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South Carolina Bookstores and Poetry

Brittany is a self-published poet, blogger, freelance writer, and book reviewer who lives in South Carolina.


Independent Bookstores and why People Love Them

As a self-published poet and book lover, I'm a huge fan of independent bookstores. Especially in my area. They provide me with many of my favorite novels at home, and also provide me opportunities to sell my book and engage in author events. Independent bookstores let customers develop connections and purchase books at half the price a retail store like Barnes and Noble would normally offer. When I walk into a bookstore, I like that the staff members know who I am and can let me know when new books in my favorite genres come in. There's something about a small store that thrives in a community that keeps customers coming back. I personally enjoy the atmosphere of an independent bookstore over a larger chain store. Plus, I'm a fan of shopping in "mom and pop" shops to help families make a living. Below, I will list a handful of my favorite independent bookstores in South Carolina and what makes the store worth visiting.

Independent Bookstores in South Carolina

  • Bookends New and Used Books Located in Horry County in North Myrtle Beach, this independent bookstore is right off of Main Street. The ocean is only miles away, and many customers purchase books for their beach day read. The owners are fabulous people who make every person feel at home, and there is cute merchandise up front including magnets, tree ornaments, bags, and cards.
  • Back Again Bookshop Located in Horry County in Myrtle Beach, this independent bookstore is unique. They host author evens, have a children's area for books and play, offer sitting rooms for customer to use for certain book genres, have merchandise such as games, shirts, and mugs, and (my favorite) they own two rescue cats that roam the store! This bookshop is truly unique and attract many locals who live in the Myrtle Beach area.
  • Nevermore Books Located in Beaufort, this bookstore is unique as it's name. Their theme (you guessed it!) is centered around Edgar Allen Poe. However, their are other selections to browse. If you are a Poe fan, this should be on your bucket list.
  • The Bookworm Used Bookstore Located in Murrells Inlet, they offer many great genres and offer "Little Bookworms" section with picture books for one dollar each. There is a shelf put together by the staff of books they personally recommend and another where you can pick a "Blind Date with a Book." They also offer book lamps, bookmarks, tote bags, picture frames, pins, bookish candles, and t-shirts. They have won Readers' Choice Winner for Best Bookstore in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022

Poetry About Bookstores

This section will reveal a poem on bookstores.

Bookstores keep a warm space in my heart

They're cozy and inviting with little red carts

Bookstores are my home away from home

I'll find mini adventures anytime that I roam

Bookstores may be an addiction of mine

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I take in the scent and the beautiful spine

Bookstores give me something to do

Whether the volume is old or new

Bookstores let me enjoy Edgar Allen Poe

His beautiful poems have a lovely rhyme flow

Bookstores offer days of bliss

I get lost in romance novels with a magical kiss

Bookstores are an introvert's dream

This cozy place is more than it seems

Bookstores inspire me to be

Creative, imaginative, and free as the sea

The Value of Independent Bookstores

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