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Bengaluru Airport's Shuttle Services

Vayu Vajra Buses at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

Vayu Vajra Buses at Kempegowda International Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal

Airport Shuttle Services in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, a South Indian city located in Karnataka state in India is one of the fastest-growing cities and international destinations. The city has connectivity to international destinations through Kempegowda International Airport located at Devanhalli in Bengaluru North. Bengaluru's domestic and international airport operations erstwhile operated from HAL Airport located within the city. The new International Airport operating however came into existence with full-fledged operations from May 2008. The airport was christened with a prefix 'Kempegowda' who was the founder of Bengaluru city in 1537 A.D.

The airport has witnessed rapid changes related to airport infrastructure and airline business. Several international flights operate out of Bengaluru through a non-stop service. Some of the international destinations include London, Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Frankfurt, Munich to name a few. Bengaluru- Seattle, and Bengaluru-Tokyo are the two direct long-haul flights to be operated in the near future too.

The Karnataka Government's Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation or BMTC operates air-conditioned shuttle services to Bengaluru city from the Airport's BMTC Bus Terminal. The shuttle buses christened as "Vayu Vajra " (i.e Air-Diamond) operate on a round-the-clock basis whilst providing seamless connectivity between the city and the airport.

Vayu Vajra shuttle buses appear in blue colored coaches operated through Volvo's low-floor design buses. BMTC's low-floor buses provide an opportunity for a hassle-free boarding to the senior citizens and physically challenged passengers. The airport's BMTC bus terminal has several passenger-friendly and easily accessible bus bays otherwise convenient to board/alight from BMTC buses.

BMTC Shuttle Routes and Services

BMTC is the primary and popular source of public transport in Bengaluru city apart from Bengaluru's Namma Metro trains, auto-rickshaws, and cab services. BMTC's Vayu Vajra shuttles operate from the airport's BMTC bus terminal to many localities across Bengaluru city. The bus route numbers for airport shuttle services begin with the series KIAS-XX (XX denotes route numbers assigned). BMTC considers various factors including popularity, patronage, time taken to reach the airport, etc in order to provide shuttle bus services to the airport from the city center.

The airport shuttle route number KIAS-9 is the most popular bus route connecting the city center and the airport. The shuttle operates at a frequency of every 40-45 minutes to travel via Airport Expressway and Hebbal Junction to reach the airport. As also airport shuttle route number KIAS-8 is the longest route from the airport connecting Electronic City- which is the popular technology hub of Bengaluru city. The buses operate on various trips and schedules assigned to each bus to run on a 24-hour basis.

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BMTC's Vayu Vajra Shuttle Bus operating from Bengaluru's Kemegowda International Airport BMTC Bus Terminal

BMTC's Vayu Vajra Shuttle Bus operating from Bengaluru's Kemegowda International Airport BMTC Bus Terminal

Tips to Travel in BMTC's Airport Shuttles

BMTC's airport shuttle services i.e. Vayu Vajra buses offer hassle-free boarding and alighting at the airport's bus bay. BMTC bus terminal at the airport is located opposite to domestic departure hall. The bus terminal has a 24-hour information desk to guide the bus passengers to reach their destinations.

Below are some of the tips to travel in BMTC's airport shuttle services.

  • The crew is fluent in native language Kannada and sometimes is conversant in English and Hindi too. Please check with the airport's info desk for any assistance who will also guide you to board your bus.

  • BMTC shuttle buses are blue in color and completely air-conditioned. The ticket fare varies based on your destination. For a detailed fare chart, you may enquire at the info desk

  • Debit/Credit card payments are accepted for ticket fare and you may visit info desk to avail the facility. You need to make the payment first and then obtain the travel ticket from the crew when you board a bus.

  • Since BMTC operates low-floor buses to the airport, there is enough room to keep the luggage in the center portion. Please check with the crew for specific luggage storage requirements.

  • A cafeteria is available next to the info desk at the bus terminal. You can stop over here for a cup of coffee before boarding a bus.

  • Almost all buses allow passengers to board the buses and occupy seats. In rare crowded instances, you may witness passengers standing in the bus- which is allowed by the crew.

  • Windows are sealed and air-conditioned vents are available at every seat.

  • To alight at the bus stop or your destination, insist on a call ahead to the crew upon boarding the bus. The crew will ensure necessary arrangements either through the public announcement system or manually to announce the arrival of your destination.

  • It is important to keep the tickets with you until you alight at the destination. Further, you need to present the ticket to the ticket checking squad who often pay surprise visits in the buses to ensure punctuality and smooth operation of buses.

  • Few buses offer dispensable drinking water to the bus passengers. However please ensure you carry a drinking water bottle during travel in buses otherwise.

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are not allowed inside the buses and in public places including bus terminals.
Kempegowda International Airport-Bengaluru

Kempegowda International Airport-Bengaluru

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