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Guide To Tourism in Lagos, Nigeria—part 2


Specific Festivals in Lagos State

Festivals are a very important part of tourist attractions in Lagos State. Cultural tourism consists of a significant component of the tourism potentialities of the State. Other components include folklore of drama,dances, tours of historic places and sites – which are listed in part one of this series.

Eyo Festival

Eyo’s charm and popularity in Lagos Island is second to none. The festival is usually orchestrated in honour of an important personality who passes away and sometimes on very special occasion, it is a display of dazzling masquerades usually dressed in white with different colorful hats depicting particular families and areas all within Lagos Island. It is usually held on Saturdays and all commercial activities within the island are suspended on such days.

The Black Heritage Festival

This festival was conceptualized by Lagos State Government and aimed at re-integrating the Blacks in the Diaspora to their African roots. It has been successfully hosted twice. The maiden edition was held in May 2001.

The Ebi Festival

This is the festival of the Ijebus. It is organized to appease a deity which the people believe in. The programme of celebration includes display of boat regatta, which is a parade of boats from that area as well as colorful masquerades.

The Kori Festival
It is one of the festivals of the Awori ethnic group of Lagos after the abolition of slave trade. It is characterized by dances and songs of freedom. It is organized for the entertainment of August visitors and tourists.



There are two airports in the State, the Murtala Mohammed International Airport and its Domestic wing. Domestic flights operate daily to and from other state capitals of the federation like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, etc. Tickets for such flights can be obtained from the counters of the various airlines within minutes before the take - off-time of the scheduled flights.
The International airport serves International airlines from/to major world Capitals. There are more than 48 Airlines both foreign and indigenous and large
number of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators within the state. Most of the Airlines have offices at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport and the Domestic Wing.


The city of Lagos and indeed the Lagos metropolis boasts of a good network of roads and these are transversed by commercial buses of various sizes plying different routes. The buses—locally referred to as “danfo”—are painted in yellow with black stripes across. The state government through private sector participation introduced air conditioned 18 seater capacity buses to commute from the city centre to high brow areas of Victoria Island and environs.
Taxis which are saloon cars also painted in yellow with black stripes are available at their stands or on the highway; motor bikes are also another means of transportation within the State. There are BRT buses that ply every major road. There are also taxis and buses from mile 2, to places like neighboring Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana.

Eko Tourist Coach

A 30-seater air-conditioned bus is available for hire to tour – operators and other tourism practitioners.
For further details contact Lagos State Waterfront and Tourism Development Corporation on their website.

Rail Transport

The rail system within the state has its major and longest route from Iddo Rail Terminal to Otta in Ogun State via Yaba, Mushin, Oshodi, Agege and Ikeja.

Water Travel

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The Lagos State Ministry of Transportation co-ordinates other private sector participation; ferry services from the Marina to Apapa and Marina
to Mile 2. Tour Operators also run boat rides along the Cowrie Creek to Island and beaches such as Tarkwa Bay, Snake Island and even up to Badagry.

Eko Tourist Cruise Boat

A 360- seater double- decked boat available for hire to tourists, tour operators and other tourism practitioners. For further details contact Lagos State Waterfront and Tourism Development Corporation or Messrs Sea Cat Nig. Ltd. You can check their website for an accurate contact address.



The Police Force

The Nigeria police, who are easily recognizable in their black uniform, are responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the state, and in Nigeria as a whole.

The Armed Forces

These comprise of the Army, Navy and Air force.They are responsible
for the protection of the general populace of the country against external invasion.

Private Security Operatives

These are security organizations set up by individuals and corporate bodies to perform restricted form of security jobs. Their services are available for both individual and corporate organizations at an agreed fee.

Where to Shop in Lagos, Nigeria

Formerly, the only two stores where foreigners could shop International items were UTC and Leventis Department Stores. Now, there are markets and shopping centres all over lagos. These include:

Balogun Shopping Area

This encompasses Breadfruit, Martins, Sanni Adewale, Gbajumo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Fredrick Mcewen Street, in Lagos Island. You can find merchandise like shoes, handbags, fashionable clothes, jewellery, underwear, and bathing suits, sun-glasses and various other items here.

