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Historical Background Of Shigar Valley Episode 01

The initial immigrants to this area of Shigar were from West Asia.

The earliest people to arrive and live in the Shigar Valley, according to Sir Hashmatullah Khan, were from West Asia. History reveals that Aryans from Hunza and Nagar arrived in bashey and settled there, while Mongols from Yarkand settled in Blaldo. People initially settled in Ghorocho, where Gyakhang was in charge. Lachi Khar, which is supposed to have been constructed using wax, was built by Testeycho, the third monarch of the Gyakhang family, close to the hot stream in Thomal.

Locals think that a King by the name of Api Xo set Lachi Khar on fire during a conflict, contrary to what Banad Gull Afridi claims in his book "Baltistan in History," that Lachi Khar was destroyed by lava.

Following the destruction of Lachi Khar, Chapakhang, the ninth ruler of the Gyakhang line, assumed the throne. Sher Butan and Mushed were the names of Chapakhang's two sons. Sir Hashmatullah claims that Sher Butan rose to power at Gulabpur, where he constructed POLPOL KHAR. While his subjects were delighted with their new ruler, a horrific incident known as "The episode of Ghorocho" took place.

However, in the town of Hemisil, Chapakhang constructed a fort known as SHAQ KAAR KHAR.
Some claim that Mushed killed his brother and then ascended to the throne, while others assert that Mushed succeeded to the throne as a result of the destruction caused by the Ghorocho tragedy.

Mushed is reputed to have been a terrible monarch. The king of Hunza attacked Negar while King Mushed was in charge of the Shigar Valley. As a result, King Chatham of Negar travelled through Gulabpur to the dynasty of King Mushed and was made the King's slave. With time, he grew to be Mushed's close friend and "WAZIR.

Because Mushed was a terrible king and his subjects were dissatisfied with him, they demanded that Chatham to assassinate Mushed and succeed him. As a result, Chatham succeeded Shigar as King, and the Amacha Family lineage was established. His name was Cha, and in the Ngar language of Broshiski, "Tham" means "King."

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