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How to Seal an Envelope on a Postage Meter Sealer Machine Without Applying Postage



Chances are if the company work for generates a lot of mail there is a postage meter and sealer machine that allows you to seal envelopes and apply postage fees at the same time.

Who knows? Maybe there are even folks at home that use this sort of equipment for licking and stamping mail all in one shot.

What if you want to turn off application of postage but still want the sealer to run? In other words, what if you want to seal envelopes only and not apply postage?

I ran into this situation and found the  solution.  Now, for sake of honesty, I'll warn you that I do not actually operate the postage meter/mailer. This piece of equipment is miles away from my office location. The operator and I figured it out remotely over the phone.

It worked like a million bucks. Afterwords, I forwarded the information via email to other sites that said my instructions worked well. I figured I'd post this in my article below.  This worked for a Hasler IM440 mailer sealer machine but it might work for other mailing equipment available to you.  If you aren't sure, consult your owner's manual or contact the company you bought it from.  That said, I hope this helps regardless if the machine you have.

Step 1

Look at the Home Mailing Screen

Step 2

At the bottom of the screen there should be a button.

This button determines what is going to print (you can change the date, etc).

Press that button.

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Step 3

On the screen the top line should be highlighted "Standard"

Select what gets you into that line and change to "No Stamp"

Once you accept this, it will indicate that the meter is off.

Step 4

From here you can seal without using the meter. The envelopes will only be closed. No stamp added.


I hope that helps! Please check out my other posts sometime if you get a chance.  Thanks

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