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Jamaican Me Crazy! Our Third Country of One Hundred and Ninety Five.

A very much in-love couple who have a dream of travel and wanderlust, trying to see all 195 countries of the world.

Jamaica! Country Number Three.

Our first Caribbean island, and wow! When we got of the ship we were met with the intense heat and humidity, which only made us want to go straight to the beach. Cruise ships dock in two places in Jamaica, one being Montego Bay and the other being Ocho Rios, our ship docked in Montego Bay and so we headed to the first place we could find a cold beer on the beach. Jamaica is one of those places where their history is vibrant and rich with information, the best way to see Jamaica if you are sailing on a cruise ship is by booking an excursion at the front desk onboard. The reason it is best to book all your excursions onboard is that if something were to happen and you happen to be running late on your way back, the ship has to wait for you. If you are late for the ship (and this is especially true for crew members) then the ship WILL leave without you. The two most famous excursions for you to do is to see the Dunn's River Falls and going to the museum at a sugar cane plantation, which is believed to be haunted!


Montego Bay.

Hard Rock Café was our spot, a short 'free' taxi ride or a bit of a longer walk later and voila. I say 'free' taxi because they will drive you for free but they will still hope for tips. The Hard Rock Café offers a variety of activities, you can chill at the bar with a beer or cocktail, have a bite to eat, swim in the ocean at their private beach, or you can take part in the multiple quizzes and dance competitions. We spent a lot of our time sun tanning and just enjoying the salty air, as it was our first time in the Caribbean we just had to video call home and show our loved ones where we were! I will never forget how proud we felt that day, like we were on top of the world, and nothing could ever go wrong. As you know, something always goes wrong....


The Jellyfish Episode.

There we were, minding our own business, sipping on the strongest rum concoction i have ever tasted. Wondering how we were so lucky to find such an empty beach, we decided to sun bathe a while before going in for a dip. Not far from where we were was a life guard up on his high chair overlooking the ocean, so we figured all was well and safe. It took us a while to get in, the water was particularly cold that day, and once we were in it was just lovely. The perfect balance of refreshing and welcoming, when I felt something brush against my foot. Looking at Mickey I casually mentioned something touched me, not wanting to cause a scene, and so i looked down and could not see anything. We carried on talking enjoying the water when I felt it again, but this time it came with a sharp burning sensation, I felt this all across the back of my leg and up onto my bottom. The pain was excruciating, Mick noticed we were right on the edge of a field of jellyfish, and they were between us and the beach. To this day I don't remember how we got out but we did, I had long red lines attached to my bum, and the jellyfish tentacles had broken off and almost embedded themselves into my skin.


What Now?

I remember a flood of panic came over me, I had no idea what to do, all I could think about was the many episodes I've watched on National Geographic about jellyfish and I honestly thought that this is it, I am going to die. Feeling enraged, I stomped up to the lifeguard and told him that I was just stung by a jellyfish, and to this he laughed. I wanted to slap him, but didn't. Maybe I should have. He pointed at a bucket and it looked like he had caught a few of them, he explained they weren't toxic or venomous and immediately I felt relief. I was NOT going to be that over dramatic tourist and blow up, so I made my peace with what had just happened and warned the people about to enter the water. Just because they were harmless doesn't mean it didn't hurt. One thing we have learned about Jamaicans is they are extremely relaxed, and they will come back at you with the same energy you give them. Had a been a bit nicer the lifeguard probably wouldn't have laughed. That's not the point though, we had a great day, and I survived. For that moment, that was enough.

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© 2020 Demi and Mickey

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