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Journey to Hubballi by Karnataka Samparkranti Express

Departure to Hubballi by First Class AC Coach

I intended to travel to Hubballi for very important work i.e.for a job interview for the position of Public Relations Specialist. The interview call letter expected me to be in Hubballi on 31st May 2019. Hence I made immediate bookings to reach Hubballi at least one day in advance. I booked my tickets online through IRCTC's web booking portal and reserved a ticket onboard First Class air-conditioned class in 22685 Yeswantpur to Chandigarh Karnataka Samparkranti Express train operating via Hubballi. As usual confirmation of accommodation was received but the allocation of a berth in First Class air-conditioned class will take place only after final chart preparation. As the interview was at 10 am the next day, I decided to reach Hubballi on May 30th and the train number 22685 Yeswantpur to Chandigarh Karnataka Samparkranti Express via Hubballi was a perfect connection to reach overnight.

The D-day arrived as I started to make preparations for the departure to Hubballi. I packed my belongings and was ready by 11.30 am. The train's departure was at 1.45 pm from Yeswanthpur railway station's platform number 6. I booked an app-based taxi from my home to reach Yeswanthpur railway station at around 12.20 pm. As I entered the platform the station was abuzz with passengers, all of them waiting to board my train 22685 Yeswantpur to Chandigarh Karnataka Samparkranti Express. As I had some time I decided to do some railfanning but only on platform number 6. I observed the arrival of 16024 Yelahanka-Mysuru Malgudi express at around 1 pm on platform number 6. After some time PA announcement was made regarding the arrival of 12725 Bengaluru-Dharwad Siddaganga Intercity express on platform number 3. After that, there were no major train spotting at the Yeshwanthpur railway station.

I grabbed some snacks at the railway food counter and opted to munch Samosa and a pack of tetra pack fruit juice. The crowd on the platform was getting impatient as it was already 1.30 pm. The display screens too did not mention anything about the status of 22685 Yeswantpur to Chandigarh Karnataka Samparkranti Express whose departure otherwise was at 1.45 pm. No announcements were made either regarding the status of the train. I presume the incoming rake of the train might have arrived late. Hence the departure from Yeswanthpur otherwise was delayed. I chatted with some of the co-passengers on the platform and came to know about the delayed departure. The train's rake finally arrived on the platform at around 2.15 pm. My First Class air-conditioned coach i.e. HA1 was near the rear side of the train's rake and I had to walk to the other side to board the coach. I boarded the coach and was allotted Cabin B with a lower berth. There was another passenger booked up to Miraj. It was getting hotter as the air-conditioning was switched off and I got off the train to get some fresh air. The air-conditioning was enabled after some time within ten minutes.

Arrival at Hubballi

Finally, the train left Yeswanthpur railway station after a delay of about an hour. The train left at around 2.35 pm and I was worried that I may reach Hubballi very late at night. As soon as the train left the Cabin B was occupied by two more passengers who were not aware of berth allocation but had confirmed reservation. We chatted for a while before the travel ticket examiner intervened to verify the e-ticket along with the identity card. The other two passengers were directed to occupy a vacant cabin i.e. Cabin A. Now we were only two members in Cabin B and I immediately took out Samit Da's Indian Rail Atlas and started to look out of the window for railway stations. Just then a food vendor arrived with hot tomato soup and I ordered two cups of the soup and I relished the same.

I decided to take some rest and prepared the bed. I slept till the arrival of Davanagere at around 7.30 pm. When I was at Yeswanthpur railway station, I had ordered for dinner through IRCTC's E-catering service. I had opted for a simple vegetarian dinner and the food vendor was based in Davanagere railway station. As soon as the train arrived, I was delivered the food to my seat. I decided to have dinner immediately. The dinner consisted of two rotis, jeera rice, dal gravy, curds, and pickles. It was neatly packed in a thali-sized carton box and it was easy to dispose of the carton box after dinner. Though there was a facility of pantry car in the train, I opted to have some fresh dinner from the restaurant at Davanagere through IRCTC's E-Catering service.

I had nothing to do after dinner and decided to take some rest again. I woke up at around 10.30 pm and got to know that we were somewhere near Haveri. My destination Hubballi was just 45-50 minutes away and the train was delayed by an hour. Soon my destination at Hubballi arrived at around 11 pm. I got down from the train and the railway station was abuzz with passengers intending to board my train. However, as soon as I stepped out, there was complete silence as the city had closed down as it was late in the night. I hailed an auto-rickshaw to reach my hotel which was just ten minutes away next to Hubballi Head Post Office i.e. Ananth Residency. I checked in to the room in a hassle-free manner and slept early.

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Return to Bengaluru

The next day I woke up at 7 am and prepared to leave for the job interview scheduled at 10 am in the IT Park premises. I hurried down to have a sumptuous buffet breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast consisted of corn flakes with hot milk, idly, vada, upma, set dosa, and assorted fruits. The breakfast was served with a cup of hot coffee or tea. I opted to relish a cup of hot filter coffee. I left for the interview location in an auto-rickshaw and reached the venue bang on time. After completing the initial screening process and verification of documents, I was asked to wait till 3.30 pm for the final round. In the meanwhile, a lunch buffet was arranged for all the candidates who had appeared for the interview. Finally, my turn came to appear for the final round at 3.40 pm. I presented for the interview very well and answered the questions with confidence. The discussion with the interview panel lasted for about twenty minutes. As I came out of the room, I took an auto-rickshaw back to my hotel and had to hurry up as my train to Bengaluru was due to leave Hubballi at 6.30 pm and it was already 4.45 pm by the time I left the interview venue.

I arrived at my hotel and ordered bread, jam, and toast along with a hot cup of coffee. Soon I made final preparations to pack my belongings and check out of the room. The check-out process was smooth and I left the hotel at around 5.45 pm. As I arrived at the Hubballi railway station, an announcement was made regarding the departure of my train ie 16591 Hubballi-Mysuru Hampi Express from platform number 3. I hurried to reach the designated platform as it was already 6.05 pm. The train had not yet arrived. Again an announcement was made regarding the change in the platform and I had to rush back to platform 1. The train was shunted onto the platform at around 6.10 pm. I made a note of my train's coach i.e. First Class air-conditioned HA1 coach and it was near the train's locomotive. I was allotted Cabin A with a lower berth. Yet again I missed an opportunity to travel by Coupe in the First Class air-conditioned coach.

The train left Hubballi railway station bang on time at 6.30 pm. I did not order any food from IRCTC's E-Catering as I decided to have something en route. Soon after the train's departure, the travel ticket examiner arrived and verified my e-ticket and identity card. I then took out Samit Da's Indian Rail Atlas and started to do the railfanning while making the observations en route. I got off at a couple of railway stations at Annigeri and Gadag to do some railfanning. I got bored soon and decided to sleep early. I did not get an option to have food en route and I skipped my dinner for the day.

The next day I woke up early at Yelahanka and started to prepare for disembarkation at Yeswanthpur railway station. The destination soon arrived at around 7.30 am and I hurried to the pre-paid auto-rickshaw stand to return home. Thus my two-day journey ended on a happy note and it was satisfactory.

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