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Journey Down Interstate 75


Traveling along I-75

I have traveled this highway many times on my yearly trip to Florida from Detroit. There is lots to see for those traveling along this road. Here are some tips for traveling from Detroit to Florida as well as some points of interest along the way. Enjoy and drive safe.

Interstate 75

Interstate 75 passes through six different states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. The highway stretches from Sault Ste. Marie all the way to Hialeah Florida just north of Miami for a total of 1786 miles or 2875 kilometers. Much of the highway is 6 lanes for the most part due to high volumes of traffic with the exception of a few areas.


Driving through Cincinnati on I-75

It is a nice drive through Cincinnati along I-75, there are plenty of things to see like the big General Electric plant, Jim Bean distillery and the beautiful city skyline. Traffic can get a bit busy through these parts however it is not nearly as busy as Atlanta. As you drive by downtown Cincinnati you approach a bridge that takes you over the Ohio river and into Kentucky.

Interstate 75 bridge over the Ohio River


Beautiful Scenery along I-75

When you are traveling through parts of Kentucky and Tennessee you will see part of the Great Smokey Mountains. This is by far my favorite part of the trip and I always drive along here during the day so I can take in all the breath taking views while driving along this route. The highest point along I-75 is in northern Tennessee at around 2200 feet above sea level.


Bi-pass on I-75

There are a couple of spots along Interstate 75 where you can bi-pass certain areas. If you are driving into Atlanta you can avoid going through the heart of the city by taking I-285, this will add some 40 minutes on to your trip. I prefer to just go through Atlanta however keep in mind you may experience many traffic delays and driving can get a bit crazy with the amount of cars on the road traveling an 8 lane highway on both sides. You can also avoid traffic jams by going through Atlanta on off hours, basically avoid rush hour and go through early morning on a weekend if your timing permits.

The other bi-pass that I recommend taking is I-475 which is about 16 miles long and will take you around Macon GA. Only continue on I-75 if you want to go to Macon, if not take the bi-pass you will save time by doing this and you will not have to go to downtown Macon and slow down to 55 miles per hour. Interstate 75 also drops down to 2 lanes from 4 on both sides when going through Macon which can also cause some traffic congestion.

Interstate 75 in Atlanta GA

Driving through Atlanta on a Saturday when traffic is light.

Driving through Atlanta on a Saturday when traffic is light.

Atlanta GA I-75

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Coming into Florida

It is always a welcome sign when you arrive in Florida because it means your journey is almost complete. I always stop at the Florida welcome center where you will find plenty of tourist information and of course a complementary cup of orange or grapefruit juice.


Landmarks along Interstate 75

There are plenty of interesting landmarks along the way down I-75, here are a few.

King of Kings

King of Kings

King of Kings landmark on I-75

King of Kings Jesus Statue just north of Cincinnati near Monroe Ohio. The statue was 62 feet tall and over 16,000 pounds, unfortunately this landmark is no longer there because it was struck by lightning and destroyed on June 15, 2010. Some had nicknamed the statue touchdown Jesus because the gesture is similar to a referee that signals a touchdown. No word if the statue will be rebuilt.

Florence Y'all


Florence Kentucky water tower

This water tower in Florence Kentucky along Interstate 75 contains about 1 million gallons of water, the message on the water tower makes it stand out to those driving by. The water tower used to say Florence Mall in an attempt to advertise the local business. After many complaints and legal issues were raised the name was changed to Florence Y'all.

Beautiful mountains in Tennessee

Probably my favorite part of the drive going through the mountains in Tennessee.

Probably my favorite part of the drive going through the mountains in Tennessee.

Driving through the mountains in Tennessee

I think the favorite part of the drive is going through Tennessee and seeing the mountains. Beware it can sometimes be foggy and if you are going through in the winter driving can be treacherous due to icy conditions. There are several lookout points where you can stop and take some photos and enjoy the view.

More to come

I just recently got back from my trip to Florida so I add plenty of updates and things to see along I-75. Stay Tuned

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