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IRCTC Retiring Room at Ahmedabad

Arrival at Ahmedabad

I had planned a short visit to Ahmedabad for one day in the month of February 2020. I decided to fly to Mumbai and then take the early morning Shatabdi Express to Ahmedabad. You can read the detailed trip report at this link. I had a confirmed booking to Ahmedabad from Mumbai Central. Thus I was able to book a retiring room online at official portal to book online retiring rooms across the Indian Railway network.

The retiring room booking portal accepts bookings only if you have confirmed a rail journey ticket either confirmed or a reservation against cancellation (RAC) status. As my ticket was confirmed from Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad, I could book my retiring room for up to a 6-hour stay at Ahmedabad Railway station. After a satisfying rail journey from Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad, I enquired about the location of the retiring room at the railway station. I was directed to go to the first floor above the main entrance of the railway station building.

I was surprised to know that the retiring rooms at Ahmedabad Railway Station were outsourced to a franchise. The reception and ambiance were clean and neat. I presented my e-ticket, booking number, and identity card to the reception desk. After due verification of my tickets, I was quickly allowed to occupy the designated room on the first floor.

My Stay at the Retiring Room

As soon as I entered the room, it appeared neat and pleasing. The retiring room had a modern look with aesthetic features, well-furnished beddings, and an air conditioner to humidify the room. I settled down in the room and decided to have some refreshing coffee. A coffee maker was provided in the room along with a tea/coffee kit consisting of tea bags, instant coffee powder, and sugar. After sipping a hot cup of coffee, I quickly headed out to have lunch.

Ahmedabad Railway Station was recently introduced with IRCTC's executive lounge. The lounge provided facilities for the transit passengers to take a brief rest before embarking on respective trains departing from the railway station. The lounge also had the facility of food that included breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening tea. I inquired about the availability of lunch but by the time I arrived at the lounge, food services were closed for the day. I had no other option than to rely on the other railway restaurant that served snacks and beverages. I opted for a hot kachori and samosa along with a hot cup of coffee.

After having snacks, I wanted to buy a Western Railway timetable published at the zonal level. I otherwise had a hobby of zonal collecting railway timetables of Indian. The zonal railway timetable was only available at railway stations falling under respective railway zones. I enquired about the same at the book shop on platform number 1. I could not get a copy of the English version but had to be content only with the Hindi version of the book.

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Return To Bengaluru

I returned to my room soon and decided to take short rest until my departure in the evening at 6 p.m. After a refreshing nap, I woke up at 5 pm and prepared a cup of coffee. Soon I began to prepare to leave the room and complete the check-out formalities. I checked out of the room at 6 pm without much hassle. I entered the ground floor of the railway station and decided to take a cab to the airport.

My flight to Bengaluru was at 10 pm and I had to be much early at the Ahmedabad airport while leaving from Ahmedabad Railway station. Soon my taxi arrived and I boarded the cab quickly.

Traffic had already piled up opposite to the railway station and the road leading to the railway station entrance. The cab driver managed to wade through the busy traffic and we managed to reach the airport within one hour. After completing the check-in formalities and security check, I had some time to spend at the airport. I chose this time to listen to some music until the opening of boarding gates.

Soon the boarding gates were opened and I quickly occupied my seat. The flight time to Bengaluru from Ahmedabad airport was smooth and I reached home past midnight and returned to bed for a night of deep sleep.

How to book IRCTC Retiring Rooms Online?

Indian Railways operates a network of railway retiring rooms ideal for an overnight stay at the railway stations. The passenger should have a valid journey ticket towards another destination at the place of availing of the retiring rooms. The retiring room facility is available for a maximum of two days or a 48-hour stay, as applicable.

IRCTC web portal also handles the online booking of retiring rooms through its dedicated web portal A passenger with a valid PNR-based electronic ticket or a PRS ticket can book online rooms but only with a confirmed ticket or reservation against cancellation (RAC) status ticket. Passengers with the waitlisted tickets may not be able to book online rooms and booking is otherwise restricted to the waitlisted passengers.

If there is a change in the journey ticket or travel plans from the original PNR-based ticket, rooms already booked will be automatically stand canceled on the basis of the original PNR ticket. The refund, if any, will be adjusted accordingly as per the norms set by IRCTC.

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