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Hotels in Pench National Park in India

Uday works as a naturalist and birding guide in India. His love for wildlife and nature encourages him to blog and write articles.

Resort Photos Jungle Home Pench

Jungle Home Pench a Welcome Group Hotel

Jungle Home Pench a Welcome Group Hotel

Now a United 21 Hotel

Now a United 21 Hotel

Pench National Park

There is no sign of Mowgli and his village here. All around, urbanity has developed - hotels, shops and buildings. But the forests of Seoni Hills still survive albeit in a fragmented state. Pench National Park is a preserved ecosystem in this forest belt. The park is now a tiger reserve and a conservation center for the ecosystem as whole.

Mowgli's friend still live but some are endangered. You can still meet Akela and his lot on the road to Turiya Gate. Sher Khan finds a protected status here while Baghira, Kaa, Baloo the Bear and other animals survive here in good numbers.

On tiger safari in the refuge the animals seen are: tiger, leopard, wolf, nilgai, spotted deer, sambar, langur; wild boar, wild dog, sloth bear and bison. Other small nocturnal animals are seen on a night drive outside the park.

Pench is a good birding destination and offers sightings of migratory and resident birds in winter months. This is the best time for birding in the National Park. A good pair of binocular, spotting scope and a hand guide on Indian Birds are very useful. For more avid enthusiasts birding guides are available.

All the above features make the park a great tourist attraction. Hence a large number of resorts and hotels are available for accommodation. The accommodations range from economy class to five star category.

Most of resorts are easily accessible from Jabalpur Nagpur highway. The entry point is Khawasa in Madhya Pradesh. The road bifurcates towards the Turia Gate, in between are situated most of the properties that cater to thousands of tourists every year. Most of these are open throughout the year in spite of the closure of the park during the monsoon.

These places accommodate tourist on short holidays. The guests arrive even during the monsoon and are referred as picnickers. They keep the demand for accommodation, while in many other parts of Madhya Pradesh, the tiger reserves are completely closed up to 1st of October.

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Tathastu Resorts Pench Images

Lake View Tathastu Resort in Pench National Park

Lake View Tathastu Resort in Pench National Park

Luxury Tents Tathastu Resort  in Pench

Luxury Tents Tathastu Resort in Pench

Tree House at Tathastu in Pench

Tree House at Tathastu in Pench

Luxury Villa for Rent  at Tathastu in Pench

Luxury Villa for Rent at Tathastu in Pench

Hotels in Pench

Five Star Category

  1. Baghvan (Taj Group)
  2. Tathastu Resort

Three Star Category

  1. United 21
  2. Jungle Home Pench
  3. Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench
  4. Pench Jungle Camp
  5. Mahuavan Pench
  6. Pench Jungle Home
  7. Royal Tiger Retreat
  8. Tiger N Woods
  9. Mowgli's Den
  10. Tiger Valley Resort

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Budget Hotels

  • Baaz Jungle Resort

The hotels of Pench are situated near the Turia Gate. These hotels are equipped with modern amenities sans luxury. Nevertheless they are livable and reasonably clean. Some budget properties provide food from the kitchen while many have restaurant attached to them.

There are many houses that rent their rooms to budget travelers. These are cheap accommodation which also serve local food.

Resort Photos

Resort Images

Resort Images

Government Accommodation

At Karmajhiri inside the core zone a forest rest house is present. This is primarily meant for the Government officials, researcher and veterinarians. The RH contains two large bedrooms with attached toilets. The kitchen staff has to be supplied with rations to prepare the food.

There are separate cottages near the RH which can be availed by the public. A charge has to be paid for occupying this accommodation. These are attached to the rest house for food.

There are two other rest houses, one belonging to PWD and other to the Forest at Seoni but these are at a distance from Khawasa - the entrance to Park Gate.

Pench Tourism Video

Pench Property

Luxury Resort Pench

Luxury Resort Pench

Resorts in Pench

There are a large number of resorts outside the park zone in this tiger reserve. The accommodations available range from five star to budget category. Most of the resorts are in deluxe or semi luxury class.

