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Jabalpur City in MP State of India

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Jabalpur & Mahakaushal Region

Jabalpur is an ancient settlement, and the region is known as Mahakaushal along with surrounding agglomerations. Since ancient times the region was ruled by the Gond Tribes. At the turn of the century, the city was ruled by Mughals followed by the Maratha and then the British.

The old town structure are example of many styles of architecture but greater influence of British Architecture. The classy buildings in the city are slowly deprecation due to lack of upkeep. Most old buildings have been brought down and have been replaced by modern structures.

The turbulent history has created a rich culture that is very much evident in its day to day life. The city is also known as Sanskardhani due to its cultural richness and propagation of art and literature. Sanskar stands for robust culture and dhani means a city in English.

People from all over India have settled and mixed in this city giving it a cosmopolitan flair. Though ethnic languages have survived, Hindi, besides English is the main conversation tool. The city is home to people following all religious beliefs and coexisting in perfect harmony.

The outskirts are inhabited by tribal which are basically forest dwellers, and farmers who have migrated from urban areas. Being are larger city surrounded by smaller satellite towns Jabalpur has become a major hub of trading and distribution. Manufacturing is limited and comprises mostly of public concerns.

Surrounded by hills, the city is picturesque, and this is evident on first visit. Hence there are many picnic spots and natural formations that make Jabalpur a tourism center.

Jabalpur In Photos

Marble Rocks Boating

Marble Rocks Boating

Marbel Rocks

Marbel Rocks

A Brief History of Jabalpur

Jabalpur named after Jabali Rishi was a tribal garrison with the settlement at Garha part of the city now. It was ruled over by the tribal kings of the Shah dynasty. Noted rulers were Madan Shah and Rani Durgawati who were martyred by the Mughals.

Marathas ruled over the place and are credited with the cultural ethos the city is famous for. Maratha rule was followed by the British whence they overcame the incumbents. They established a huge garrison besides a number of structures that include palatial houses. The game of snooker was invented here during the Raj at Nerbudda Club.

Post-independence the city adorns a true cosmopolitan garb and retains its cultural ethos. Though not heavily industrialized the picturesque settings and calm, attracts many to settle down here.

Map of Jabalpur City

Hindu Temple in Jabalpur



Jabalpur videos


Hindu Sadhu

Hindu Sadhu

City Image

Jabalpur City

Jabalpur City

The City

Situated in the heart of India in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is a town of great significance. It is known for its pristine beauty and forests. There is a number of sightseeing places besides major markets and places of entertainment.

As a cosmopolitan town, it has a unique culture with various ethnicities impart their own touch, colors, and flavors. The place is rich in cultural activities with classical music, traditional dance forms, and fine arts being patronized by the populace. The city is large by all means with a population of two million and is ranked 26th in India.

There are many satellite towns that depend upon Jabalpur for crucial supplies and medical care. There are a number of multispecialty hospitals in the city that treat various diseases and offer diagnostic services. Because of surrounding townships, the city receives many migrants from them seeking employment.

The city has a lot of Government offices and headquarters ranging from the defense industry to electricity boards and railways. The zonal office of West Central Railway is based here.

The seat of law, the Madhya Pradesh High Court resides here. Besides, there are three universities that make the town a major education hub. RDVV, Agriculture University, and Veterinary University support a number of colleges of various disciplines.

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There are a lot of Government and private colleges that impart education in engineering, biotechnology, and allied sciences. A number of management and IT institutes attract students from far and wide. The IIITDM (Indian Institute of Information Technology and Design Management) is based in Jabalpur in MP.

The city is growing fast as new enterprises are being established year on year. The permanent and migratory population is substantial this will increase the population to more than two million in the next five years.

This is a city with modern infrastructure. It is a hub for communication and financial services to the transportation sector which supports tourism, trading, and manufacture.

