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Guide to Tourist Attractions in Lagos Nigeria



Lagos State is located on the south-western part of Nigeria. Although one of the smallest States in the federation; it has the highest population in the county, with more than five per cent of the nation‟s population. Lagos, like every other State in the Federation experiences two climatic seasons, the dry season from November to March and the wet season covering the months of April to October of each year.

Specific Attractions in Lagos State


Badagry is located in the south western part of the State. It is a historic town, which was embedded in the obnoxious slave trade as Badagry was then recognized as a slave port and then as the cradle of Christianity in present day Nigeria.

Chief Abass William Seriki Slave Museum

This museum was recently declared as a National Monument by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments. It is located within the compound of the Late Chief William Seriki Abass, who was a slave who returned along with others in 1839 and later became a slave merchant keeping slaves in specially built barracoons, which are still available for viewing.

The museum has a display of the chief’s personal items and other relics of the slave trade.

Badagry Heritage Museum

This museum, which was founded on the 22nd of August, 2002 is housed in the former District Officer’s office—built-in 1863 by the colonial British Government. The museum displays an exhibition titled “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade”, this exhibition is made up of photographs/writings as well as other materials on the slave trade.

Grave of the First Slave Merchant

The man, George Freemingo, a Portuguese, is reputed to be the first man to trade in human beings across the oceans. His grave is located behind the Methodist Church and close to the palace of Akran of Badagry. Freemingo was such a crafty man who developed good relationship with the people of Badagry and was nicknamed “Huntokonu.” He was assassinated in about 1620.

Lagos, which is the core of commercial activities in Lagos Metropolis, also has tourist attractions, which are historic, as well as cultural. These include:

Oba’s Palace: (Iga Idungaran)

The Palace of the Oba of Lagos has been in existence for approximately 300 years. It was built around 1705 by the Portuguese with materials imported from Portugal.

The present Oba is Oba Rilwan Akiolu I of Lagos and his reign began in April 2003 after the death of Oba Adeyinka Oyekan who reigned for 38 years.

Tinubu Square

This square, which is adorned with fountains, was an independent gift from the Lebanese community to the people of Lagos in 1960.

The National Museum

Situated in Lagos State,is the national museum with a proud collection of historic, exotic, cultural pieces, arts works, crafts and relics that make the museum a popular tourist destination with aesthetically decorated, picturesque images of ancient antiquities and contemporary work of arts.

It also has relics of the Benin and Nok cultures and history of Nigerian antiquities amongst other collections.

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The National Theatre

This edifice was commissioned in 1977. It was the venue for the 2nd International Festival of Black Arts and Culture, held in 1977 (FESTAC 77). It has a main bowl seating capacity of over 3,000 people, a nice hall, and two cinema halls. Also within the theatre complex are offices of the various parastatals dealing with culture and related matters as well as a restaurant and a snack bar.

Site of First Water Tap in Lagos

The site is situated at the intersection of Enu-Owa/Docemu/Princess Streets.Commissioned by Lord Lugard in July, 1915, it is the site of the first pipe-borne water public tap. It remains preserved by the government.

Lekki Conservation Centre

This is located along the Lagos-Epe Expressway at Igbo Efon in Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos State. The center, which is managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, is endowed with endangered species like antelopes, alligators, chimpanzee and various plants and flowers. Eco-tourists will especially enjoy the beautiful sight.


Epe is divided into two local Epe and Ibeju-Lekki, with governments; Epe serving as the divisional headquarters. A peculiar feature of Epe is the presence of a long range of hills, which demarcates the town into equal parts. However, in the Ibeju-Lekki area, artisanal fishing, sandy beach and coconut-fringed, Atlantic coastline are distinctive potentials. Fishing and farming form the major occupations of the inhabitants of the division.


Urakaloye was the man reputed to be the ancestral founder of Epe. The

name Epe was derived from black ants, which invaded Urakaloye’s hunting homestead. Hence the town’s name Epe means the forest of black ants.


It is located along Lagos/Epe Expressway. It is privately owned and it has a collection of exotic plants amongst local plants.


This privately owned holiday resort is set in a very beautiful and serene natural environment, located within the Lekki corridor, precisely Ibeju -Lekki local government area of Lagos state. It is bordered within beaches both on the Atlantic and Lagoon. It contains facilities like restaurant, bar, tennis courts etc.


State Secretariat Complex

The State Government Secretariat complex is located in includes the office of the Executive Governor and the headquarters of all ministries, bureau offices and some extra -ministerial establishments as well as the State House of Assembly.

Alausa Gardens

This landscape area within the Secretariat complex, boasts of beautiful and serene environment in a natural setting of shaded trees and seats conducive for picnics.

Mende Cane Craft Market

Located in Mende Area of Maryland, the market is very popular for cane arts such as furniture, baby cots and bed, wooden trays and other decorations made of cane.

Ikeja Industrial Estate

The industrial estate reputed to be the largest concentration of industries or factories in West Africa expands from Oba Akran Road through Adeniyi Jones to parts of Ogba. It is home to such large companies as Guinness Nigeria, WAMPCO, etc.

Beaches in Lagos State

Lagos State with its aquatic splendour is bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean covering a distance of approximately 180 km. Its unparalleled sandy beaches are fringed with coconut groves that provide a veritable environment for sun- bathing and relaxation.

Badagry Beach

It is a stretch of beaches located close to the historic town of Badagry. On the beach, one can find beautiful huts for relaxation where individuals and families could sit down and have a picnic around the coconut groves or in small rentable seaside huts.


Maiyegun Beach

Maiyegun beach is located off kilometre 10 Lagos – Epe Expressway.

The beach is designed for relaxation. It has opportunities for horse riding, musical entertainments as well as relaxation. Musical Jamborees like Lekki Sunsplash are held at this beach during public holidays and weekends.

Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay can easily be reached by boat from Victoria Island. Picnickers take advantage of its serenity to recreate. Boats can be rented

from the Boat Clubs on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street and Maroko forest

for sailing. Chalets are also available for renting.

Bar Beach

It is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos. It is the premier beach for relaxation. Beach chairs and beach shades (huts) are available for hire

at very reasonable prices. Horses are also available for riding at a fee.

Kuramo Beach

This beach, located to the west of the bar beach, is an extension of the Beach. It boasts of various restaurants with a busy nightlife for entertainment.

Eleko Beach

This is a serene beach located in Ibeju -Lekki Local Government Area and managed by local residents. It is situated off km 72 Lagos – Epe Expressway; it has a good number of beach huts for the relaxation of tourists.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort, Akodo

This is an ultra modern resort with facilities for conferences and picnics. It has 150 semi-detached chalets of various categories. The frbeoancthing the resort has space for more than 2,000 visitors at a time. It is located off km 72, Lagos-Epe Expressway, Akodo, Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area.


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