There are some jungle resorts in Pench that offer tented accommodation. These are luxurious tents that are spacious and safe. They are built on a raised platform for extra safety. You have usually a choice of a stay in well appointed cottages as well, depending upon your preference. The cottages are well equipped with all modern facilities with en suite bathrooms. Some have indoor and outdoor games facilities besides play ground for children.

The hotels are fully equipped wild life resorts and are fit for tourism. They offer spacious rooms that conform to deluxe and suite category. The upscale 3 star hotels in Pench offer modern amenities and state of the art service. Most of them have well maintained pool and other recreation facilities. In terms of communication most properties provide Internet Connectivity and telephone facilities. Climate control is available in some rooms for a greater price.

The food available is Intercontinental and Indian cuisine. The touch of local cuisine makes the food more savory and delightful. The recipes are prepared using locally available varieties of vegetables and herbs. This accord the foods a unique flavor to the dishes.

Those habitual for alcoholic beverages should carry their own since most of the hotels do not have liquor license.

Pench Landscape Video

Luxury Tent

Luxury Tent at Pench Hotel

Luxury Tent at Pench Hotel

Lodge Suite

Lodge Suite at Pench

Lodge Suite at Pench

How to book your stay

It is not easy to choose accommodation when you are going to the station for the first time. The best way is to read reviews on online travel portals like trip adviser. Finding out from friends and relatives is another good means, those who have been to Pench.

Most of the hotels and resorts have websites. These are the most reliable source of information. Hence making as search online is worth it. Once you like a property you can chat or correspond with the management and fix your stay. Most of the sites have online booking form along with payment gateway for easy reservations. The management also assists in booking the gate entry.

Five Star Hotel

Banvan Hotel at Pench

Banvan Hotel at Pench

Jungle Home Pench

Jungle Home Welcome Group Pench

Jungle Home Welcome Group Pench

Safari at Pench

Jeep Excusions

Jeep Excusions

The Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Safari

A large number of tourists visit this amazing ecosystem and biodiversity hub in India. The main focus is to see the tiger in the wild but Pench National Park has much more to offer. The safaris are scheduled as one in the morning and one in the evening. The timings depend upon the sunrise and sunset.

Trekking is not allowed inside the core zone of the park hence excursions take place in an open jeep. These jeeps are hired locally. Before entry from the gate a fee has to be paid. There is a separate charge for the forest guide who has to accompany the jeep as a rule.

Those with permit for Karmajhiri Gate will have to travel extra sixty km every morning and evening. Request advance gate entry booking with the places you are staying at so you get the chance for tiger safari as you want.

A fixed area is allotted for each jeep where one can look for tigers, leopards, sloth bear, bison, wolf, deer, monkeys and many other animals. Pench is an excellent birding destination and one can check list many avian species on the ride.

Tiger sightings are very high in the core zone of the park. Their numbers has increased in the recent times. One can also come across tigress with cubs.

Recently the vehicle entry in the park has been limited. Hence tourists should book tiger tours in advance through MP Online Website. Those without advance booking can avail the current booking quota which offers a limited number of tickets.

Tuli Tiger Corridor

Accommodation at Pench

Accommodation at Pench

How to Reach

Pench is about 200 km from Jabalpur and about five hours drive from Kanha National Park. Jabalpur is connected by air and rail with New Delhi, Kolkatta and Mumbai.

Nagpur is closest airport about eighty km to Khawasa. The distance between Khawasa and the Turiya Gate is approximately ten kilometres. Most of the hotels are situated on this road and near the gate at Avarghani.

Hotel Campfire

Campfire at a Hotel

Campfire at a Hotel

Pench Map

Nearby Places

Nagpur is a bustling metro well connected with major towns. It is about eighty km from the National Park. Jabalpur Airport is about 200 km from Pench and so is Kanha National Park.

Mowgli Wildlife Sanctuary lies next to the park towards Seoni. This is a small town on the way to Jabalpur.

Pench Forest in Maharashtra State is adjacent to the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Separate permit is required for excursions.

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