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Kawaii Cafe's in Tokyo

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Where Should I Go To Get a Cute Coffee in Tokyo?

There are so many cute and bright coffee shops throughout Tokyo to visit. At a first glance picking a cafe to get an adorable and delicious coffee can be hard to choose from. Tokyo has a wide selection of kawaii places for both locals and tourists to enjoy. If you like cute animals, cartoon characters, and cute colors, you will love visiting Japan. I personally love anything that is kawaii, and I also love coffee, so I decided to share the top cutest cafes in Tokyo.

Animal Cafes


Harajuku Kawaii Zoo

If you are looking for an afternoon to spend with animals while you sip your coffee, this is the place for you! Harajuku Kawaii Zoo Land has a variety of animals including capybaras, ferrets, hedgehogs, and many more. You not only get to see the animals, you are able to interact with them as well. Interactions include getting to pet and feed the capybaras, hold the ferrets, and more!


2. Penguin Bar Ikebukuro

If you adore penguins as much as I do, you will love Penguin Bar Ikebukuro! If you plan on visiting here look into when their feeding time is for the penguins, if you want to watch them eat with you. Their is also a variety of food and drinks on the menu, that are delicious and adorable. There is a restriction to anyone under 18, because it is a bar.


3. Mipig Café

Mini pigs have to be one of the cutest animals to ever exist! Spend your lunchtime with mini pigs and order a variety of cute beverages. While your there you might as well get some very Instagram-able pictures for your profile and feed. If you happen to love tea, pigs, and coffee, I would highly recommend giving it a visit.

Character Themed Cafe's

If your looking to be surrounded with adorable childhood character's while you enjoy your afternoon in a cafe, these are the places to go. Not only is the atmosphere very kawaii but many of the foods are also character based which is super cute as well. Being surrounded by cute characters is always a great experience. There are many character cafes to appeal to different peoples' interests.

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4. Sanrio Cafe

Do you have a love for hello kitty, and other Sanrio characters? If yes, this is the place for you! There are a huge variety of character-themed food and beverages. I would personally love to try the hello kitty pancakes. What would you choose to get there? This is personally one of my favorite cafes in the world! It's definitely worth checking out.


5. Pokemon Cafe

If you love gaming or just love how cute Pokemon is, you should visit the Pokemon cafe! It might even make you feel like your in a weird version of a real life Pokemon go game. The menu has a huge variety of meals, pastries, and drinks. I find the fruit tea to be appealing with the galaxy colors. You can view the menu on their website.



If you grew up watching Charlie Brown this cafe will bring plenty of positive childhood memories back. Walking into the cafe will bring you into a calm and simple mindset. The food and cafe have more a simple design than some of the others I listed but, it looks very cozy while still keeping a simple look. You can order coffee, desserts, and meals, while visiting.


7. Kawaii Monster Cafe

This is one of the most "kawaii" out of all the cafes in Tokyo. Between the vibrant colors, the cute characters, and cute dessert themes, you will love the way the bright colors pop. There are many shows you can choose to watch while visiting, all with different themes. The whole cafe is a great place for instagram-able pictures.


Shirokuma Polar Bear Café

This cafe is themed off the cartoon "Shirokuma Café", which is a cute animated cartoon about two bears. The cafe is filled with stuffed animals from the show, as well as the food. I highly recommend to watch the cartoon as well. The cafe also has more of a simple yet cozy vibe. A variety of desserts and beverages are available on the menu.

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