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Getting To Aruba The First Time


Landing In Aruba For The First Time

Going to Aruba for the first time? Then get ready for summertime weather! Past vacations I’d been to Florida,and the Carolina’s as well as the southwest USA. Those locations are all great, but I needed a change, so off to the travel agent I went to get a Caribbean guide book. I looked at that book for over a week and just couldn’t come up with a good vacation idea. So one day I flipped open the front of the book to Aruba, that was it, this would become my vacation spot. I went to the all-inclusive low rise hotel Tamarijn in Oranjestad to stay at. Upon getting there I was promptly brought to my ground floor ocean front room. If you like just the basics, a very clean room with A.C., a TV and a fridge, average bathroom then this is for you. Just open the back door of the room and the ocean and beach are there !! It seems that when you are at place that has umbrellas in the drinks, that what seemed important 12 hours ago really isn’t that important now, like trying to survive in the sub-freezing temps. The idea of being on vacation and feeling like a kid again, knowing that you want nothing because it all is here is a wonderful release from the daily grind.

On my first full day of my Aruba vacations I usually try to get up somewhat early in the morning and make my first site seeing destination the Butterfly Farm. Located on J.E. Irausquin Blvd., it is quite easy to access as it's located just at the start of the high rise area, on the right hand of the road while heading north. This tiny oasis of a rain forest sets your vacation off on a great relaxing note.

Most times I use the public bus to get there as I tend to stay in the low rise district so for about $ 3 round trip you can get there and back. If you're on a cruise ship - they'll help you make arrangements to get here as it is only a 15 minute cab ride from the city. If you can go early in the morning as the butterflies seem quite active then. Upon entering the Butterfly Farm it hits me, yes I’m on vacation !.There are benches to sit with fish ponds to add to atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, and tours run as often as needed with the staff explaining to you the propagation and metamorphosis of these thousands and I mean thousands of lovely flying creatures. The staff keeps a good variety of plants that attract them and overall you’ll find it a peaceful way to start you Aruba vacation. When your planning your itinerary I’m sure everyone will like going to the Butterfly Farm, it is an excellent stop for both kids and adults.

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My next stop is to visit Alto Vista Chapel. Although plain looking you soon realize the ground your standing on, the chapel, the ocean, the cactus, that this spot is unlike any other on earth.

Located at the northern end of the island, this chapel was built around 1750, was left to ruin in the 1800's and was rebuilt in the mid 20th century. Upon arriving at the sight, you tend to notice the calmness that prevails here. Situated atop a hill, over looking the Caribbean Sea, the area’s character is uniquely Aruba with the cacti in the yard surrounded by a stone border.

When I first went into this little chapel, I felt something very powerful never felt before. The humble interior has a spot for lighting candles, pews to sit in and gather your thoughts or to say a prayer and feel the presence of god or some higher power.

Next stop we went to was the Donkey Sanctuary. In an attempt to be prepared with lots of treats for them we stopped at Ling & Sons Supermarket and picked up a few dozen large carrots. As the sanctuary is located about a half a mile from the Ayo Rock Formation we used our rental car to get there.

Upon getting there we were greeted by one donkey, we named him Sonny and we gave him a carrot. Well that crunching noise Sonny made while snacking on the carrot was all his other donkey friends needed to hear. Other donkeys quickly came up to us and the carrots were gone in a blink of an eye. This was so much fun so we went back the next day, this time with 5 dozen carrots. ( next time I'll also bring apples ) Once Sonny and his friends saw us they knew we had food for them. So we just started giving them carrots as fast as they'd take them. After a couple of minutes of doing this it got quiet except for the carrot crunching these guys were doing. To my eyes these donkeys looked well groomed and healthy - happy and it looks like the sanctuary gives them a good life.

Note; The Sanctuary is a non-profit and they do accept donations to help them give the donkeys a wonderful-healthy lifestyle. I hope this gives you and your family a few ideas for your vacation.

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Made It To My Room In Aruba


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