A large number of tourists alight at Jabalpur City airport as well as the railway station. Situated near tiger reserves it provides easy access to Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Pench National Parks. The famed Pachmarhi Hill Resort, Amarkantak Hills, and Satpura National Park are accessible from here.

The city itself is a major hub for tourism with a number of sightseeing destinations. The famed places are Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar Falls, Rani Durgavati Museum, Madan Mahal Fort, Dumna Nature Reserve, Bargi Dam Resort, Chusath Yogini, and Pariyat Reservoir, and many more picnic spots.

Lametaghat on River Narmada is an interesting place with fossilized dinosaurs being found here. It is geologically rich and is being studied by scientists. There are a number of ancient temples built by the Beohar dynasty in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The ashrams of Hindu saints impart religious teachings, meditation, and yoga.

Virgin River Narmada has a significant presence near the town, and Gwarighat Bank is a famous religious spot. Famous Shankar Shah Temple built by the Gond Kings is on the way to Gwarighat. There are a number of Hindu temples on the banks of Narmada at Gwarighat and Tilwara Ghat.

Marble Rocks

Important Addresses of Jabalpur

Collector & District Magistrate Jabalpur.

Office Address. Room No.6 Collectorate, Jabalpur. E-mail ID. Land Line. 0761-2624100. Residence. 0761-2603333. FAX. 0761-2624200 ...

Superintendent of Police.

Address, : South Civil Line, Jabalpur(M.P). Phone No, : 0761-2676111,2676222. Fax No, : 0761-2676222.

Police Control Room Omti, Jabalpur [MP].

Address, : Omti, Jabalpur(M.P). Phone No, : 0761-2676100. Fax No, : 0761-2676101. Enquiry. Name, : Mobile, : E - mail, :.
Phone No‎: ‎0761-2676111,2676222 Fax No‎: ‎0761-2676222
Address‎: ‎South Civil Line, Jabalpur(M.P)

Municipal corporation in Jabalpur, India
Address: Naudra Bridge, Marhatal, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482002
Hours: Open now ·
Add full hours
Phone: 0761 401 3603

Jabalpur Junction
Address: South Civil Lines, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001
Owner: Indian Railways

MPTDC (Tourism)

Tourist Information Centre
Address: South Civil Lines, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001
Phone: 076126 77290

Payali Bargi Dam

Payali Picnic spot near Bargi Dam Jabalpur

Payali Picnic spot near Bargi Dam Jabalpur

Jabalpur in Images

Water Falls at Marble Rocks in Jabalpur

Water Falls at Marble Rocks in Jabalpur

Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge

Narmada River

Narmada River

Jabalpur Images - Dr. John Matthai

Bhabadha Falls

Bhabadha Falls



Jabalpur Restaurant

Jabalpur Restaurant

Road Map of Marble Rocks

South Avenue Mall

Mall in Jabalpur

Mall in Jabalpur

Vijan Mahal Spa & Resort

Vijan Mahal Spa & Resort

Recreation Centers

There are many malls and shopping centers in the town but the well-known ones are Samdariya Mall (Civic Center) and South Avenue Mall (Narmada Road). These two also host cinema halls and some good eateries.

SVM is host to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dominos for those with Western Taste. Another joint that is recently opened is the Subway for some quick meals in the town.

But the center point of attractions still remains the coffee houses of the old days. These are jam-packed and much preferred by the families and intellectuals though smoking is not allowed anymore.

Some of the good restaurants are:

  • Vijan Mahal - Takht Hazara Restaurant
  • Olives at Russel Chowk
  • Hotel Krishna
  • Clock Tower (Chinese)
  • Woodlands (Sadar)
  • Prestige Princess(Bar)
  • Hotel Gulzar (Bar)
  • Hotel Arihant Palace (Veg)
  • Hotel Roopali (Veg)
  • Hotel Rishi Regency (Bar)
  • Hotel Narmada Jackson (Bar)

Major Shopping Markets
Sadar (Cantt)
City (Civic Center + Old Town)


  • Bhanwartal
  • Sadar

Picnic Spots

  • BheraGhat + Dhuandhar (Boat Ride)
  • Dumna Nature Reserve
  • Bargi Dam (MPTDC)
  • Pariyat Reservoir


  • Sadar
  • Civic Center

The old city is one good place for roadside snacks in Jabalpur.

