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I Will Never Stay at the Stratosphere Again

Sarah has traveled to Las Vegas many times in the past few years, sometimes with her husband and sometimes solo.

In October 2021, I drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with my husband. The drive isn't too bad since it's only four hours to drive. We arrived in Las Vegas early evening then we checked into the Strat Hotel before walking around the Strip. Our room at the Strat hotel was average and it was good for the star level. The room was clean and we were happy with our room. We spent many hours walking around the Strip and got dinner at Circus Circus and enjoyed our night. We finally arrived back at the Strat around 1:30 am then took a shower and were exhausted. All we wanted was to go to bed but unfortunately, we weren't able to have a relaxing stay at this hotel.

Fake Emergency

At around 3 am, the alarm started going off inside our room and wouldn't stop so I woke up. I felt really scared because I didn't know what was going on and I woke up my husband. I started panicking because I thought it was a real emergency and I was in my pajamas. I practically jumped out of bed and grabbed my phone, wallet, room keys, and shoes. My husband called the front desk to ask what was going on and the employee at the front desk didn't pick up the phone. Then he called the emergency number on the telephone and the person on the other end didn't know what was going on and told us to evacuate the room.

At this point, the alarm stopped and the loudspeakers announced for us to evacuate the room and go down the stairs. The Strat Hotel is a very tall hotel with many floors and unfortunately, we were on the 10th floor so we had to walk down all the flights until we got to the bottom floor. There were also many other hotel guests evacuating by using the stairs so it was very busy. The security guided us outside to the front of the hotel through the back door and this was where everyone gathered.

We waited outside for at least half an hour for someone from the Strat Hotel to tell us what was going on and if it was safe for us to go back inside. However, no one said anything and we didn't know what to do. For the alarm to sound and to tell everyone to evacuate, I thought that maybe there was a fire or an active shooter inside the hotel so it wasn't safe for us. However, this didn't seem to be the case and as none of the hotel staff was able to tell us anything, it seemed to have just been a case of someone pulling the alarm somewhere in the hotel which triggered the evacuation.

Then people started to go back inside after about 45 minutes so my husband and I also went back inside. When we stepped back into the lobby, it looked as if the people in the lobby were unaware of what had happened. The slot machines were full, staff was filling drinks and taking orders, and people were going about their business as usual.

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Rude and Clueless Staff

While I understand that the Strat Hotel was just taking precautions by evacuating us from the hotel, we didn't appreciate that the employees didn't know what was going on and couldn't tell us what was going on. Also, the employees didn't even have the courtesy to come outside and tell us that it was safe for us to go back inside. The employees just left us outside for almost an hour and we only found out that it must've been a fake emergency by going back into the hotel on our own.

It appeared also that the alarm only went off on certain floors of the hotel and not the entire hotel so only a few floors were affected. The hotel employees should've had the courtesy to tell us that it was a fake emergency and that everything was fine but no one did that. My husband and I along with other hotel guests went to the front desk to complain. We understood that it wasn't the front desk employees' fault that this happened to us but we did feel that they were somewhat at fault for not even letting the guests know about the situation.

We normally are never the type of customers to complain about anything unless it's something really serious that the hotel doesn't fix and this was one of these situations. We were exhausted from driving from Los Angeles and spending the night on the Strip and all we wanted was a relaxing night at the hotel. However, this wasn't the case but thankfully the front desk receptionist was able to just refund us for the night. We didn't pay that much money but it was a good feeling to be able to be refunded for a service I didn't exactly receive.

At this point it was already 5 am by the time we got back to the room and from all that excitement, I couldn't even sleep. It took me over an hour to fall back asleep and to have breakfast we had to be awake and out of the hotel by 9 am. Therefore, I only ended up sleeping about three hours that night. After this experience, I will never be staying at the Strat Hotel ever again.

© 2022 Sarah Wong

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