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How Do You Travel? It Says a Lot About Your Personality

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The way you travel says a lot about you and your personality. Find out what type of personality you have and what all things you should keep in mind when you travel.


Once when you are ready to travel with a list of exotic places, do you carry entire household stuffs in your luggage? do you make sure that you don't miss out anything and cover everything at an energetic pace? or would rather pack your luggage at comfortable pace, after all, your aim is to unwind at your favorite destination. Your traveling style speaks a lot about your personality, find out what type of personality you have.



When you travel alone,a solo traveler, you don't have any choice but to make the effort to meet new peoples wherever you go. You like getting away from your daily tedious routine. You've likely to not make or don't bother of any detailed planning and go with the flow without any stress.

Personality Type - Impetuous, generous, confidential, conclusive, independent.

Advice -

1. Always when plan to travel try to keep a mode of communication handy, even though your objective is to cut off from the world for some time, you may require during any emergencies.

2. Don't entrust anyone easily within few meetings.

3. Do a bit of research about destinations which you plan to travel so that you know the kind of atmosphere that area has, popular things, food and also how to stay safe there.



As a backpacker, you're ready to spend more money for better comfort instead of being fussy, after all, you want to enjoy your journey, plus, you can do more number of things when you travel cheap.

Personality Type - Easy-going ,open-minded, adjusting, yearning of freedom, stretching your last dollar in creative way.

Advice -

1. If the place where you are planning to stay is cheap but it is hygienic then staying at cheap place if fine. Try to read reviews of hotels or hostels at that destinations on internet so that you choose the right one to stay.

2. If you have a low budget for travel then better know the whether conditions because weather can make a difference to your traveling budget.

3. Always take precautions when you are sharing a dorm with strangers like carry a supply of medicines.

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As as adrenaline addict, the thought of entertaining is to try anything once like to swim with shark or jumping from high mountain, throwing yourself off great heights. Also, calling out your names in a place which is not frequently visited, off the beaten path destinations. you'd like challenges like going in stormy weather, you're grasping to share your stories with anyone who is willing to listen.

Personality Type - Careless, hate you're routine, good sense of humor, caring only about yourself, curious, youthful outlook.

Advice -

1. Inform your close buddies or someone like family about your plans and how they can reach or contact you.

2. Always carry your ID and some emergency contact numbers like of ambulance, fire-brigade of that destination in your bag.

3. Don't avoid and listen to your body like lack of sleep, pain etc, if ignored, you may face more trouble, so respect your body.



Heritage sites, Pub crawls, music concert, film festivals, beer fests and museums are your hunting grounds. You like meeting peoples of your own type, like-minded peoples, and have fun with them. You are the one who actually seek the authentic local experience and who loves to savor the distinct features of any of your destinations.

Personality Type - Affirmative, social, open-minded, constructive, philosophical, active, fussy, curious.


1. Carry a map or navigating device if don't know what's on where before you start your hunt and do look for deals which are good for you.

2. Don't drink too much because it's easy to get carried away at religious festivals, so try to limit the amount you drink.


Firmly clutching on to the hotel or any other brochures, with all your booking arrangements done, you're quite cautious traveler. Destinations which are mostly popular will work fine for you. For you, people travel their way around without taking cautions are inexplicable curiosities. You will see yourself breaking into a rash when you think of having to live in a hostel or hotel.

Personality Type - Aspiring, conventional, orderly.

Advice -

1. You are going to have fun, so you just need to loosen up, after all, most part of the journey is about enjoying while getting there.

2. If things are not going accordingly or if something unusual event occurs then don't get fazed by contingencies. Most of the times things doesn't or rarely go according to your plan when you travel.

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Hiren V (author) from India on February 06, 2013:

Thank you & have a safe journey!

freecampingaussie from Southern Spain on January 30, 2013:

An enjoyable hub especially as we are storing the 4 WH Drive - caravan & setting off to explore the world !

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