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Haunted Pikes Place Market

Pikes Place Market in Seattle is said to be one of the most haunted places in the area.

Pikes Place Market in Seattle is said to be one of the most haunted places in the area.

Great Fire Of Seattle in 1889.

Great Fire Of Seattle in 1889.

The Ghosts Of Seattle Washington

Many cities have lots of ghost stories but Seattle has a huge amount of ghost stories and the area around the Pikes Place Market is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the area. During the great fire in 1889 many people were killed in the area where Pikes Place Market is now located. Unfortunately most of the people killed by the fire were killed during the clean up process. Before the fire was over it had burned more than 25 city blocks of Seattle and it was the most destructive fire ever in Seattle.

In the area of Pikes Place Market is the remains of the cities first mortuary , the remnants of a long abandoned graveyard and an old brothel. And many people in the early days of Seattle were murdered in the area where Pikes Place Market now stands.

There are many underground areas of Pikes Place Market and most are still in use today. And yes the area is said to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. Several Native American ghosts are spotted quite often in the Pikes Place Market area. I myself have quite often seen shadow people activity in and around the market. In the area outdoors going north along the waterfront I have quite often saw shadow figures near where the totem poles now stand.

And indoors just past the first seafood shop entering the market coming from the north I have quite often seen shadow people shoot across aisles and caught glimpses of them out of the corner of my eyes.

Seattle is the Pacific Northwest's largest city and rumor has it that Seattle is also one of the most haunted cities in the Pacific Northwest. Most people don't even begin to realize how much of this city is underground. Miles and miles of bus routes are under the streets of Seattle. And there are many many areas underground that are not open to the public.

And it is in the underground of Seattle that something sinister lives. People riding the bus through the tunnels of the Seattle underground tell of all types of paranormal activity going on. And they tell of seeing shadow people on those buses that run through the underground streets under the city of Seattle Washington.

In fact there are now a lot of buildings and streets underground in Seattle. The city has shifted and all of these areas were at one time above ground in Seattle. You can even take a tour and see a lot of these now underground locations including Doc Maynard's Saloon that you can see on the underground tour and yes it is a very haunted location. People on the tour often comment about the beautiful young blond lady in the red dress that they see in Doc Maynard's while on the tour. Of course there is no young blond lady in a red dress on the tour.

The Night The Ghost Got In

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Doc Maynard's Public House on the tour of Seattle's Underground.

Doc Maynard's Public House on the tour of Seattle's Underground.

People in Post Alley often tell of a tall thin ghost named Frank who introduces himself to people quite often. He has been doing it for over a hundred years and no one knows who he really was. People who have seen him say that he is quite elderly and there is quite often a musty smell that accompanies Frank.

There was once a mortuary located at 1921 First Ave which is about two blocks from where Pikes Place Market is now located. The mortuary was there from 1903 to 1923 when it was moved to Capital Hill but many people tell of strange and unusual things going on at and near the former location of the First Ave Mortuary.

For the past quarter century there has been an Irish Pub in the building that used to house the mortuary and employees of the Irish Pub tell of all kinds of strange things going on in the building including a burning candle that is often seen in a mirror but no candle is in the room. A small little girl in a white dress is also quite often seen in the Irish Pub. She asks people for her mother and then she vanishes as quickly as she appears. Employees in the bar often tell of smelling burning flesh in the area. There was actually at one time a crematorium located in this exact area of the building. Employees have also told of coming in to work and the smell of flowers is so strong it almost chases them out of the area.

Other employees tell of wine bottle that have been smashed off walls and glasses that appear to float through the air and fall to the floor.

Something paranormal is clearly going on here and has been going on for a number of years now. The ghosts of Native Americans are also seen in this area. At first people think they are seeing actors dressed up but then they realize they can see through the actors and realize it's a ghost or several ghost they are seeing.

People who run shops inside of Pikes Place Market quite often tell of strange and unusual things going on. They tell of children that appear and disappear and even of a horse that appears briefly and quite often walks out through a wall.

Many people tell of the ghost of a big yellow cat that follows people around and meows at them. If they try to touch it or rub it the cat vanishes or walks away through a wall. At one time in Seattle's history a cat was a very valuable animal. They were sold to the captains of ships leaving Seattle to kill the rats and mice on the ship. If a cat would not earn its keep by killing rats and mice they were often thrown overboard.

In the main indoor area of Pikes Place Market a very old Native American woman is quite often seen walking along with baskets. If people try to talk to her or ask about the baskets she vanishes.

And it is inside Pikes Place Market that people see a huge fire and smell it. Many times over the years this fire has been seen and reported by various people. It is not known if this is a residual haunting from the great Seattle fire of 1889. Most of the area where Pikes Place Market is now located was destroyed in the great fire of 1889.

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And for some reason Shadow People activity has been reported by many people over the years in the area of Pikes Place Market. I myself have visited Seattle and Pikes Place Market many times and I have quite often seen glimpses of Shadow People both inside and outside the market.

What do you think Shadow people are? Have you ever seen Shadow people? Tell us about the Shadow people you have seen. Let us all hear about your Shadow people experience.

Have you ever been to Seattle's Pikes Place Market? Did you see anything paranormal while you were there. Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost

(C) October 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost

If you have comments or questions about the ghosts of Pikes Place Market please post them now. And thanks for taking the time to read my hub page about the Ghos

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 30, 2012:

Yes the haunted tour is something else indeed. I have been on it several times and always enjoy it. Thanks for the comment.

Amber White from New Glarus, WI on September 30, 2012:

We did the Haunted tour in July and it was great! Had some brews at the Irish pub and talked to one of the waitresses there. She said she had only had one thing happen while working, and it was that something floated off the shelf behind her and crashed on the floor. She said if she had not seen it "floating" on the security tape she would have chalked it up to something being unbalanced on the shelf. Pretty creepy! again, thanks for the hub that gave me the idea to take the tour. Next time I am taking the underground Seattle tour.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 30, 2012:

Your all very welcome. Thanks for your comments.

Amber White from New Glarus, WI on March 28, 2012:

very interesting Hub. I have been to Seattle once before and will be coming again this summer to take a cruise. I didn't realize it also had a great fire like Chicago. I am looking for things to do, and went to the Space Needle already, and this haunted tour sounds fantastically interesting. Thank you!

John Young from Florence, South Carolina on March 26, 2011:

I lived in Seattle and went there. I saw that yellow cat you spoke of. When it disappeared, I chalked it up to my eyes playing tricks on me. But now I know they weren't. I just wrote a similar story on Pike Place Market. I wish I had read this first. Good Job...except there is no s on Pike. :-)

DOLL on March 24, 2011:


Tammy on February 20, 2011:

I have heard of these stories before, but have never been there to visit the place myself. I guess if one is into hauntings, this would be an interesting place to visit. Great hub! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.

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