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Gods Paradise Nature Resort in Ingiriya (Nachchimale) Visitors Experience

Gods Paradise

As the name suggests Gods Paradise is a resort where you can have a relaxing day close to mother nature. It is located near the Nachchimale mountain and the fresh water stream coming down the mountain is a popular bathing spot for locals and tourists alike. Gods Paradise is situated near the stream and the rock pool beside the resort is one of its main attractions. Although its more popular as a one day getaway if you are more adventurous type there are plenty more activities you can do while your staying there. Add to that the friendly nature of the staff and you have a great place to spend a holiday. It would be the perfect place for a group of about 30 to spend a relaxing day.

Gods Paradise Nature resort Rock pool

Gods Paradise Nature resort Rock pool

How to get to Gods Paradise

One great advantage of Gods Paradise is that it is pretty close to Colombo so you can get there in around 1.5 hours. It is situated in Panadura Ratnapura road and if you are coming from Panadura side you have to pass the Ingiriya town and go about 2 km. Then there is a road leading to the resort. Although you can take a jeep or bus near resort it is very hard to get there using a car or a van. There is a parking space near the roadside so you can park your vehicles there and walk to the resort. The path is surrounded by trees and goes close to a stream so you want feel tired while taking a walk. It's a popular place among locals so you want have trouble finding the location.

Activities and attractions near Gods Paradise

  • The Rock Pool
    One of resorts main attractions , there something about clear water streams that makes you feel at ease and the natural rock pool makes is a very safe bathing spot. You can ask for a barbecue near the stream and if you provide the necessary items the resort staff will prepare it for you making things all the more convenient.
  • Madakada Aranys Senasanaya
    A very popular meditation center it is a popular destination for locals during the Poya holiday and weekends. Although there is a road where you can take a vehicle more adventurous will find going there through the jungle tracks much more entertaining.
  • Trekking and Hiking
    There's plenty of forest areas , rubber and tea plantations around if you feel like going trekking. The ares is popular among bird watchers and if you are lucky you might see a wild boar or two.
  • Pahiyangala
    Although not very close by if your interested in history and visiting ancient sites then you might consider visiting Pahiyangala. Fossils of prehistoric man has being found here and it is considered the largest rock cave in Sri Lanka.
  • Kukuleganga
    Another favorite destination of nature lovers it is around a one hour drive away from the nature resort. If you are a fan of waterfalls you might consider visiting there.

There are plenty more activities you can do when you are there , be sure to check with the staff for different activities.

Video of Gods Paradise Which Have More Images

Things to consider when visiting Gods Paradise

Below are few things you should consider when visiting Gods paradise.

  • You can't get there by a car and it is somewhat difficult for a van as well. A jeep or a bus is a much better option. If you are coming by car there is parking near the main road but you have to walk a fair distance then. Not a big problem when your going through a beautiful path
  • Only beer is available in the resort so if you are planning to have something stronger make sure to take them with you.
  • There are barbecue equipment in the resort , you just have to provide the meat or sausages and the resort staff will prepare it for you

Ingiriya is fast becoming a favorite location for holidays with plenty of inland holiday villas propping up around the area. Gods Paradise lack some things like a pool which is sort out by many, but in my opinion it more than makes up the great location.

Few more pictures taken during our visit

Beautiful path leading to Gods Paradise nature resort

Beautiful path leading to Gods Paradise nature resort

Beautiful fresh water stream running beside the resort

Beautiful fresh water stream running beside the resort

Simple and cozy , inside the resort

Simple and cozy , inside the resort

Barbecue time , hotel staff will prepare the barbecue for you

Barbecue time , hotel staff will prepare the barbecue for you

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Anonymous on July 22, 2020:

I cant contact the number,can anyone provide a number where i can easily place a booking

Suranga Gamage11 on January 07, 2013:

I strongly recommend NOT going there. We had a very bad experience with these guys.

We went there on 3rd January 2013.

When we called them and asked about road conditions, they told that ‘it is possible to come to the place easily by a van’.

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But when we go there, this road is closed due to ongoing developments. At that time we called the same person (Mr. Vikum) and he told that ‘it was supposed to open the road in the morning’.

Finally they arranged a place to park the vehicle before around 1Km, and we walked to the place.

Then they told us, they have only a package that will charge Rs.1100 per head, which they did not inform us when we called them.

So in our experience we had a huge problem to get trusted information from them.

THARINDU on August 20, 2011:


Nishadha Silva (author) from Sri Lanka on December 26, 2010:


There are no cottages but the bungalow does have rooms with attached bathrooms if you wish to stay overnight. I can't give details about prices,you have to contact them via the official website.

rehan on December 26, 2010:

Whaz d price for a cottage 4 a one night ???

Nishadha Silva (author) from Sri Lanka on April 25, 2010:

@AMD, Thanks for commenting. I have gone there for a one day visit and I found the staff friendly and willing to help out. This is not a super restaurant , its more like place where you can have a bath and spend an enjoyable day , the place was neat and very clean when I visited there.

AMD on April 24, 2010:

I visited the place in April.

The accommodation facilities are very poor only 5 people can accommodate there, not recommend to go there. Management team is not friendly they were arrogant and we came back they refuses to refund the advance amount paid by us. Place dirty and mosquito are there. Food is horrible, only few selected items. Don't go there , you will loose the money with dissatisfaction.

Nishadha Silva (author) from Sri Lanka on April 23, 2010:

Your welcome akmyamuna , Glad you found it useful :-)

akmyamuna on April 23, 2010:

Great...I hope to visit there very soon...thanks for the information. Keep up the good work...!!!

Nishadha Silva (author) from Sri Lanka on April 19, 2010:

Thanks for pointing them out , I thought it was shown only to me :-) , its fixed now

Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on April 19, 2010:

Good hub! There are nice photos here too! I noticed some weird link words in your hub, and wonder are you aware of them? Anyway, nice hub.

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