What you need to know:

You need patience to walk through the kind of surge of crowds in these areas. In most cases, human traffic can come to a standstill and may become uneasy to pass through. I don't encourage trying to go through these areas in a vehicle. You'll have to go on foot be ready to wade through the crowds.

Oke-Arin Shopping Area

This area comprises Apongbon-Isaace Williams – Daddy alaja – Upper Offin – balogun West Streets. Other adjoining area includes Idumagbo Avenue – Aro-Oloya Street. All types of provisions and cookeries are available here. Other items include bicycles, electrical apparatus, camera and photographic materials and equipment.

What you need to know:
You can get whatever you want to buy here at cheap prices, including various kinds of wristwatches. But you need to be sharp to be able to push through the crowd and the crawling traffic in this area.

Tafawa Balewa Square

This is a very large individually owned shop in a Shopping Complex. It contains offices of some airlines, travel agents and take-away foods. House hold and gift items may be available here.

What you need to know:
Shopping is easy and peaceful with a lot of parking space. Prices of items may be quite expensive. Haggling may not be entertained, except in the petty – traders’ shops within the complex. The general environment is cool, clean and peaceful. In the same close proximity are the National Museum, Muson Centre (multi-purpose halls) and directly opposite it is the Yoruba Tennis Club.

Falomo Shopping Complex

This is a popular shopping center located on Awolowo Road in the area of Ikoyi, Lagos. It is a modern individually owned indoor shopping area. It has well assorted items such as current books, including travel and tourism books, fashion and fashion materials, banks, travel agencies
and restaurants. It also has in its neighourhood, a craft market for art works. The commercial activity of this complex extends through Awolowo Road with good restaurants, Bureau de change, decent shops
for gifts and other items. On extension, Rahkar books and magazine stands is at Eko Kuramo Lodge in Victoria Island.

What you need to know:

Avoid parking on Awolowo Road, your vehicle may be towed and charged for traffic obstruction by the Local Government officials.
Shopping is with ease and comfort. Prices of items may be high.

Tejuosho Model Market

This was built in the 1970s as a model for new markets and with the idea then to decentralize activities from Balogun/Oke –Arin market area.
It is one of the unique and typical indoor markets in Lagos. It stocks a variety of goods from fashion wares to foodstuff, electronics and household materials.

What you need to know:
The culture of activity is not different from that of Balogun–Oke-Arin market area. Be careful because walking paths in the indoor market are narrowed down by the displayed wares. They are mostly extended to the walking paths. The area is also prone to “area boys”. But it has the location advantage of being close to a major transport terminal – the Yaba Bus Stop where both public buses and the Nigerian trains will reverse.

Sura-Shopping Complex

This is an ultra-modern shopping center. It encompasses offices, banks, shops for gifts items and provisions.

What you need to know:

Shopping could be relaxed. A good and standard filling station is near-by, and the shopping complex is surrounded by Sangros and old Local Sura markets where freshly delivered foodstuffs from up-country
are available. It is also located at a vantage position to the third-mainland Bridge, which leads to the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Centre and Area

This is located in the hub of Surulere residential area on the street after which it is named. It has varied shops for gift items, such as books, magazine, fashion houses, restaurants and pharmacies.

What you need to know:
It has a parking space and is located not very far from the Stadium, Surulere. But traffic on Adeniran Ogunsanya Road may sometimes be hectic. An Alternative route is Bode Thomas Road, off
Western Avenue.

Allen Avenue/Opebi Road/Toyin Street Shopping Area

This is a cosmopolitan shopping area that is noted for high quality goods. Both foreign and local goods are available in this area. In addition, Alade Market, located at the north of Allen Avenue, is popular for beverages, cosmetics, fabrics and other items. Also, series of banks are located in this area.

What you need to know:
Parking space may be difficult, especially on Allen Avenue. Individual shops may have parking space, but it may not be enough to accommodate a large number of vehicles. Shopping in this area may be comfortable, but prices of items can be high.


There are also a variety of local markets which you may find interesting to visit.


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