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How to Start Your Own Travel Journal

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Blank maybe, but not for long!

Blank maybe, but not for long!

Creating a narrative

When writing a travel journal, the most important thing is to create a compelling story. This doesn't mean you have to write about everything that you do. Instead, pick out the most exciting things you experience and write about them. Then, you can move on to more important things, like how you feel after you have returned from your travels.

In the past, medieval scribes would add detailed illustrations to their texts. These illustrations would help to communicate tone and context. The readers would value these texts more if they offered a visual experience. In the 19th century, environmentalists often added botanical and animal details, highlighting their Latin genus, species, and common names. Adding these details to a travel journal makes it a unique and valuable souvenir. Something that can be appreciated by friends and family.

Write about the most exciting and memorable experiences you had on your travels. Write about what you did that made the trip special, such as meeting new people or experiencing new cultures. Include pictures, especially ones that can describe the place you're in. They can also help you express your feeling about your trip. So, if you'd like to add a narrative to your travel journal, you'll need to consider your writing style.

Adding mementos

Travel journals are not only about capturing the sights and sounds of your trip. They can also include mementos, such as tickets, maps, and napkins. They can help bring your travel journal to life, and you can add these in all styles. Here are some tips for adding mementos to your travel journal. They don't have to cost much, either. You can even add photos online.

Decorative glass jars or display domes are a great place to display travel souvenirs. They also make wonderful conversation pieces and look great in a bathroom. Paper souvenirs can be mounted in a shadow box or collage. You can also frame a single piece of artwork as a souvenir. To make a shadow box, use heavy cardboard and glue the paper souvenirs to it. You can make your life and living space a travel journal of items.

Coasters are another excellent idea to add to your journal. Embossed coasters often have the name of the restaurant or bar on them. These souvenirs can help you remember the food you ate at that restaurant or the best bar you visited. By stitching together your travel journal with souvenirs, you can create a lasting reminder of your travels. It is also good to upcycle your travel mementos to make magnets, coasters, or a memory box. Depending on your taste and style, you can also use your travel journal as a bookshelf end.

Woman adding to her ravel journal

Woman adding to her ravel journal

Creating a sketchbook

Creating a travel sketchbook is an excellent way to record your experiences and memories. A travel sketchbook allows you to slow down and observe the things around you. While you may not be able to sketch everything, the places you love and what you enjoy the most should be highlighted. The sketchbook can serve as a reminder of all the beautiful things you see, as well as your personal highlights.

When choosing a sketchbook, you should choose one with acid-free paper and high-quality buff-colored drawing paper. The acid-free paper helps preserve your artwork. A sketchbook may come in various shapes, including a square, which is particularly popular among travel journal keepers and illustrators. While this style may be a little unusual, it can provide you with a unique format for your sketches and travel journal.

If you love to draw, you can use watercolors or other painting materials to create your journal's pages. Once the artwork dries, you can paste it into the journal. Alternatively, you can use drawing apps for smartphones and tablets. If you do not feel uncomfortable sketching, you can use a computer to create an art journal. You can also include photographs of things you like to remember from your trip.

You can create an inspirational mood board for your travel journal. You can also use your journal to dream of the future or as a mood board for your upcoming holiday. If you're creative, you can use your travel journal as a mood board to make sketches and scrapbooks. You can even use mindmaps with colored pens or pencils to give your sketches vibrant and easy-to-remember concepts. This can be a great way to show off your illustrative talents if you plan on publishing the book.

While it can be daunting to start a travel journal based on online or offline, it's not impossible to create a personalized version that reflects your life at the time, your experience, and your feelings about the trip. You can use your journal to record your memories and sketches and include photographs and doodles. Even if your writing isn't particularly beautiful, your journal will still be an excellent reference point. Also, using arrows and other illustrative attention elements can help your readers explore the journal with more anticipation.

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Deciding where you want to travel can be part of your journal

Deciding where you want to travel can be part of your journal

Adding text labels

Here are a few tips if you plan to add text to your travel journal. Text labels are a great way to add narrative depth to photos. Add captions explaining where you were, what you were doing, and the significance of the places you visited. Use text labels to transition between images to build a narrative. For example, if you're traveling by car, you can stick small coins from the country you're visiting into your journal. You can create descriptions will yellow post-it notes if you want to add a bit of a fun note to the memory, and since they come in different colours, they will feel like magic content flaps!

Adding receipts of memories

You may have received a hotel bill or restaurant receipt while on vacation. You can now add them to your travel journal! Just make sure to capture the receipt with your phone, as they can’t be the easiest thing to keep a hold of while traveling.

Adding receipts to your travel journal is a great way to remember those little trips within a trip. Keep track of these little adventures! You can also add train and bus tickets to your journal. Receipts come with almost anything and can be a great way to remember them. If you use an app to capture your receipts, you can add them to your travel journal in a few simple steps if it’s online and collate them later into your journal.

Another great way to add mementos to your travel journal is by collecting bottle caps from restaurants. Many restaurants use unique bottle caps. They can be added to your journal as ephemera, or you can even save the coasters. Using these as a source of inspiration, you will remember where you bought each type of food and where you got it. And while you are at it, be sure to save the wrappers, too. Another rarer item but still sought after is pubs or famous hotel beer mats. Having some of these might make your collection worth money to a collector in the coming years, as many times there are journals from the World Wars on The Antiques Roadshow.

Adding doodles & stickers

Adding doodles to a personal travel journal is an excellent way to keep track of your adventures and remember where you were at a specific time. Common travel symbols and icons include airplanes, suitcases, maps, and compasses.

Doodles can be simple drawings of things that remind you of a specific place or event. Try sketching out a scene with words or images that are relevant to that place. It can be as simple as a snowman, a mitten, a ski, or a sledding hill. You can add seasonal doodles, such as Christmas trees and pumpkins. Whatever you do, make sure that you use a range of colors that work together. For best results, limit yourself to three primary colors and black. Then you can create an eye-friendly theme that possibly even matches the cover.

Travel journals can also include sketches and ephemera. Adding doodles to a travel journal is a great way to record travel inspiration. Even the smallest detail can inspire you to write or draw. Travel stickers and colorful pens can be fun additions to a travel journal, and they make it easy to add things like emojis to your journal. Sticker packs are cheap online, with many different characters and themes you can incorporate.

Besides doodles, you can also add functional doodles to your travel journal. Adding weather icons is a fun task for many travelers, as the weather significantly impacts each day there. You can also add a map of a city or other place and an icon for that location.

You can publish your digital journal into a book to keep forever

You can publish your digital journal into a book to keep forever

Adding a tracker

Adding a tracker to a daily travel journal can help you to keep a record of where you've been. This is especially useful for multi-destination trips. You can draw a map of the area you're traveling to and mark the locations you've been to. You can add entries throughout the day and then add a line to mark the location you visited. It's an excellent visual reference, especially for road trips.

Another great benefit to creating a travel journal is keeping track of your finances. Savings and budgeting are essential for a trip, and a tracker will help you ensure you don't overspend and don't miss out on any of the fun. It will help you plan your trip and make it more memorable. It also helps you figure out how much money you'll need for your trip so that you can start saving for it. You can cut out or take photos of any maps you use to help with your travels.

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