Sweet Shops

  • Indore Sev Bhandar
  • Chandrakala
  • Raj Bhog
  • Hira Sweets
  • Gujarat Namkeen (Sadar)

Cakes & Bakeries

  • Owen Classic
  • 7/11 Gorakhpur
  • Four Seasons

The town has modern infrastructure with proper banking facilities ATMs, hospitals, spas, and specialist doctors.

Raja Gokuldas Haveli

Carving at Raja Gokuldas Mansion

Carving at Raja Gokuldas Mansion

Schools in Jabalpur

There are a number of English and Hindi medium schools in Jabalpur.

List of Schools:

  • Mahakoshal Public School, Gole Bazar
  • St. Aloysius Higher Secondary School
  • Pt Lajja Shankar Jha Model Higher Secondary School
  • St. Joseph's Convent H.S.School
  • St. Xaviers High School
  • Leonard Higher Secondary School, south civil lines
  • Anjuman Islamia Higher Secondary School
  • Spring Day Higher S. School
  • Army School, Jabalpur
  • Little World School
  • Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa Higher Secondary School ( Top school )
  • Christ church senior school for boys & girls [I.C.S.E]
  • Christ Church girls senior secondary school (est 1870)
  • Maharshi Vidya Mandir
  • Johnson English Medium Higher Secondary School
  • Sharda Memorial Higher Secondary School
  • Satya Prakash Public School
  • St. Gabriels Higher Secondary School
  • M.L.B Girls Higher Secondary School
  • St Thomas Higher Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Convent School Garha
  • Delhi Public School
  • Joy Senior Secondary School
  • Royal Heritage Public School
  • Ryan International School
  • Nachiketa Higher Secondary School
  • Nachiketa Senior Secondary School
  • Maharashtra English Medium Higher Secondary School
  • Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Adhartal
  • M.G.M Higher Secondary School, Hathital
  • Noble Children Academy Higher Secondary School, Vijay Nagar,
  • Sanatan Dharm Public Higher Secondary School, Hathital
  • Kendriya vidyalaya GCF No1
  • Kendriya vidyalaya VFJ No1
  • Kendriya vidyalaya GCF No2
  • Kendriya vidyalaya 1 STC
  • Kendriya vidyalaya COD
  • Kendriya vidyalaya TFRI
  • Kendriya vidyalaya Khamariya
  • Kendriya vidyalaya CMM
  • Kendriya vidyalaya Garha
  • Guru Gobind Singh Higher Secondary School, VFJ
  • R.S Bela Singh
  • St.Augustine high school,Sagra
  • Royal Senior Secondary School

Royal School

Royal H.S.School Jabalpur

Royal H.S.School Jabalpur


Sikh Temple in Jabalpur

Sikh Temple in Jabalpur

Jabalpur Sight Seeing

Vijan Mahal Hotel

Hotel in Jabalpur

Hotel in Jabalpur

Hotels in Jabalpur

Star Category

Luxury Hotels

Budget Hotels

Vijan Mahal

Krishna Hotel

Hotel Kanak

Narmada Jackson

Rishi Regency

Regal Hotel



Hotel Samrat



Hotel Princess


Prestige Princess


Jabalpur Hotels

It is a fine experience to stay in Jabalpur, in many of the hotels and guest houses. Ranging from three-star to deluxe and eventually budget lodges, the accommodations are affordable.

Most of the hotels in Jabalpur are in busy city areas but some are in a scenic locale. They offer a comfortable stay with fine dining. All types of cuisine are available in the restaurants in city hotels. One can enjoy Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi, South Indian, Intercontinental and Chinese food in the town. There are many dhabas around the town that offer traditional roadside food with aplomb.

