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Jatayu Nature Park Kerala- A Perfect Blend of Mythology and Modern Tourism


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Jatayu Sculpture

Jatayu Sculpture

Jatayu Sculpture

Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala, is one of the newest additions to the rich tourism of South India. It is a perfect example of the orthodox mythological approach to the, rather newer, adventure and tourism-wellness.

The Jatayu Earth’s Center is actually a huge rock sculpture of the famous mythical bird, Jatayu, as portrayed in Ramayana. The park itself spans over 65 acres of lush green land and holds a 70-feet high sculpture.

Intrigued about this new state-of-art sculpture in Kerala? Read along to know more about it.

How big is the Jatayu Nature Park Kerala?

The Jatayu Nature Park itself is laid over 65 acres of land and is quite prominently visible from satellite images. The huge rock sculpture of the Jatayu bird is 200 feet in length, 150 feet wide and around 70 feet tall. The total area of this sculpture is 15,000 sq. ft.

Some facts about the Jatayu Earth's Center

The Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala, is much more than just the massive rock-carved sculpture. It is more of a museum with a breeze of recreation all around. Here are some facts about the Jatayu Earth's Center which root back to both mythology as well as present physical appearance.

  • According to mythical narrations, the stone sculpture of the Jatayu bird is located right in the place where the actual bird (from Ramayana) took his last breath. Many local people opine that it fell down from the sky after being struck and injured by Ravana.
  • The sculpture of the bird has a 6D theatre along with a digital audio and visual museum. From the museum inside, you can actually have a bird-eye view of the spot from around 1,000 feet above the ground.

Activities inside Jatayu Nature Park Kerala

Apart from the main sculpture, Jatayu Earth’s Center is also famous for some amazing adventure activities to keep you busy with. Some of the most popular adventure activities here are archery, bouldering, rappelling, zip-lining, rock-climbing, etc.

The 6D theatre inside features the battle between Ravana and Jatayu before the latter had a deep injury and fell on to the ground. Also, while you are inside the sculpture, you will have a telescope on a viewing podium with which you can have a breathtaking view of the green rainforests and the small hills around.

Visitors can take a ropeway to get to the top of the hill or simply trek uphill. There is a provision for a heli-taxi up there, which would take you over the nearby hills and the Jatayu sculpture so that you can get a picturesque view of the entire area.

The extravagant ropeway at the Jatayu Nature Park Kerala

The ropeway that takes you to and fro the rock on which the Jatayu sculpture is built, is another thing to love about this place. Each of the cable cars is built with a glass body and offers a wonderful view while you are in it. Plus, it has a capacity of carrying eight people at a time.

But guess what, these glass cable cars are extremely safe and there are almost zero percent chances of any unforeseen mishap. These are extremely modern cable cars and are imported from Switzerland, keeping in mind all the safety standards internationally. Of course, such a kind internationally-built ropeway is the first to be used in South India.

The Ayurvedic touch at the Jatayu India

While in this place, you will find some ancient rocks that have been transformed into resorts for the visitors to shed off some fatigues. Also, you can go in and have a taste of Kerala’s traditional Ayurvedic treatment and massage here.

The Jatayu Nature Park Kerala is something you can’t miss!

Indeed! How would you miss something that is mythical and modern at the same time? Without a doubt, the park is an epitome of the age-old mythology, which, of course, has been portrayed using modern state-of-the-art technologies.

So hurry, grab your passes to the Jatayu Earth's Center and get going. Groups of 10-100 people are allowed to enter at an entry fee of Rs. 3,500 for each person.

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