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Singapore Jewel Changi Airport - 10 Things You Should Know

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Jewel Changi is a spectacular mall located at the world famous Singapore Changi Airport and houses the world's tallest indoor waterfall.

Read on to find out 10 useful tips to help make your visit to Jewel a more rewarding and memorable one!

1. Rain Votex and Nature Walk

The main attraction of Jewel is the Rain Votex which is an impressive water feature spanning 40 metres in height, making it the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Surrounding this man-made wonder is an amazing garden (Shiseido Forest Vally), designed to give you an almost Jurassic Park like feel, all within the comforts of a spacious air-conditioned space.

You can take an easy stroll along the garden trail to get a glimpse of the Votex at various angles (great for exploring ideal places to take videos of the night light shows). There are many places for you to sit and enjoy the view amidst the crowd. However, it is not really a stroller or elderly friendly walk as it involves many different small steps along the way.

At the Shiseido Forest Valley (West Trail), you would encounter interactive art installations along the way. In the East Trail, you can experience cascading waterfalls close by. Either way, this forest trail is a must do when you visit Jewel Changi.

To see where the massive waterfall ends, you can proceed to the Immersion Garden located at Level B2. There are also many cheaper dining options and even a supermarket located at this level.

2. Everything Is Connected!

Whether you are traveling from the Airport Terminal 1, 2, 3 or 4, there are shuttles/link bridges connecting you to Jewel which makes it easy for you to check out Jewel if you have some spare time. The closest terminal is Terminal 1, with Jewel's North entrance connected to the Level 1 Arrival Hall of Terminal 1.

The link bridges are also big, spacious and covered so it is a comfortable walk back and forth Jewel. The walk from Jewel to T2 and T3 Departure Halls is about 5 to 10 minutes via link bridges.

For T4, you would need to take the free airport shuttle bus between T2 and T4 and make use of the link bridge at T2 to get to Jewel. Total journey is about 15 minutes.

If you are in transit and cannot leave the restricted area, you can take a monorail between T2 and T3 to catch a glimpse of the Rain Votex. The monorail travels very closely to the Votex, creating a great photo taking opportunity.

3. Travel Convenience

(1) Early Check In

You can take advantage of the early check in counters located at Level 1 Jewel so you can maximise your time around the area. However, you need to check and ensure that your flight is one of the participating airlines allowing such early check in services. In addition, if you have special travel needs (e.g. request for excess luggage, experiencing ticket issues) or are traveling with more than 7 passengers under 1 booking, you would need to go back to the respective airline counters at the other terminals. For more information, you can go to here.

(2) Baggage Storage

If you find your hand luggage a hassle while exploring Jewel, you can drop them at the baggage storage located at Level 1. Do note that some attractions in Jewel do not allow luggage to be brought together with you, so if you are keen to check out the main attractions located at the Canopy Park, stop by the baggage storage area first.

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(3) Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund

If you need to get your GST refund, there are Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) kioks located at the Jewel, Level 1. Just make sure you have your flight ticket, passport and the items purchased with you.

(4) Currency Exchange

Jewel also has currency exchange machines (FXCHANGE kioks) located at Level B1 and L4. I also saw some vending machines selling jewellery at Level 4 (next to the FXCHANGE kioks) - which is great for getting any last minute presents while you are in a rush for time!

(1) Irvin's Salted Egg Potato Chips and Fish Skin (Unit # B2-248 to 250)

The salted egg flavor became a national craze in Singapore a few years back and Irvin's topped as one of the best salted egg snacks around. In the early days, you could only order these delicious snacks online. However, this brand has since explored and several shops have now opened island wide, including this spacious shop front at the Jewel.

(2) My Eureka Popcorn (Unit # B2-251)

I think Eureka Popcorn originated in Malaysia, and came to Singapore back in 2017. It is made of non-GMO popcorn and contains no preservatives or transfat. It is unlike the uneven shaped popcorn that we usually buy in the cinema because it is big and round, which supposedly helps to evenly coat the flavors that are added and there is no husk. The other great thing is that this popcorn is halal certified. It usually comes in either a paper canister or is sealed in an aluminum pack, and should be eaten within days after opening to retain the freshness and crunchiness. I personally have tried the seaweed, sour cream and wasabi flavors and I must warn you that this popcorn is seriously addictive. Once I popped one into my mouth it was really hard to stop.

(3) Lim Chee Guan - Since 1938 (Unit # B2-222)

Lim Chee Guan is a much loved Singapore brand for Bak Kwa, which is barbecued pork slices (somewhat like a more tender version of jerky). Bak Kwa is commonly eaten during Chinese New Year and that is the time when hordes of people line up for hours in the hot sun just to buy Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa at its Chinatown branch. Now they have several outlets, including the one at Jewel.

Some countries like Australia are pretty strict about the food that is brought into their country - so it is best to ask the Lim Chee Guan staff before you make a purchase.

