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How to work in National parks

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Teton mountains in Wyoming


How to work in National parks

When people ask me where I've used to work? I replied "Worked in National park" people question "which National park in what State?" I replied "Grand teton national park in Wyoming" now usually the other questions bought up "Sounds like fun","I didn't even know that was a job,"Do you have to become an Park ranger" and, last but least "how did you get the job" unfortunately I'm writing this article who ever wanted to work in National park but don't know how to apply this article is for you.

The best websites to look for National parks Jobs is two websites I highly recommend and no I'm not a paid sponsor by any of those two websites are is a good way to look for National parks or Seasonal jobs in all FIFTIE STATES there are multiple job positions on this site alone it's not limited to one specific job you can apply for Management, Server,Housekeeper,Guide and Cook .etc. Next NPS.GOV/about us/workwithus.htm(U.S. National park service) if you have some experience in Maintenance or Laborers although, you can do Volunteer work as well.

What I had showed you so far, no you're don't have to become a Park ranger working in National park or to apply for one they usually hiring for multiple positions but, like any other job is still hard work.The time you usually get days-off is only two days and work fourth hours for five days a week evening overtime(it Depends) although, you will have time to explore free outdoor activities and meet like-minded people like yourself at work or outside of work. I will possibly share my experience working in National park mainly Grand teton,Wyoming but my conclusion is you find multiple positions on and NPS.GOV and no you're don't have to become an Park ranger to work in National park or apply.

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NPS.GOV/About us/work with us

Hiking trails in Jenny lake,Grand Teton National park


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