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Filipino Accent Sweet, Soft, and Sounds Like Singing

Imelda Nugent also known as Rustic Living Lang is an experienced grade school teacher in the Philippines for 15 years.

Filipino Accent

I realized I got an accent. I smiled and told myself I got an accent. Wow! All my life I admired people with an accent and here I am a Filipino with an accent.


British Accent

I was in the queue to pay for my groceries at the Supermarket in Davao, Philippines and I noticed a lady that was in the line too. She was talking with the person beside her. She talks English in an English way. I mean she has a British accent. I looked at her and thought to myself, “She is brown and looks Filipino to me.” So I figured maybe she was born and raised somewhere in the UK. Then, I heard her talking with the cashier and made my eyes wide. She can speak my dialect which is Bisaya/ Cebuano fluently. From that time I admired people that can talk different languages and with accents.

Languages running in my mind all day

As an Elementary School teacher in the Philippines I taught all subjects. This means I teach English and Filipino languages everyday except on the weekends. Plus I speak my dialect in Davao with my friends and at home. You can just imagine three languages running into my mind all day. As they say, teaching is an art. I just now realized how hard it is for the students too. Learning to understand the subject and learning the language. Because we teach Science and Mathematics in English. I wonder how a grade one student solves one plus one and asks “What is one?” But we are Filipinos and we can do it.

Why do I know these languages?

I wonder why, but I can understand some of them.

I learned fromLanguages


Surigaonon/ Cebuano/ Filipino/ English


Dabawenyo/ Cebuano/ Chavacano/ Filipino/ English


Chavacano/ Dabawenyo/ Cebuano/ Filipino/ English


Filipino/ English/ Cebuano

girl scout

some words of Japanese

when I was in the convent

Studied French and Italian

worked in a British and Indian School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

some words Arabic, Hindi and British English

Friends around the world

some words Malay, Chinese, Korean

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Twisted Tongue

Almost all Filipinos can speak three or more languages. I know one or two words of French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, and don’t forget Spanish. A doctor might say your tongue is so twisted.


Yes, I talk with Filipino Accent.

Sometimes I forget that I grew up not speaking English only. When I talk, someone will ask me, “Are you from the Philippines?” How come this person knows I am from the Philippines. Well, it is obvious I am brown.

Then, “I know a doctor from the Philippines and he really talks like you.” I am glad he is a doctor.

“ The cashier in Walmart that is so sweet and helpful sounded just like you too.” and “The nurse that took care of my dad is so kind and she sounded like you.” My brain is screaming I cannot pronounce those words well. I sounded like them.

“I like the way you people talk. It is sweet, soft and it seems to me like singing.” The kind words of that lady made me think. I studied English so I can understand and speak it. It made me feel proud that a person appreciates my being a Filipino. Not laughing at my accent but seeing the abilities that a Filipino can do.

I realized I got an accent. I smiled and told myself I got an accent. Wow! All my life I admired people with an accent and here I am a Filipino with an accent.

Yes, I talk with a Filipino accent.

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