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Around The World Yachswoman Teenager Jessica Watson


Jessie Wason

Fellow Hubber CatherineR has written extensively about Jessica Watson's achievements here. Now that some five month's has elapsed since the launch of her 'maiden' round the woreld solo sailing adventure starting from Sydney. Jessica is now after five month's of sailing back in Australian waters off the West Australian coast. Jessica still has a few weeks of precarious waters to travel through between Perth and Sydney her final destination. But the way things are going this will be but a breeze for her. She arrived in Sydney harbour Saturday the 15th of May, 2010

*Update September 2010

Jessica Watson Appeared at The Brisbane Writers Festival for a number of forums and talks along with lots of others. It was great to hear her speak and promote her book True Spirit and published by Hachette Australia. From Brisbane to New York in three days

more from Jesse's Blog

"Landed in New York on Sunday to launch True Spirit over here and loving it so far! What a huge city, it makes Sydney or any of our cities back home look tiny by comparison.

It turns out that adjusting to a new time zone is a little harder when you don’t have days on end to do it ( i.e. Pink Lady pace!). So the first day over here was spent walking the city, seeing the sights, shopping (not to worry I’m doing a good job of holding back!) and getting a good night of sleep before the media started today.

It was great to meet all the guys at Simon and Schuster, (at a cupcake party no less!) who are publishing True Spirit here in the US and they see so much enthusiasm for the book already.

Also today and along with a few TV show interviews, we had the chance to stop into the Sparkman and Stephens offices to have a look at the original designs for the S&S 34, (thanks to Bruce Johnson, President at S&S) and then we visited the New York Yacht Club, which is an incredible old building, full of history and strangely completely landlocked!

Then to finish today we did a lap on the bike around Central Park which is gorgeous!"

Some of you may recall all the horror and hoo Ha that was demonstrated by all and sundry at the parents of lone Star teenager Jessica Watson including our political leaders about her solo round the world sailing attempt.. The critiscim was as folllows "Her journey has been criticised, particularly after the collision with the freighter. Barry Tyler of Pacific Motor Yacht magazine wrote, "like the majority of the seafaring world [I] consider it irresponsible, cavalier and indeed ignorant to attempt such a feat, at such a tender age and with so little trans-ocean experience."   The same critics will be lining up to get a photo opportunity come the start of May Jessica's parents were berated both publicly and privately fo allowing their teenage daughter Jessica to sail solo around the world. Well is is nice to see that both Jessica and her parents soon will probably have the last laugh. Of course her parents explained their reasoning that made the important point that it would probable be more dangerous for her to go out drinking in nightclubs than sailing solo around the world. Especially given that she was a highly trained competent sailor. All the sceptics can now take a bow and applaud the spirit of adventure displayed by Jessica becomed the youngest woman every to circumnavigate the world. At this stage she will complete the race in record time of two to three weeks on current forcasts.

Jessica Watson

 Jessica Watson (born 18 May 1993 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) is an Australian sailor (age 16), resident in Buderim, Queensland. She is currently attempting to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world,

As training for her round-the-world voyage, Watson gained experience in ocean sailing by crewing on a number of vessels, including Oceanswatch's Magic Roundabout, on which she acted as skipper during a crossing of the Tasman Sea.

follow Jessica Watsons journey here !

Her Boat

 The boat is a 10.23-metre Sparkman & Stephens 34, the same design as used by Jon Sanders, David Dicks and Jesse Martin in their circumnavigations.It was obtained and refitted with new equipment under the supervision of Don McIntyre and Bruce Arms, both skilled and experienced sailors



Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on May 14, 2010:

Mel B. Echelberger ok will do are you on twitter ?

Mel B. Echelberger on May 14, 2010:

Was looking for a webpage where we could thank Bruce Arms, and Don McIntyre for their support of this Amazing Young World Class Sailor, Jessica Watson. We have followed her from day one, and she has overcome everything that Mother Nature has thrown at her for 200 plus days. She has proven their support was not in vain. She made her dis-tractors eat their words. Convey our thanks to them from us in Oregon USA.

Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on May 14, 2010:

Jessie arriving now to a nation transfixedd by her incredible achievment !

Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on May 14, 2010:

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right now she is only a few hours away from entering Sydney Harbour...

Graham Roberts on May 14, 2010:

Fantastic Effort Jessica you are an Inspiration to everyone all over the world it is hard to imagine what you have been through and achieved over the past seven Months. YOU ARE A CHAMPION.I have crewed on Yacht's before in Port Phillip Bay and a little out into Bass Strait but it is hard for me to get my head around what you have done. YOU DESERVE ALL THAT COMES YOUR WAY. Good Luck!

Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on April 23, 2010:

Indeed ! blondepoet Not long to go now !

blondepoet from australia on April 23, 2010:

I have been following her with anticipation. Wow who would have thought she would have even come this far. She has done a terrific job.

Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on April 21, 2010:


The tough conditions of the Southern Ocean over the past week have continued to confront Jessica today, as she battled six metre plus swells, cold stinging rain and wind gusts of 50 knots.

After sailing south east in 25-30 knot winds earlier today, sudden gusts of 50 knots hit Ella’s Pink Lady, creating two large tears in the mainsail. Fortunately conditions have eased to 25 knots, but it has been another very challenging day for 16 year old Jessica.

This follows numerous electrical storms in her vicinity over the past 72 hours which have prevented her from getting much sleep and tested her endurance. So despite being closer to home, it's been a difficult week so far.

As usual, Jessica has a positive attitude and reports that all is well, as she has a spare mainsail and the prediction is for better weather over the next week as she heads east to Tasmania.

We are all wishing Jessica a fine run home over the next few weeks, as the anticipation of her arrival back into Sydney builds.

Barry Rutherford (author) from Queensland Australia on April 11, 2010:

Thanks for the points Marisa Wrght

Shari from New York, NY on April 11, 2010:

all I can say is WOW! The girl has guts! Almost as brave as we are for taking the challenge that we are on! Great Hub . I will be following her just like I follow you!

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