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How to find a Beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Argentina is a beautiful country and with it´s sup-tropical climate going on a Beach trip is always a good idea espially when the weather is so hot that nothing else goes. In case you are in Buenos Aires then there is to say that there are no direct beaches within the city boarders. Luckily there are beaches further away from the city, which basically means that you need to go on a trip if you want to go swimming on a beach. In this article I want to describe some nice beaches, which are not too far away so that even day trips are possible although it might be better to extend the beach trip to a beach weekend because the closest beach is still a 4-5 hours bus ride away.

Mar de Plata

Mar de Plata

Beaches around Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Mar del Plata

Mar de Plata is probably the most popular beach around Buenos Aires and is easily reachable by Bus, which includes a 4-5 hours ride. Here you can find beautiful white beaches, cliffs and blue Water. There are many beach activities offered like Scuba Diving, Surfing, Snorkeling or Jet Skiing but you can also simply relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. Basically everything is possible in Mar de Plata, whether you are looking for a quiet time or you prefer active water sports. In addition the nightlife is gorgeous and the bars and restaurants are inviting you for the local cuisine. For those who like fishing there are lots of possibilities here. You can simply sit down somewhere and put your rod into the water or even hire a boat, it is really up to you.

Mar de Ajo

Mar de Ajo

Mar de Ajo

Mar de Ajo is located in the south of Buenos Aires and you can easily reach it by bus or by car. The Beach is beautiful and you are able to go swimming in the crystal clear water. The weather is nice all year and the temperature peaks in the summer months but is also nice in Winter. The ride to Mar de Ajo will take probably around 4-5 hours so that it might be a better idea to stay overnight or spend a whole weekend there. Like in every Tourist destination there are lots of restaurants and hotels, so that you can easily spend some quality time in Mar de Ajo. Especially the seafood like shellfish is quite popular and you are able to go fishing in many places. There is also a Casino, which is called “Mar de Ajo Casino”. Basically Mar de Ajo is a decent beach paradise for all those people who want to escape the city for a while.


Cariló is a quiet but beautiful beach resort in the south of Buenos Aires. Cariló Beach has a blue ocean environment is perfect for families and tourists. The place itself is very laid back and peaceful. Here is the best spot for enjoying a quiet moment and relaxation. In case you are looking to escape the busy city than Carilo is the perfect place to do so.

Punto de Este

Punto de Este

Beaches around Buenos Aires in Uruguay

Punta del Este

Punta del Este is the most famous beach in Uruguay and also one of the most beautiful ones. A funny fact is that this small town has only 7.300 inhabitants but attracts every summer more than 500.000 visitors. So I think that the numbers describe best why Punta del Este is worth a visit. The beaches are gorgeous and you can go swimming, fishing or simply relax on the white sanded beaches. According to the Website Mansa and Brava are the most popular beaches in Punta del Este. Mansa is a family friendly place where you can enjoy the sun and relax, while Brava is a beach with big waves and more for Adrenalin Junkies.

How to get to the beaches

Well in case you want to make a trip to one of the Beaches in Argentina like Mar de Ajo, Mar de Plata or Carilo then you simply take a bus from one of the big Stations in Buenos Aires. The bus rides will take around 4-5 hours but these are the closest beaches from Buenos Aires.

If you prefer to go to a Beach in Uruguay then you should take a ferry. The most popular way to go there is with the “Buquebus”. This is basically the only company that organizes Transport so Uruguay from Buenos Aires. You should book your ferry at least 2 days ahead and simply do it online or at the Terminal in “Puerto Madero” in Buenos Aires. The address is:

Main Terminal: 821 Avenida Antartina Argentina in Puerto Madero

879 Cordoba Ave

1452 Posadas

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