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Maiden Trip to Bengaluru From Poona

Leaving From Poona

After a brief two-day stay at Pune, it was time to return to Bengaluru. I had booked my return ticket to Bengaluru onboard the train number 12630 Karnataka Samparkranti Express operating from Hazarat Nizamuddin to Yeswanthpur via Pune and Hubballi.

I booked a confirmed accommodation in an air-conditioned Two-Tier coach or A.C.2 Tier Coach and was allotted, A1 coach. I had finished my job interview successfully and was awaiting the outcome. I was informed that it would be communicated within seven working days through email.

Boarding the Train

The next day I prepared to leave my cousin's place near Wakad in Pune. He dropped me at the nearest railway station to travel to Pune by local train. My train's scheduled departure was at 11.30 am and the train had a locomotive reversal at Pune upon arrival from Daund Junction. I arrived at Pune railway station at around 9.30 am.

The railway station was abuzz with daily local passengers and outstation passengers. I bought a cup of hot coffee and relished it while relaxing near the general waiting room. I also bought an English newspaper and a magazine to keep myself preoccupied during the train journey. I observed the arrival and departure of several local trains in a timely manner as per the schedule. Finally, my train's arrival was announced on platform number 1.I hurried to the front side of the platform as my designated coach A1 was near the locomotive of the train.

The train's arrival at Pune was delayed by 15 minutes from Daund Junction and arrived only at 11.45 am. I quickly boarded the train and occupied the lower berth in coach A1. The coach at that time had a moderate crowd with some vacant berths. Also, the other berths near me were vacant till the arrival of Miraj junction. The train then left Pune junction at around 12 pm after the locomotive reversal. The next commercial stoppage was only at Miraj junction. The pantry staff then arrived and enquired about lunch orders.

I placed an order for a vegetarian lunch and it consisted of the usual menu i.e. Two chapatis, rice, sambhar, curry, curds, and pickles. I then took out Samit Da's Indian Rail Atlas and started to do railfanning. Also, this was my first trip to Bengaluru from Pune in a daytime. The next station at Miraj soon arrived at around 3.45 pm. A passenger boarded from here and occupied the vacant lower berth next to my berth. The train had a brief halt for about ten minutes and then proceeded to its next halt at Belagavi.

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Arrival at Bengaluru

Belagavi railway station arrived at around 7 pm. The train had some passengers waiting to board the train. The train had a brief halt over here for about ten minutes. The train left Belagavi railway station at around 7.10 pm and we crossed Bengaluru bound 16590 Kolhapur-Bengaluru Rani Chennamma Express at Gunji railway station at around 7.40 pm. The next commercial halt at Dharwad arrived at around 9.30 pm and later arrived at Hubballi at around 10.15 pm. I ordered dinner from the pantry staff before the arrival of Dharwad railway station and ate my dinner upon arriving at Hubballi railway station. After dinner, I got down at Hubballi railway station to get some fresh air and also grabbed a pack of tetra pack juice.

Upon departure from Hubballi railway station, I decided to sleep early. I occupied a side lower berth which was vacant till Yeswanthpur. I woke up early morning at around 6 am and soon my destination arrived at Yeswanthpur at around 6.40 am on platform number 5. I disembarked from the train and sipped a cup of hot coffee available from the vendor on the railway platform. I then headed to the pre-paid auto-rickshaw stand to hail an auto-rickshaw and reached my home at around 7.45 am. Overall it was a satisfying journey on my maiden trip from Pune to Bengaluru and had a wonderful experience on board the Karnataka Samparkranti Express operating from Hazarat Nizamuddin near New Delhi to Yeswanthpur via Pune and Hubballi.

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