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How Long Does It Take to Walk Around the World? Man and His Dog Walk Around the World

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A man named Tom Turcich and His Dog named Savannah Walk Around the World


This story is gaining in publicity and rightfully so. This man, Tom Turcich deserves to be recognized for his accomplishment of navigating many countries on foot.

He is the tenth person on record to have completed a walk around the world. He conpleted this walk with his dog. (This is the first dog to walk around the world.)


A remarkable story

This remarkable story caught my attention when I heard it on a news broadcast on July 4, 2022 (Greensboro, NC local news with Camilla Rambaldi).

How fascinating! I say to that man, "Way to go! That's fantastic!"

This snippet of such a remarkable story had me intrigued and I learned more details about it online , in a CNN news article.


This man, Tom Turcich, contemplated and planned the journey for years before embarking on it in April 2015, the day before his 26th birthday.

Tom Turcich, from New Jersey, is the man that walked around the world with his dog, Savannah, completing his journey on May 21st of this year.


  • Tom was inspired by the death of a friend (named Ann Marie) at a young age (17 years old) in a jet ski accident. This encouraged him "to live" and to embrace adventure and travel.
  • He is also said to have been inspired after reading about Steven Newman who is listed by Guiness World Records as the first person to walk around the world.

Adopting a dog

In the first leg of his trip, Tom Turcich walked from New Jersey to Panama! Four months into doing so, he rescued his puppy Savannah from an animal shelter in Austin, Texas.

Tom Turcich says that his dog was a great source of company.

He and the dog walked an average of 18-24 miles per day.

He estimates that it was five and a half years of actual walking.

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The World Walk

Tom Turcich has a blog called The World Walk and an Instagram page documenting his journey, with many photos posted.

Of course, a person cannot literally walk around the world. Tom Turcich had a few flights and boat trips in between!

In one country, he was also the first person to ever be allowed to cross a particular bridge on foot instead of by vehicle.

38 Countries

Tom Turcich visited a total of 38 countries on his walk around the world and surpassed expectations for Guiness World Record holding, walking more than 18,000 kilometers.

Tom Turcich walked over 29,000 miles in total during the seven years of his journey.

Included among the 38 countries that Tom Turcich visited were:

Among the 38 countries that Tom Turcich visited were:

  • Algeria
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • Panama
  • Portugal
  • Scotland
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay

Difficult times

Tom Turcich said that he would be exhausted at the end of a day but his dog would still be high energy and want to play.

It's a wonderful thing that he did, but the journey was not easy for Tom Turcich. He suffered from illness, homesickness, fatigue and difficult weather at times but he never wanted to give up. He slept mainly in a tent, using camping gear and hiking gear.

The last leg of the journey

The last leg of Tom Turcich's journey involved, after a flight, walking from Seattle, Washington to his home in New Jersey. Tom Turcich stated that Wyoming was the most difficult state for him to walk through because it is so sparsely populated. Tom Turcich had to walk for many, many miles without a store or gas station in sight.

A wonderful thing

It may not have always been a wonderful experience but this man did a wonderful thing traveling around the world and he dedicated several years of his life to it.



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