The 3-star accommodations provide full business conference facilities as well as banquet halls for dinner parties, corporate events, and wedding ceremonies. There are few clubs that provide luxury accommodations.

Vijan Mahal is the only three-star hotel in Jabalpur. It comprises a resort hotel, banquet, and spa. The property also provides a wedding hall for ceremonies and engagements. The venues include a conference hall, board rooms for business meets, restaurants, pub, bar, gymnasium, spa, and pool.

Another place to stay in the town is the MP tourism Culchuri Hotel. Besides a number of rest houses are there in Jabalpur but they are reserved for officials and VIPs.

Jabalpur Church

Harrington Church Jabalpur

Harrington Church Jabalpur

Education Institutes

Universities & Colleges

With three universities to its credit and IIIIT, Jabalpur is a major hub of education. The Universities are:

  1. Rani Durga Viswa Vidayalya
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University
  3. Madhya Pradesh University of Veterinary Sciences

Some of the major public and private institutes are:

  • Jabalpur Engineering College
  • Subash Chandra Bose Medical College
  • Global Engineering & Management College
  • St. Aloysius Institute of Technology
  • Hitkarni College of Engineering & Technology
  • Guru Ramdas Khalsa Institute of Science & Technology
  • Xavier Institute of Development Action and Studies
  • Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences
  • Hitkarini Dental College & Hospital
  • Mahatma Gandhi Homoeopathic Medical College
  • Shri Ram Institute of Pharmacy
  • Department of Law, Rani Durgavati University
  • The Tropical Forest Research Institute
  • State Forest Research Institute
  • Weed Research Institute

The List of Colleges and Institution runs very largely but the above-mentioned ones are prominent.

JBP Photo - Dr.JohnMathai

Madan Mahal

Madan Mahal

Falls at Bhabhada

Falls at Bhabhada

Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls



Transportation in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is near Bhopal, Nagpur, and Raipur. The city is well connected with all major metros by railway and roads. A large number of trains ply from major cities to Jabalpur. The Dumna Airport is well connected with New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

The city transportation is well equipped with a large number of metro taxis, luxury buses, and autorickshaws that latter is available for local movement. The peddle or cycle rickshaw is a slow means of transport yet offers a detailed glimpse of the town at a leisurely pace.

While hiring transportation it is better to engage them through the hotel you are staying at. This way you will land up with a taxi or auto known to the hotel. Though the fares for the taxi are fixed you will have to haggle with the auto driver in order to settle the fare.

Jabalpur is a safe town, but crowded localities have to be avoided until unless you have a specific purpose. There lot of places for recreation and shopping which are safe. No dress restrictions apply but modesty is a virtue that is best everywhere.

One can travel in Jabalpur by the suggested means but it is better to avoid late-night movement. Single women should avoid traveling late in the night. This is just to avoid risk as anywhere else.

Agriculture Field Image

Fields in Jabalpur

Fields in Jabalpur

A number of people with unique achievements have taken birth or spent significant time in the city. Osho or Bhagwan Rajneesh, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Jabali Rishi, Jaya Bhaduri, Arjun Ramphal, and Premnath actors are associated with Jabalpur besides many artists and writers. Some of the other popular figures associated with Jabalpur are:

  • Shubdhra Kumari Chouhan
  • Seth Govindas
  • Hari Shankar Parsai
  • Shri Amrit Lal Vegad
  • Raghubir Yadav
  • Vijay Ghate
  • Kamta Prasad Guru
  • Bhupendra Nath Kaushik
  • Ghulam Mustafa Khan
  • Frank Anthony
  • Adesh Shrivastav
  • Achyut Poddar
  • Anand Patel (Cricketer Central Zone + 1st Class Match Referee)
  • Jal Cusetji (Vice Admiral)
  • Rustom K.S. Ghandhi (Vice Admiral)

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Hanuman Tal

Hanuman Tal Lake Photo

Hanuman Tal Lake Photo

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