain peak in south India. Its height is 8,841 feet and is considered as the second highest mountain peak in India. It is 50km from Munnar.


Mattupetti is a place of great natural beauty which is situated 13km away from Munnar.


Marayoor is famous for sandal forests and jaggery. Thoovanam waterfalls and century old cells of hermits are the peculiarities of this place. It is locate 41km from Munnar.


Kumili is a place of great natural beauty. It is suitable for mountaineering.


It is one of the most famous green holiday spots of India. Periyar lake, Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary and a bird sanctuary are the major attractions here. Boating facility is also available here.


Devikulam is famous for coffee and tea plantations which offer a breath taking view of greenery of Kerala. This hill station is located 7km. away from Munnar

Eravikulam-Rajamala wild life sanctuary

A wide of variety of animals and medical plants are seen in this national park. This is one of the place where 'neelakkuriunji' blossoms. This national park situated 144km away from Kochi and 15km from Munnar.

Kodanadu Elephant Cradle

Kodanadu Elephant Cradle

Kodanadu Elephant Cradle

Eranakulam : Green Spots of Eranakulam

Bolgatty Island

It is a very wonderful island with the natural beauty and alluring presence of blue waters of Arabian sea around it. A palace built by the Dutch is another attraction here.

Wellington Island

This is a man made island which is named after Lord Wellington. Lord Wellington was a British viceroy of India.


A place famous for training elephants.


Bhoothathankettu is a suitable place for adventurous tours. It is located 50km.away from Ernakulam.

Periyar valley

A valley of refreshing natural beauty.

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

It is a very well known sanctuary for birds where a wide variety of birds are seen during all seasons.


This is an captivating island with a lighthouse where visitors can watch the splendours of Arabian sea.

Athirapilly Water falls

Athirapilly Water falls

Athirapilly Water falls

Green Spots of Thrissur

Athirappali Waterfall

This splendid waterfall is very fascinating and it has been the location for a number of films.

Vazhachal Waterfall

Vazhachal Waterfall is very captivating and it is surrounded by wild beauty at its best.


A dam and magnificent waterfalls are major attractions of Peringalkuthu.


Lake streams and rock forests are the peculiarities of this place.

Chiminni wild life Sanctuary

The wild beauty of reserve forest, the dam in the Chiminni river and natural beauty of the surroundings are the major attractions here.


The Green Spots of Palakkad


Kottayi is a place full of paddy fields which is serene, and alluring. The calm rural life is another attraction here.


Malampuzha is one of the most famous destination in Palakkad. A dam with boating facilities, snake park, rope way, rock garden, aquarium, and garden are major attractions here. It is located 12km.away from Palakkad

Siruvani Dam

A reservoir, and alluring natural beauty are the major tourist attractions here. It is located 48 km from Palakkad.


The land of orange estates and plantations is located 39 km away from Palakkad.

Pothudi Dam

A reservoir, a park and alluring natural beauty are the major tourist attractions here.

Silent valley

It is one of the famous ever green rain forest of the world. The variety of flora and fauna are make it one of ecological hotspots of the world. It is located 80 km from Palakkad town and about 30 km from Ottapalam town.


A reservoir, a garden and a fish farm are the major tourist attractions here. It is located 32 km from Palakkad.


Attappadi is a centre of Adivasi people (Aborigines). Nature is at its best here. Plantations of coffee, tea, orange and cardamom are pleasurable sight to watch. There are many hills which are suitable for mountaineering.


Mayiladumpara means “ rock where peacocks dance”. This is a alluring peacock sanctuary which is located 30 km away from Palakkad town.

Kerala : Nature

Green Spots of Kozhikode

Thushara Giri

Thushara Giri is a place with fascinating hills and enchanting waterfalls. There is facilities for adventure sports like mountaineering. The nearest city is Kozhikode which is located 50 km away from there.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island, Waynad

Kuruva Island, Waynad

Pookkode Lake

Green Spots of Waynad


Thirunell I is known as “South Kasi” as the river Papanasini (river which ends sins) is considered as divine. It is located 30 km away from Manathavadi.


Pakshipathalam is place in the valley of Bharahmagiri where a number of birds are living in its natural habitat. There is a bird observatory also.

Pookkode Lake

Pookkode Lake is natural fresh water lake surrounded by trees and fascinating hills at Waithiri. Nature is at its best here. Boating and sightseeing facilities are available for visitors.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island is located in Kabani River. A number of birds and animals, rare kinds of flowers, orchids and medicinal plants are found here. The nearest town is Manathavadi which is 17 km from there.


Brahmagiri is hilly area wth marvellous valleys. There is facility for mountaineering.

Ripe jackfruit, Kerala

Ripe jackfruit, Kerala

Ripe jackfruit, Kerala

Green Spots of Kannur

Aralam Wild Life Sanctuary

A beautiful place with many wild animals are found here. It is about 38 km away from Thalasseri.

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

A variety of Asian snakes are being protected here. This is a famous research centre for treatment of snake bite in South India.


This is a enchanting island full of coconut trees. It is near to Thalassery.

Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary

Ranipuram wildlife sanctuary ,Kerala,India

Ranipuram wildlife sanctuary ,Kerala,India

Green Spots of Kasargod


Kottancheri is famous for enchanting wild beauty of a rain forest. It is located 30 km from Kanjangad.

Ranipuram /Madathumala

It is a soul stirring hill area which has the presence of a number of wild animals including wild elephants. The climate is very similar to that of Ootty. It is located 90 km from Kasargod.

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