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How To Apply For A Ugandan Passport, The Official Travel Document - Helping Your Travel Throughout E.Africa & The World


Different countries have what they refer to as the official traveling documents and so when it comes to Uganda. A passport is that document which facilitates and as well as eases the traveling process of both the outgoing (traveling outside a particular country) and too the incoming (entering into a particular country), and are issued by a national government through the responsible offices for example the internal affairs ministry for Uganda, the respective embassies or even consulates as a way of certifying the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel.

According to the difference sources online like Wikipedia, the term passport was derived from a medieval document which was required to pass through the gate "porte" of a city wall or to pass through a territory and such documents were issued to travelers by local authorities, and generally contained a list of towns and cities into which a document holder was permitted to pass with the earliest reference being in around the 450 BC. The republic of Uganda does issue passports of different types some of which include the following below.

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Passport Types Issued In Uganda

Diplomatic Passports
These are the type of passports which are issued to diplomats and other government officials like ministers, foreign service officers, chief justice, bank governor, chancellors and vice chancellors of state universities, recognized cultural and traditional leaders, the speaker and deputy speaker of parliament and others, for work related international travel together with others including their families like Spouses.

Official Passports
These are the type of passports which are issued to persons like the archbishop of the church of Uganda and others church leaders representing other churches like the Catholic church, the seventh-day Adventist church, members of permanent commissions, the chief kadhi, Uganda Muslim supreme council leaders, and any other persons that may be eligible as determined by law.

Ordinary Passports
These are the type of passports which are issued to all the other remaining persons who do not fall in the above categories like the Diplomatic and the Official ones.

The Entire Process

The whole process of applying for a Uganda passport is something which is simple to go about provided the person who want to acquire the passport is willing and committed to doing so, and below is how the entire process goes like.

1. The interested party or applicant is required to obtain the passport application forms A and B from the Passport office nearest to you for example at the Directorate of Immigration office at the Internal Affairs Ministry in Kampala, or at the Passport office branches located in the different district office across the country, or even at the nearest Ugandan embassy or even consulate, or from online here http://www.immigration.go.ug

2. The above should be followed by the applicant filling in the Passport application forms as required on the forms, take the forms to the required local council offices including the LC1, LC2, LC3, the GISO, the RDC and afterwards forward in person the filled forms to the responsible offices where the forms were collected from.

3. Upon review and approval of the submitted documents, the responsible office will issue a Payment BRAF which the applicant will tale to the bank and pay the required amount in addition to the bank charges. This will be followed by presenting the bank receipts and upon verification of the payment, the applicant will be told when to go back for the Passport picking depending on the number of days given.

The entire process will be done and in brief, it is estimated that a passport will be issued between 7 to 30 days.



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Thought-provoking analysis ! I was fascinated by the analysis - Does anyone know if my business can acquire a fillable DS-82 example to type on ?

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how to check my passport when its issued