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Good Money Saving Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

Sarah has traveled to Las Vegas many times in the past few years, sometimes with her husband and sometimes solo.

A lot of people think going to Las Vegas is an expensive vacation but in reality, it's what you make it. You are in control over how much you spend and what you do with your money and if you plan your trip carefully, this can be one of the least expensive vacations you've ever had. If you follow the tips below, you can save a lot of money while you're in Vegas.

1. Visit On Monday Through Thursday

Las Vegas is busy at all times of the year, it doesn't matter if it's a weekday or weekend, summer or winter etc. There are many amazing and pretty hotels located on the Strip and they can definitely be very expensive. However, if you visit Las Vegas on Monday and leave by Thursday or Friday, the hotels are very cheap. Amazing hotels are around $20 a night on weekdays whereas, on the weekends, the same hotels will cost around $200 a night. This can definitely save you a lot of money if you can stay at a nice hotel on the Strip and not have to pay much. The $20 a night doesn't include the taxes and resort fees though and most of the hotels on the Strip charge for parking so it's usually about $70 a night. However, that's still way cheaper than $200 a night plus all those extra fees so it would be $300 a night in total.

2. Set A Spending Limit

Another good way to save money in Las Vegas is if you set a strict spending limit and make sure you don't go over budget. I recommend booking everything you need online prior to your trip so everything is already accounted for. Then just bring a set amount of cash with you to spend on food, drinks, and gambling. If you know that's all you can spend while you're there, it will make you budget your money wisely. For example, when I went to Vegas on a solo trip, I knew I was staying there for two and a half days so I brought about $200. I figured that this should be plenty for those couple of days and this way I wouldn't be spending more than I could afford. Only bringing cash, helped me to keep track of my spending a lot more than if I was paying everything by credit card.

The biggest idea here is to not spend more than what you know you can afford so you have to set a realistic budget for yourself and don't get tempted to spend more than what you brought with you. Cash is best because you can physically see how much money you have left to spend. It's hard to keep track when you're paying with a credit card because it's really easy to just give the credit card to the cashier, swipe then leave the store, and completely forget how much you've already spent.

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3. Pick Only One

It's very easy to get lost in all the tempting things that Vegas has to offer: shows, food, drinks, gambling etc. However, if you just impulse buy everything you want, your vacation will end up costing you thousands of dollars by the end of the trip. A good way of saving money while in Vegas is to choose one of each thing you want to do. For example, one amazing restaurant, one amazing brunch, one amazing buffet, and one show. It would be best if you plan ahead so that you can search for the best deals on shows but if you can't, you can also compare prices once you get to Las Vegas. There are a lot of amazing things to do but hardly anyone can afford to do it all so it's best to just choose what you really want to do and save the rest for next time.

To experience it all within a budget, you should look around at all the resorts on the Strip and see which you think would be best your opinion. For example, I chose Aria for my amazing dinner buffet, I ate breakfast at MGM Grand, and I chose to see a concert at Ceasars Palace. For the rest of my time in Vegas, I mostly just walked around each resort and took a lot of photos which is completely free to do. I don't gamble or drink but I spent $20 at the arcade in Circus Circus and was able to play games for about two hours before I ran out of tokens. For the rest of my meals, I ate fast food like McDonald's and Burger King and I ate pho at a normally priced restaurant in Treasure Island resort. I chose what I thought would be the best places and was able to get a little taste of what Vegas had to offer without breaking my budget.

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