However, I heard that another Bak Kwa brand, Bee Cheng Hiang, has gotten approval to bring Bak Kwa from Singapore into Australia as long as it meet certain criteria (e.g. vacuum sealed, less than 1kg) and the staff at Bee Cheng Hiang will pack it in accordance to the requirements. So perhaps Lim Chee Guam adopted the same model.

(4) Four Seasons Durian Products - at the Four Seasons Durians Restaurant (Unit # B2-228)

Four Seasons durian desserts such as the pancakes and puffs have been a constant favorite amongst Singaporeans and they have since expanded their products to include items such as freeze dry durian, durian candy and durian kaya. The different variety of durian products are sold at the shop at Jewel and the convenient packagings make it easy to be brought home as souvenirs (don't need to be too concerned about the smell).

(5) Rich and Good Cake Shop - Since 1997 (Unit # L1 - 232)

I was introduced to this cake shop originally located at Kandahar Street years ago. It was so good that my friend was willing to walk some distance under the hot sun just to get to this shop which sells old school Swiss rolls. Years later, I was pleasantly surprised that they have opened up a second shop in Jewel. I actually recognised it because of its distinctive long pink box. They are different from the other mainstream Swiss rolls because they are really moist and the cream is rich in flavor. I remember trying a few flavors such as mango and kaya and I think kaya is really one of the best they have.

The queue for this Swiss rolls is quite long and they get sold out pretty fast so if you are interested to try, do come early.

5. Local Inspired Souvenirs (Non-Food)

You can check out the Gift by Changi Airport shop (Unit # L4-233) that sells different types of airport memorabilia. One interesting product on sale is the refreshing floral scent (in spray, scented candle or aroma diffuser form) that is being sprayed around Changi Airport. According to their website, this amazing blend of smell is a mix of orchid, damask rose and ylang-ylang. Orhid is the national flower of Singapore so it makes it a truly uniquely Singapore gift.

6. Pokemon Centre

Pokemon fans worldwide are still going strong and this Pokemon Centre (located at Unit #L4-201/202) created such a hype because it was the first one which opened in Asia outside of Japan.

At its initial opening, people had to queue for as long as one and a half hour just to get in. Fortunately for me, I only had to wait 15 minutes. From the other online photos, and because the name was Pokemon CENTRE, my initial expectation was that it would be a big interactive space showcasing the world of Pokemons. However, it really is just a retail shop, and a really small one I must add. However, if you are a Pokemon fan, there are plenty of merchandises, especially plush toys, to make you excited about visiting this place.

If the queue is short, do check out this place (just to see what is all the hype about). I also found a website that did a price comparison between the Pokemon Centre at Jewel Changi and those in Japan. You can read more here.

7. First Time Diners - Go Straight to Level 5

For those who are short of time and didn't do much research on what to eat at Jewel, I would suggest that you go straight to Level 5 to check out the restaurants there.

Level 5 offers an alfresco dining experience in the garden (without Singapore's famous humidity and heat). It also has a great view of the Rain Votex and I did spot some performances happening there (which I believe will be a regular thing).

You will also be able to observe people going around the Canopy Park, which is a 14,000 square-metre area, featuring play attractions, gardens and walking trails. The 3 main play attractions are the Sky Nets, Hedge and Mirror Mazes and Discovery Slides. Other play attractions include the Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, Topiary Walk and Canopy Bridge. For more information, you can refer to here.

YotelAir Changi Airport Singapore

YotelAir Changi Airport Singapore

8. Places to Rest

There are 2 main hotel options near or at Jewel Changi. YotelAir is a transit hotel and it is located right at the Jewel. The rooms are definitely small, but comfortable for its size and you can't complain because of the convenience it offers. You can make an online booking on their website, but if you are booking by the hour (I think minimum is 4 hours), you would need to email them for reservations (

The other major option is Crowne Plaza Hotel, which is located at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3. To get to Jewel, you can go via the link bridge available at Terminal 3. It requires a much longer walk to Jewel if you staying at Crowne Plaza, but its rooms are much more spacious and definitely more suitable for families with young children.

Overview of key attractions at different levels at Jewel Changi Airport

Overview of key attractions at different levels at Jewel Changi Airport

9. Tourist Privileges

There are many tourist privileges when you shop at participating outlets. You just need to either have the Jewel Privilege e-card using the iChangi App here or collect a physical card at Jewel Level 2 Concierge Counter. For more information, click here.

10. Rain Vortex Light Show

The Rain Votex light show occurs every night and hourly starting at 730pm till the last show at 1230am (6 shows in total). The show lasts for about 5 minutes and is the same regardless of timing. Best of all, it is free!

To get a close up experience, you can go straight to Level 1 and stand right at the bottom of the Votex. However, you might not get to clearly see all the projections at this level.

Instead, you can consider watching it from higher floors and slightly further away from the Votex to get a better overall view. Some suggestions include the South viewing platform at level 2 and Lobbies H & F on level 2, 3 and 4.

Update: The show is currently suspended till further notice.

Light Show At Jewel Changi

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