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Kara Prison, 2018's Ultimate Wonder of the World

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Some might think that the scariest places in the world could be Edinburgh Castle, or the The Jewish cemetery in Prague , with nearly 12,000 tombstones tangled up together, or Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park in California. Non of these are compared to the ancient Kara prison in Morocco which could be one of the scariest ancient prisons in the world.

The Biggest Maze in the World

For the ones who like to explore mysterious places, Kara prison is an excellent choice. Kara prison is a historical prison which can be considered as the biggest and scariest prison of the world

A lot of people might think that the world has seven wonders, well wait until you see Kara prison in Morocco . It is a historical prison build in the 18 century during the period of Alaouite king Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif. Because of its infinite limits, Kara prison is considered as one of the scariest, weirdest and the biggest prisons in the history of humanity.


The story behind building the prison

After being imprisoned by the king, Kara, a Portuguese architect promised the Alaouite king Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif to build the biggest prison in the world as a price for his freedom.The king at that time had many political enemies, surviving many coup d'etat Moulay Ismail became very vicious in reign accepted Kara's offer.

Indeed, the Portuguese architect started building one of biggest prisons in the history of mankind. I don't know what Kara was thinking when he decided to make the prison without doors. the only in and out of the prison are the air holes on the roof where the king Moulay Ismail throws his opponents through these holes, it was like death sentence with thirst and hunger.

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Length and design of the prison

The prison was built underneath Meknes city, with 80 kilometers of length. It starts from Meknes city and ends in Knenifra city. It is impossible to believe that an underground prison could be 80 kilometers long; on the other hand, no scientist, archaeologist, or historian had the guts to prove it wrong. That made the prison one of the biggest prison in the history.

The prison was built in a very creepy way. It has no entrances and no exits , because prisoners were thrown through holes in the city , Meknes now full of hundreds of holes ; moreover, The prison design is full of endless halls and corridors tangled with each other which make it the most complicated maze in the world and if anyone tried to go a little deep into the prison he will definitely get lost for good. There is a rumor that says that Moulay Ismail made only one exit to the prison and decided that anyone finds that exit is free to go.

Kara prison from the inside

The French adventurers Incident.

In the late nineties , a group of French adventurers decided to enter the prison, they came with all the necessary equipment that help to discover the prison secrets without jeperdising their personal safety , the result was tragic, the team disappeared and no one new about them, in spite of all the resources provided by the Moroccan and the French governments to rescue them, they were completely lost in that frightening maze.

after the incident, the Moroccan authority declared Kara prison as unsafe place to navigate and, consequently, sealed the prison with cement walls and left only one big hall for tourists to visit.

American tourists exploring Kara prison

Kara Prison Should Be Explored Again

Kara prison is one of the most magnificent piece of arts in the history of humanity but unfortunately, it was neglected and abandoned because of the tragedies that happened inside it. Now, the technology has been elevated in a tremendous way. There are artificial intelligence, sophisticated wireless connections, and Hi Tech satellites, all what what we need to do is one more shot. In three decades Kara prison has beaten humanity fair and square, and the French explorers loss in the nineties was the worst one. Now, I think we have the necessary tools and brains to say with full confidence " we are ready".

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