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Thomas has travelled the world and seen and met with many people of various backgrounds. His motto is, "Travel is the best teacher".


As we came up to Jamaica we took down the sails and started Taurus' diesel engine.

My thoughts were of what kind of island life would we see and what sights, sounds and smells would we come across?

Will Jamaica be like the other paradises we came upon? Will it be different?

Soon I would find out.

It was before noon when we finally secured Taurus to one of the docks and our feet were once again on solid ground.

We went through our usual routine of stowing what needed to be stowed and cleaning the deck and tidying up the interior.

We had a quick lunch and then made a list of supplies we needed.

By the time we were ready to leave we noticed that a group of 5 kids, the same age as my brother and I had gathered on the dock next to Taurus. They were curios about us, as we were about them.

One of the older men came by and told the kids to leave us alone.

My dad said, "Wait a minute, we have something for you". He went bellow deck to the galley and came out with a large bag of candies we had bought in Grenada. It was more than we could eat so he gave it to the kids.

The old man said, "I will take that and give you kids a few every long as you look after this boat and leave these people alone", the kids agreed.

We found out that the old timer was kind of a self appointed baby sitter and protector. Everybody listened to him and respected him.

We locked up and made our way to do some exploring and shopping.

Jamaica is certainly another island paradise.

When we came back to Taurus we found that she was well protected. The old man was on his chair watching Taurus and the kids were there as well.

"We made sure your boat is safe" the kids said with great big smiles on their faces, and Taurus was indeed in tip top shape

As we boarded, the old man came up to us and asked us if we wanted some fresh bananas, my dad said that we would love some.

The old man gave us an address of one of his family members who had a few banana trees and we could buy some bananas from him.

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The next morning we were given the address again and directions to the house. We walked and walked until we came to a place that was somewhat secluded.

We knocked on the door, introduced ourselves to the homeowner. He smiled and told us that he was expecting us. He grabs his machete and says, "Come with me". Who are we to argue with a 70 year old man with a machete.

We follow Him to his back yard, he puts the machete between his teeth and climbs barefooted up the tree.

He then grabs a whole bunch of the bananas, rests them on his shoulder and cuts the bunch with his one hand and then makes his way down the tree.

We all stood there in awe.

He hands the bunch to me and I put them on my shoulder. That was a heavy bunch and the 70 year old man climbs the tree, cuts the bunch and comes down with them. How?! To this day I am still in awe by that.

We thought we would get a bag of bananas, not a whole bunch. But man, they were so good.

I tell you, the people of Jamaica like all the people we met on our journey thus far, are loving, caring people who just want to live their lives in peace.

Sure there are some who are not so nice, but the majority of them are, which is no different from anywhere in the world.

We toured around Jamaica, learning a lot and seeing so much beauty.

On another day as we were walking back to the Marina, a man came up to us who needed help. He needed someone to drive one of his bosses cars back to his house.

The man came in one car and needed to also drive another back as well and the other person who was supposed to do it didn't show up.

My dad said he can do it. So we hopped into the second car and followed the man to his bosses house.

House? No, it was a large gated estate up on a hill.

We were invited in for something to eat and drink.

As my dad was talking to the boss (we where never told what kind of boss) my dad told him that someone had stolen our dinghy a couple of days before, which unfortunatley did happen.

The boss said that he had one down the hill on his private beach, it had been covered by some sand.

We went down and picked it up, it was perfect. The boss said it is ours for helping him.

We then had his driver take us back to Taurus with our new dinghy.

A few days later some of our ships security team (the kids) came by with some freshly harvested sugar cane. They taught us how to peel the sugar can, bite it and suck the sweet juice from it. It was such a nice sweet natural treat. What a beautiful place with beautiful people.

So many nice and helpful people.

We spent about a month or so in Jamaica before embarking on the next leg of our journey.

Our next stop will be the Cayman Islands

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